Low Cost Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport Parking

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) is found in the state of Maryland, and between the two cities for which it is named, although it is much closer to Baltimore. The airport is nearby to Hanover, Elkridge, Severn and Glen Burnie, as well as a large number of other areas in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan. Passengers can reach the airport by trains, buses or taxis, or they may prefer to drive their own vehicle, and make use of one of the Baltimore-Washington Airport parking lots. There are several available that provide easy access to the concourses and check-in counters, and reasonable parking rates are offered.

A number of main roads are used for airport access. From Baltimore the MD-295 is the best route to follow (also known as the Baltimore-Washington Parkway), and the same road in the opposite direction is travelled for airport access from Washington, D.C. Another large road from Washington is the Interstate 95, and this road is ideal for travelling from areas further northeast as well, such as Philadelphia, Wilmington, Aberdeen and Edgewood. Additional roads for access to the city of Baltimore and its airport include the Interstate 70 from Frederick and Hagerstown and the Interstate 83 from York and Harrisburg. From Baltimore, the drive to the airport will take just twenty minutes, but from Washington it could take up to an hour and ten minutes in traffic. Without too much traffic the drive will take approximately fifty minutes. Always leave in good time for your departure flight, allowing at least a few minutes to find a suitable parking space.

Short to medium-term car parks at Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Closest to the airport’s terminal buildings is the Hourly Garage, and this area is convenient for parking of a few hours or a day or two. However, it is the most expensive parking area of the airport, with a daily charge of $22.00. The first and second half hour of parking here will cost $2.00 and from the second hour to the sixth hour of parking will cost $4.00. It is the most convenient location for terminal access, and features easy entrance and exit roads that link to the Interstate 95. It is also an undercover parking area, equipped with ‘Smart Park’. The technology of ‘Smart Park’ helps a motorist to find an empty parking space within the car park. The Hourly Garage is connected to the BWI Marshall Terminal by sky bridges.

The Daily Garage is another convenient parking area for visitors or passengers of Baltimore-Washington Airport, although it is located further from the terminal. Free shuttle buses are therefore frequently available for the transport of passengers to and from the airport buildings. The Daily Garage has 8,400 parking spaces, of which 7,400 are undercover, and is located at Terminal Road and Scott Drive, about one block off of MD-170. This parking lot is also equipped with ‘Smart Park’ technology. The first hour of parking here will cost $3.00, the second hour will cost $3.00 and each additional hour or fraction thereof will cost $2.00. There is a maximum daily charge of $12.00.

Express Parking is available at Baltimore-Washington Airport, providing its customers with a personalized and efficient parking experience. When using an Express parking space, visitors/passengers will be collected at their vehicle by the free shuttle bus and take to their terminal. When ready to leave the airport, they will be dropped off at their vehicle. The Express Parking lot can be found just across from the Daily Garage, on Terminal Road and Scott Drive. Express Parking is $10.00 per day, $4.00 for the first hour and $2.00 for each additional hour or fraction thereof.

Long-term parking at Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Motorists who will need to leave their vehicles at the airport for longer periods, and who would like to pay cheaper parking rates can make use of the Long Term parking lots. They are located furthest from the terminal buildings, but are served by the convenient free shuttle buses. The parking lots are not covered, but there are protected passenger collection points where one can wait for the shuttles. The parking areas are found just off of MD-162, or Aviation Boulevard, between S. Camp Meade Road and Andover Road, and will cost just $8.00 per day of parking.

In addition to the above-mentioned parking areas the airport also has a Holiday Lot with 1,100 spaces, an Overflow Lot with 2,800 spaces and a parking area by the BWI Rail Station, approximately a mile from the terminal buildings, with 2,500 spaces. The airport therefore has a grand total of approximately 31,300 parking spaces for private vehicles. Motorists who need to collect arriving passengers may also choose to use the Cell Phone Lot, which is free of charge. It is found across from the Daily Garage, and has fifty parking spaces.

Additional Information

The shuttle buses that serve the Baltimore-Washington Airport parking lots operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They are able to accommodate passengers with disabilities and all luggage items carried by passengers. There are also dedicated spaces in the parking areas for passengers with reduced mobility. There are eight electric vehicle charging stations at the airport, four on level 1 of the Hourly Garage and four on level 9 of the Daily Garage. There also other complimentary services available, such as jump-starting of dead batteries, changing or inflating flat tires and opening of car doors if the keys are locked inside.

Parking payments can be made conveniently at one of the ‘Pay-and-Go’ machines, which are found in the Skywalks of the Hourly Garage and in the Daily Garage at the bus lobbies. A major credit card may be used for parking payments. For further details regarding Baltimore-Washington International Airport parking, call 410-859-9230 or 800-435-9294.