Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

Dallas Love Field Airport (IATA: DAL) is 10 kilometers northwest of downtown Dallas, Texas. Until 1974, it was the primary Airport of Dallas when Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport was opened.

In 2021, official data shows about 6,458,861 passengers used this facility in Dallas.

The busiest domestic routes from Dallas Love Field Airport in 2020 include Denver, Colorado, Houston–Hobby, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Chicago-Midway, Illinois, Orlando, Florida, Los Angeles, California, San Antonio, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Dallas Love Field was established in 1917 and named after Moss L. Love, who died in a military plane crash in 1913. He served in the United States Army.

The airfield was one of thirty-two new U.S. Army Air Service fields used for flight training when the United States entered World War I.

After the war ended in 1918, Love Field was decommissioned as an active-duty airfield. It was converted into an aircraft storage facility.

The city of Dallas purchased the airfield in 1928. The first paved runways were completed four years later.

It had at least 20 daily airline departures in 1939. Two runways were added in 1943.

In 1957, the Airport saw a surge in airline activity, with over 50-weekday departures and nonstop flights to Washington, DC, New York, Chicago, California, and Mexico City.

United States President John F. Kennedy arrived at Love Field on Air Force One on November 22, 1963. He was assassinated while traveling from the Airport to the Dallas Trade Mart in his motorcade.

The Airport's modernization began shortly after the tragedy in 1963. The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) assigned Dallas and Fort Worth six months to plan a new regional airport in 1964.

They agreed to build Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport (now Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport) four years later.

A plan to modernize Love Field was announced in early 2009, with a master plan to replace the terminals with a new 20-gate concourse.

It also expanded baggage facilities and installed a people mover system to connect the Airport to the Inwood Station of Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

Texas and American histories are intertwined. Numerous museums and organizations in Dallas take immense pride in preserving this history.

The Dallas Public Library is one of the few locations where visitors can view a copy of the Declaration of Independence printed on July 4, 1776.

Early Dallas's economic history centered on agriculture, Native American trade, and Fort Worth stockyards.

In 1873, the development of multiple railroad lines contributed significantly to the growth of the city, which became the commercial hub of the western United States.

The Dallas metropolitan area has become the economic center of the southern United States. In the 1930s, it became a significant producer of cotton and oil in Texas.

After World War II, the city became the epicenter of the revolution in telecommunications that led to the invention of the first microchip.

It enabled Dallas to establish the Telecom Corridor, which is still home to thousands of technology companies that benefited from the invention of microchips.

The city has a rich and extensive past. Nevertheless, the tragedy that occurred on November 22, 1963, is its most renowned historical event.

Residents and visitors of Dallas can learn about the JFK assassination at the Sixth Floor Museum. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy shocked the nation.

In Dallas, the summers are hot and muggy, the winters are cold and windy, and it is partly cloudy year-round. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 39°F to 96°F and is rarely below 26°F or above 102°F.

The best times to visit Dallas for general outdoor tourist activities are from mid-April to early June and from mid-September to late October, with a peak score in the first week of October.

The hot season lasts 3.4 months, from June 4 to September 18, with an average daily high temperature above 88°F. Dallas's hottest month is August, with an average high of 95°F and a low of 76°F.

The cool season lasts for 3.0 months, from November 25 to February 24, with an average daily high temperature below 64°F. Dallas's coldest month is January, with an average low of 39°F and a high of 57°F.

The wetter season lasts 6.5 months, from April 9 to October 23, with a greater than 26% chance of a given day being a wet day. The drier season lasts 5.5 months, from October 23 to April 9.

Passengers at the Airport have access to a variety of amenities and services.

In addition to traditional airport services such as baggage claim, the Airport offers a variety of shopping options, including a 24-hour convenience store and several restaurants.

It also offers restrooms, ATMs, free Wi-Fi, taxis, buses, and rental cars, as well as several transportation options.

The facility has 20 gates. Everything is within walking distance of the Airport, including flight connections, ground transportation area, and parking.

To meet the needs of its passengers, Dallas Love Field provides public taxis, shuttles, car rentals, rideshares, trains, car rental, and other modes of transportation.

When arriving at Dallas Love Field Airport, ensure you don't leave your personal belongings behind.

The terminal has enough waiting and sitting spaces but there are no exclusive lounge facilities.

Dallas Love Field covers an area of 1,300 acres and sits 148 meters above sea level at 32°50′50″N and 96°51′06″W in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Transfer Services at Dallas Love Field Airport

Many efficient ground transportation options to and from Dallas Love Field Airport include rental cars, taxis, ridesharing services, shuttles, and public buses.

The Airport is located two miles from the train station.

Passengers can plan their transfer options to prevent transit delays. Additionally, they should only conduct business at airport counters for their safety.

Rental Car Services at Dallas Love Field Airport

When you visit a new city for the first time, it can be challenging to know where to rent a car or find out about the best services available.

The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has a growing number of rental car companies, which means the Airport offers more than just travel. See and compare all rental car companies at Dallas Love Field Airport.

Car rental counters are located near the corridor leading to Baggage Claim at Dallas Love Field Airport.

Contact the car rental company for additional information.

Ride Shares at Dallas Love Field Airport

Ridesharing services pick up passengers on the terminal's lower-level roadway. The passenger drop-off area is on the upper level of the Ticketing Hall.

Passengers can reserve rideshares by downloading the Rideshare app.

Additionally, they can request a ride a few days before their flight to avoid inconvenience.

Taxis at Dallas Love Field Airport

Taxis pick up and drop off passengers at the transportation center on the airport terminal's lower level.

Passengers must cross the street toward Parking Garage A to reach the taxi stand.

The average one-way fare from the Airport to downtown Dallas is about $35.00. See more information about taxis at Dallas Love Field Airport.

Trains at Dallas Love Field Airport

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is the light rail system that serves the Dallas, Texas, metropolitan area.

In the Oak Lawn neighborhood, the Inwood/Love Field Station is closest to the Airport and serves the Green Line and Orange Line to different parts of the region.

Airport passengers can take the complimentary Love Link 524 to get there. DART Rail operates between approximately 5 a.m. and 12 a.m. More information about train services near Dallas Love Field Airport.

Buses at Dallas Love Field Airport

Buses are a convenient and cost-effective mode of travel to and from Dallas Love Field Airport.

No. 524 picks up and drops off passengers at the street level beneath the rail platform.

To reach the DART Bus stop at Dallas Love Field, follow the signs for Ground Transportation to the lower level. The cost of a single ride is $2.50. More information about buses to and from Dallas Love Field Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Dallas Love Field Airport

Many Dallas hotels offer shuttle services. Some services require reservations.

Passengers can confirm with their local hotel whether or not this service is available.

Shuttle services pick up and drop off passengers in Parking Garage A, Row E, on the ground floor.

Parking at Dallas Love Field Airport

Customers at Dallas Love Field Airport have multiple parking options.

The parking facility is accessible at all times. At the south end of the ticketing the wing is the valet service.

Self-parking phone: +1 214-350-4881. See more information about short and long term parking at Dallas Love Field Airport.

Passengers are encouraged to take note of their floor, row, and section numbers to quickly locate their vehicle upon their return.

You can use cash and credit cards at this location.


The city of Dallas has so many hotels that it's nearly impossible to know where to stay when you visit.

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