Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE)

FXE is the official IATA code for Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. The name Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is otherwise known as is Executive. It is possible to enter the following GPS coordinates 26.18333, -80.16667 to aid you in your travelling to and from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

You can see below selection of flight time’s destinations and which Airline flies from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

DestinationWeekly FlightsDistance
Lawrenceville Gwinnett County (LZU)9939 Km (583 Miles)
Nassau (NAS)9300 Km (187 Miles)
West Palm Beach International (PBI)555 Km (34 Miles)
North Eleuthera (ELH)5358 Km (222 Miles)
Great Harbour (GHC)5237 Km (147 Miles)
Rock Sound (RSD)5433 Km (269 Miles)
San Andros (SAQ)5249 Km (155 Miles)
Andros Town (ASD)4291 Km (181 Miles)
Chub Cay (CCZ)4245 Km (152 Miles)
Governors Harbour (GHB)4398 Km (247 Miles)

Here you can see the busiest Airlines that fly from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport are Makers Air, NetJets and Hop-A-Jet amongst others. They cover 35 flight routes out the total of 56. Makers Air is the most frequent with around 21 flights a week out of a total of 119. Makers Air covers 18 % of all outbound flights out of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Great Harbour, San Andros, S Eleuthera, Andros Town and Chub Cay being the most frequent destinations.

You can see below a selection of nonstop flights covered from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport with approximate times

AirlinerDestinationFlight Time (Est)
Makers AirGreat Harbour (GHC)42 Minutes
Makers AirSan Andros (SAQ)44 Minutes
Makers AirRock Sound (RSD)1 Hour 17 Minutes
Makers AirAndros Town (ASD)52 Minutes
Makers AirChub Cay (CCZ)44 Minutes

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Airport Information

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Airport Name
Time at Airport
Fort Lauderdale
Location Map
Map of FXE Airport
No. of monthly flights
No. of countries served
Popular Airlines at FXE
  • Hop-A-Jet
  • NetJets
  • Makers Air
  • Executive Jet Management
  • Aztec Airways
Top Routes
  • Miami
  • Nassau
  • Teterboro
  • West Palm Beach
  • Orlando
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  • Free Cancellations
  • No Card Fees
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