Kauai Island Lihue Airport (LIH)

The Air Transport Association (IATA) code for Kauai Island Lihue Airport is LIH. The other name Kauai Island Lihue airport is recognized by is Lihue. We have provided the GPS location for Kauai Island Lihue airport which are as follows 21.98333, -159.35000 to help either your arrival directions to Lihue or perhaps give you directions from Lihue Airport to your chosen destination.

You can see below a selection of nonstop flights covered from Kauai Island Lihue Airport with approximate times.

DestinationWeekly FlightsDistance
Honolulu (HNL)210163 Km (102 Miles)
Maui (OGG)32324 Km (201 Miles)
Los Angeles (LAX)284,203 Km (2,612 Miles)
Seattle (SEA)224,345 Km (2,700 Miles)
Mineta San Jose (SJC)83,964 Km (2,463 Miles)
Denver (DEN)75,486 Km (3,409 Miles)
San Francisco (SFO)73,934 Km (2,444 Miles)
Oakland (OAK)73,950 Km (2,454 Miles)
Kona (KOA)7423 Km (263 Miles)
Las Vegas (LAS)74,529 Km (2,814 Miles)

Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Linx Aviation and Delta Air Lines are the three busiest Airlines that fly out of Kauai Island Lihue Airport; together they cover around 10 routes out of the total of 13. The busiest which is Hawaiian Airlines covers a total of 165 flights per week out of Kauai Island Lihue Airport and goes to 4 destinations. Hawaiian Airlines covers 17 % of all the total outbound flights from Lihue Airport. Hawaiian Airlines airline offers flights to Honolulu International, Kahului, Kona International Airport and Los Angeles International among others.

You can see below a selection of nonstop flights covered from Kauai Island Lihue Airport with approximate times

AirlinerDestinationFlight Time (Est)
Hawaiian AirlinesHonolulu (HNL)29 Minutes
Hawaiian AirlinesMaui (OGG)58 Minutes
Hawaiian AirlinesKona (KOA)1 Hour 16 Minutes
Hawaiian AirlinesLos Angeles (LAX)5 Hours 45 Minutes

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Airport Name
Time at Airport
Kauai Island
Location Map
Map of LIH Airport
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No. of countries served
Popular Airlines at LIH
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
Top Routes
  • Honolulu
  • Los Angeles
  • Maui
  • Oakland
  • San Francisco
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  • No Card Fees
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