Washington Dulles International Airport Parking

Records show that 7,179,885 people flew via Dulles in 2021. From the Airport to downtown Washington, it takes 40 minutes. Most tourists and government officials use this Airport to get to the government district and the city around it.

Parking at Dulles International Airport varies on parking duration and lot.

  • Daily parking rates range from $10 - $35.
  • The hourly rate at Terminal Parking is $6 and $25 for 24 hours.
  • Parking Garages 1 & 2 have an hourly rate of $6 and $17 per day.
  • Economy Parking Lot does not have hourly rates and charges $10 daily.

Valet parking charges $35 for the first day and $10 per hour starting the second and following days with a max daily rate of $35.

The facility is available around-the-clock. Customers will find paying with a credit card more convenient, but cash is accepted at both locations.

Finally, it is highly recommended that you take a picture of the number/letter on the pole closest to your parking space to help you remember where you parked when you return to the Airport.

Customers are strongly encouraged to utilize Ticketless Entry. Insert your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) at the parking entrance. Use the same credit card to pay for your exit. Prices include all applicable taxes and fees.

For further questions about available parking or to request assistance, please call +1 703-572-4500.

Parking Rates for Terminal Parking

  • Hourly Rate: $6.00 per hour
  • Daily Maximum: $25.00
  • per day (24-hour period)

The lot is located directly opposite the Terminal and is the closest option for self-parking at Dulles.

Garage Parking Rates

  • Hourly Rate: $6.00 per hour
  • Daily Maximum: $17.00
  • per day (24-hour period)

Economy Parking Rates

  • Daily Maximum: $12.00
  • per day (24-hour period).
  • Free shuttle service to and from the Terminal is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from Curb 2F.

Customers are strongly encouraged to utilize Ticketless Entry.

Disabled Parking

Accessible parking spaces are reserved for vehicles displaying a disabled license plate or placard issued by the government.

  • Terminal Lot. Rows 2 through 30, at the end of the row closest to the Terminal.
  • Garage 1. Level 1, adjacent to the walkway to the Terminal, near the shuttle stops.
  • Economy Parking. Located near shuttle stops.
  • Garage 2. Level 3 and Level 1 are near the shuttle stop.

All vehicles with a license plate or placard issued by the government are permitted to park in designated accessible parking spaces.

Other vehicles occupying these spaces are subject to towing and citation. The areas are first-come, first-served, and cannot be reserved in advance.

When a parking lot is full, a uniformed parking attendant can direct you to the closest available special needs parking space.

All parking shuttle buses at the Airport are wheelchair accessible and free for all passengers.

Please call +1 703-572-4500 if you have any additional questions about available parking or need assistance.

Cell Phone Parking Lot

The parking lot for cell phones is an ideal location to wait for arriving passengers. Cell Phone Parking is located on Autopilot Drive. There is no charge for the first hour.

  • After passengers have collected their luggage and exited the Terminal, have them call you with the Door number and level (departures or arrivals) where they are waiting.
  • Before entering the Terminal, arriving passengers must be outside at the curb and ready to be picked up. There is currently no line at the curb.
  • Please call +1 703-572-4500 if you have any additional questions about available parking or need assistance.

Parking Tips at Dulles International Airport

The following tips might help you avoid some frustrating situations when looking for a parking spot at the Airport.

  • Leave home and plan to arrive at the Airport at least an hour earlier. In that way, you can potentially avoid the likelihood of driving around looking for parking availability. It could also delay your arrival at the departure gate promptly.
  • Check out the Airport’s map. Before leaving for the Airport, familiarize yourself with terminals, gates, access roads, and parking locations.
  • When traveling with a piece of luggage, be mindful of the distance between the parking location and the terminal gates. Also, look if there are shuttle buses available in your vicinity.
  • Especially during the long holidays, rush hour, and high travel seasons, vehicles at the parking area may cause a jam at the bottleneck at the security checking area and the airport gates.
  • When there are lots of passengers, this also means that the airport shuttle services are slow and overcrowded, packed with people and their luggage.
  • Security measures can also inconvenience your schedule, and it’s hard to prepare for them.
  • Maintenance and construction work can mean detours you will have to take to get to your parking spot at the Airport.
  • When traveling with your vehicle to the Airport, provide enough time to account for possible delays on the road.

Map of Car Parks at Washington Dulles International Airport

Map of Car Parks at Washington Dulles International