Boston Airport Taxis (BOS)

Logan International Airport is a very important airport in the United States of America. It serves the large city of Boston, and has the official IATA code of BOS. It is located in the East Boston neighbourhood, and partly in the town of Winthrop. The airport is also nearby to the Logan Dock from where there are direct connections to downtown Boston. Approximately 28 million passengers pass through the airport each year, and many of these passengers like to travel to and from the airport by taxi. The Logan International Airport taxis provide a quick and convenient form of transport, and are quite reasonably priced for a private transport service.

The Boston Logan International Airport has four large terminal buildings for passenger operations, and six runways. It is served by over forty airline companies that serve more than one hundred non-stop destinations around the world. There are many flights to and from other cities in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Each terminal of the airport is equipped with a baggage processing facility, as well as check-in counters. The terminal of departure or arrival will mainly depend on the destination/origin of the flight and the airline company in use. Terminal E is the international terminal, where all international fights will arrive, besides those from airports with US border preclearance facilities. Convenient for arriving passengers, taxis are readily available outside each of the terminals (A, B, C and E).

The taxi operations at Logan Airport are coordinated by Massport. Although a reduced number of taxis are now allowed to be waiting in front of the terminals at any one time, passengers will still easily find a taxi for their journey into Boston. In general, no reservation is required, however, passengers on early morning flights may like to call ahead. Passengers with disabilities who require special vehicles may also like to make an advanced reservation, however, a suitable vehicle can usually be found when required. Massport dispatchers are available outside the lower level of each terminal to assist passengers to find an accessible taxi. Since that only a few taxi are allowed in front of the terminal, there is a large waiting area for taxis nearby the South Cargo complex. Here taxis will wait until they are called to come to the terminal building.

Before passengers arrive at the airport they will need to decide which form of ground transport will be most ideal for their needs. There are several public buses available, as well as private shuttles, and trains are also convenient. However, many people prefer to travel more privately, and then a taxi is best. A taxi will also take you directly to the doorstep of your residence, hotel or place of business, whereas a bus may only stop quite far from where you need to be. Taxis are available at all hours, whereas a bus will operate on set times, which may not be convenient for your travel itinerary. Keep in mind, however, that taxis are usually more expensive than the public transport services at an airport.

Taxis in the United States, and Boston, operate on metered-rates, which means that they are equipped with a meter that will record the distance of the journey. The fare for the ride is then calculated accordingly, plus any additional charges. For trips to Logan Airport, an extra fee of $2.75 is charged, and there may be fees for airport pick-up as well ($2.25). In some cases, a small amount could be charged for luggage loaded and for more than four passengers in the vehicle, and the metered rates could be more expensive later at night until early morning and on Sundays and public holidays. The price of a taxi from Logan International Airport to the Boston-area hotels will range between $25.00 and $50.00.

Before leaving the airport in a taxi, always ensure that you understand the fees involved. You may consult with your driver if explanations are required, or one of the airport staff members may be able to provide assistance. It is always wise to find out the average fare to your destination before travelling.

Passengers who require a more elegant form of transport to or from the airport can hire a limousine. At each terminal, there are various points of pick-up for limousine customers. At Terminal A, the limousine will collect passengers on the arrival level, outside of the baggage claim area and from a small car park across the road, and at Terminal E, there are similar arrangements. Limousines are found on the departures level of Terminal B, at the outermost curb area, and at Terminal C, they are also available from the departure level (second and third islands from the building). Limousines may require an advanced reservation, and their prices are determined by destination, rather than by miles travelled.

Nearby Logan International Airport, water taxis are also available. One of the free shuttle buses (number 66) travels from the airport to the Logan Dock, from where water taxis can be taken to various locations in Boston. There are three services available – the Harbor Express Quincy/Hull service (, the City Water Taxi Logan service ( and the Rowes Wharf Water Transport Exclusive service (

More information regarding the Logan International Airport taxis is available from the airport at 1-800-23-LOGAN (56426).