Chicago O'Hare to New York La Guardia

Flying between La Guardia to O'Hare International Airport is very convenient as there are 17 airliners offering direct flights including Envoy Air, KLM, Royal Jordanian, Spirit Airlines, Korean Air, ExpressJet, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, SkyWest Airlines, Republic Airlines, WestJet, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air New Zealand and United Airlines. The flight from O'Hare International Airport to La Guardia is approximately 1,178 Kilometers which is 732 Miles. You should expect a flight time of around 2 hours 12 minutes.

The exact cost of the flight we vary quite significantly base on the dates you travel, the time of day you will depart and how long in advance you pre book the flights. To obtain the best prices for La Guardia flights than book well in advance. Flight to La Guardia will get more expensive the nearer you get the departure date, so it’s advisable to book in advance if it is possible.

When arriving at La Guardia don’t forget to set your watch to the local time!

To see all airliners that offer flights between O'Hare International Airport and La Guardia please see the table below.

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight
United Airlines151510101181500:1223:22
Air New Zealand1313991071400:1223:22
British Airways11123882809:3723:40
American Airlines11123882809:3723:40
Alaska Airlines11123882809:3723:40
Delta Air Lines13132444410:1123:09
Republic Airlines422342500:2923:22
SkyWest Airlines453110110:1720:21
All Nippon Airways222222212:1721:18
Japan Airlines221121112:3421:40
Spirit Airlines111111109:0109:04
Korean Air111111115:0921:27
Royal Jordanian111011120:3421:40
Envoy Air020000012:4019:40

United Airlines offer the highest number of flights for this route with departures times between 00:12 and 23:22.

If you wish to book your flight with United Airlines then we advise you book direct from their website at / The best discounts can only be obtained from their website.

The flight time for United Airlines vary based on the month you will travel, but below we has summarised the most common times they will fly. We recommend you only take these times as guidance and check with United Airlines for the exact times for the date you depart.

DayFlying Time
Monday09:11, 10:17, 10:49, 11:12, 12:17, 13:17, 15:17, 15:47, 16:11, 17:20, 18:14, 19:21, 20:21, 21:05 and 22:18
Tuesday00:12, 09:11, 10:17, 10:49, 11:12, 12:17, 13:17, 15:17, 15:47, 16:11, 17:20, 18:14, 19:21, 20:21 and 22:18
Wednesday10:19, 12:17, 13:11, 15:17, 16:01, 17:14, 19:20, 21:15, 21:18 and 23:15
Thursday00:29, 10:19, 11:11, 12:17, 13:11, 16:01, 17:14, 19:20, 21:18 and 23:15
Friday00:29, 10:19, 11:11, 12:17, 13:11, 15:17, 16:01, 17:14, 19:20, 21:18 and 23:15
Saturday00:29, 11:11, 12:17, 15:17, 17:14, 21:18, 22:18 and 23:26
Sunday09:10, 10:36, 10:59, 11:11, 12:17, 13:11, 14:11, 15:17, 16:16, 17:14, 18:21, 19:14, 20:14, 22:18 and 23:22

If the airlines stated don’t offer flights that suite your travel times, you could look at alternative options. Below we have summarised flights from alternative departures airports and flights that are not direct.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Chicago O'Hare to Syracuse0973 km (605 miles)1 hour 57 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to Wilkes Barre Scranton01,014 km (630 miles)2 hours
Chicago O'Hare to Allentown01,050 km (653 miles)2 hours 3 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to Philadelphia01,088 km (676 miles)2 hours 5 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to Monticello Sullivan County01,094 km (680 miles)2 hours 6 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to Newark01,154 km (717 miles)2 hours 10 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to Albany01,161 km (721 miles)2 hours 11 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to White Plains01,185 km (737 miles)2 hours 12 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to New York John F Kennedy01,188 km (738 miles)2 hours 12 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to Farmingdale01,216 km (755 miles)2 hours 14 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to Windsor Locks01,257 km (781 miles)2 hours 17 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to Manchester boston Regional01,353 km (841 miles)2 hours 24 minutes
Chicago O'Hare to Providence01,362 km (846 miles)2 hours 25 minutes

Please remember to leave plenty of time to get though customers when you are departing form the airports. Flights regulations are getting very strict these days so getting through customs can take in excess of 1 hour in some cases.