Low Cost Boston Airport Parking

Logan International Airport (BOS) is located in the East Boston neighbourhood of Boston, Massachusetts, and is a large airport that handled approximately 28 million passengers in 2011. This was the highest number of passengers to ever pass through the terminals in a single year. The airport is known for its efficiency and on-time flight departures, and is well equipped for the needs of all its passengers. There are several Logan International Airport parking lots available, which have a large number of parking spaces for private vehicles. The areas are at various locations, and are quite reasonably priced.

Passengers or visitors driving to Logan Airport will use the Interstate 90 for access. The Callahan Tunnel is convenient from Downtown Boston, and the Ted Williams Tunnel is convenient from South Boston. Many other large roads lead towards the airport or Boston as well, and they include the I-95, I-93, Route 3 and Route 24. The airport is partly located in the town of Winthrop, and is mostly surrounded by water. It can therefore almost be described as an island! At the airport there are four terminal buildings. Terminals A, B and C are used for domestic flights and for flights that are arriving from airports with US border preclearance facilities, and Terminal E is the international terminal. The most convenient parking lot for a passenger could be determined by their terminal of departure or by the cost of the relevant parking areas. In general, there is the Central Parking Garage, the Terminal B Garage, the Terminal E Parking lots, Economy Parking and a cell phone lot.

The Central Parking Garage

This parking garage is perhaps the main parking area of Logan International Airport, and provides easy access to all the terminal buildings. There are covered walkways with moving sidewalks that take passengers to their relevant check-in areas on Level 4 of the parking area. Simply follow the signs to your terminal building. The garage is open twenty-four hours a day, and parking attendants are always available to provide assistance. In the elevator lobby areas, there are also call boxes that can be used to contact the Garage Office.

The same parking rates are charged in all the terminal garages, it is only the Economy Parking area that is cheaper to use. At the terminals, $3.00 is charged for the first thirty minutes, $6.00 is charged for up to an hour of parking, and $9.00 is charged for an hour to an hour and a half of parking. $12.00 is applicable to parking of one and a half hours to two hours. Thereafter, parking is charged as follows: two to three hours - $17.00, three to four hours - $21.00, four to seven hours - $25.00, seven hours to twenty-four hours - $27.00, one day and up to six hours - $41.00 and one day and between six and twenty-four hours - $54.00. Each additional day of parking will be charged at $27.00 if the parking space is used for longer than six hours of the new day. The additional day of parking will cost just $14.00 if the space is used for less than six hours of the following day.

The Terminal B Garage

This parking area is most convenient for passengers who are flying with airline companies that are making use of Terminal B. Terminal B airline companies include Air Canada, Spirit Airlines, US Airways, US Airways Express, PenAir, US Airways Shuttle, American Airlines and Virgin America. Take note that the parking rates for Terminal B Garage are the same as those mentioned for the Central Parking Garage, and that for this area, all vehicles will be subject to a security search that includes the trunk area. All vehicles should be parked head in.

Terminal E Parking Lots

These are best used by passengers who are on international flights, as Terminal E is the international terminal of Logan Airport. It is also referred to as the Volpe International Terminal, and is home to the airline companies of Aer Lingus, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air Tran and others. The third level of this building is the departure area, whilst the ground floor is used for arriving passengers. The second level has facilities for passport control procedures. The Terminal E parking lots have the same rates as mentioned above. The Lot 2 located nearby this terminal is used as an overflow car park, should the other parking areas be full. If this is the case there will be parking attendants to direct motorists, and there are message boards posted on the roadways to help motorists find suitable parking spaces.

Economy Parking

This is Logan International Airport’s most affordable area of parking, and is ideal for persons who will need to leave their vehicles at the airport for lengthier time periods. It is a two-deck area that was recently constructed (opened in November 2010), and will soon be expanded to include even more parking spaces. This car park is not within walking distance of the terminal buildings, therefore free shuttle buses are available every fifteen to twenty minutes, twenty-four hours a day. They serve all the terminal buildings. Parking rates for the Economy Lot are currently as follows: Up to thirty minutes - $3.00, thirty minutes to an hour - $6.00, one hour to an hour and a half - $8.00, one and a half hours to two hours - $11.00, two to three hours - $13.00, three to four hours - $16.00, four hours to twenty-four hours - $18.00, one day and up to six hours - $27.00, one day and up to twenty-four hours - $36.00. Each additional day will cost $18.00, but an additional day of only up to six hours will cost $9.00. There are also weekly rates available for $108.00.

Additional Parking Information

Motorists can pay for their time of parking at Logan Airport by ‘Exit Express’. Motorists will take a parking ticket when entering the garage, and will pay for their parking at one of the Parking Pay Stations in their terminal by credit card or with cash. The exit express lane can then be used when exiting the parking area by inserting the prepaid parking ticket into the machine at the gate.

Persons who make frequent use of airport parking can sign up for a Lexus Parking PASSport Gold account or a Parking PASSport account, and will receive a card that is used to enter the parking areas. Guaranteed parking spaces will be available to all Lexus Parking PASSport Gold members.

In addition to the above mentioned parking areas, Logan International Airport also has a convenient cell phone lot that is used by motorists who are waiting for arriving passengers. It is located at the intersection of Hotel Drive and Service Road, and is nearby the airport Gulf Station. The terminal buildings are less than five minutes away. Vehicles may not be left unattended in this area, and may use the car park for up to thirty minutes. Logan Airport also provides handicapped parking spaces in the most convenient locations of the garages and courtesy services of jump starts, assistance with lock outs, lost car searches and air for deflated or flat tires.

Further details regarding Logan International Airport parking is available at (617) 561-1673.