Getting to Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

The city centre (downtown) of Los Angeles is located about 26 km or 16 miles from the airport. Getting to Los Angeles Airport by car or public transport is therefore quick and easy. The nine terminal buildings fan out in horse shoe fashion from a central terminal and are connected by an upper and lower level road system. The passenger terminals are connected by a free shuttle bus service.

By Car

Los Angeles Airport is situated in the south-western district called Westchester. Motorists should use the Century Boulevard exit on Interstate 405, which connects Los Angeles with the airport or the Sepulveda Boulevard exit (State Route 1) on the Interstate 105 and follow the signs.

The offices of some 40 car rental companies are lining parking lot C on the outer perimeter of the airport. A free airport shuttle service can take passengers, who leave their car in long term car parks or have dropped off their hire car, to the nine different terminals from where they can catch their flights. The free airport shuttle service is also equipped to take wheelchair users. Some car rental companies also operate their own shuttle services between the terminals and their office at parking lot C.

Getting to Los Angeles Airport by car is not a problem with regard to parking, as the airport provides ample parking spaces by the terminals (more than 8,000 spaces) and some 4,500 parking spaces in parking lot C. Valet parking is offered only outside the terminal 4 building.

By Bus

The FlyAway bus services connect Los Angeles Airport with the city and suburbs and getting to the airport via city bus lines is not a problem either, as there are plenty of operators serving the city to airport route, stopping at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus Centre at the airport. The free airport shuttle service can transport passengers from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus Centre (Transit Centre) adjacent to parking lot C, which lies northeast of the airport’s outer perimeter, to the nine terminal buildings.

Passengers can board the FlyAway bus service at the Lower/Arrivals level and the bus stops are located in front of each of the terminal buildings, where passengers should look out for the green FlyAway – Buses and Long Distance Vans sign. Each FlyAway bus is marked with the service location, so that passengers know, which bus they are boarding.

A single fare to Westwood Station on the Westwood FlyAway costs $10.00 per adult ticket and the service departs from on the hour every hour between 6 am and 11 pm every day, departing from Westwood on the hour between 6 am and 10 pm every day.

Getting to Los Angeles Airport from Irvine Station cost $25.00 for a single trip, while the fare for one way to Van Nuys costs $7.00 and a single journey to Union Station also costs $7.00. The transportation for children aged 5 and younger is free, while children up to grade 8 have to pay $7.00 to Van Nuys and Union Station and $5.00 to Westwood for single tickets, but pay nothing at all to and from Irvine Station.

The local, express and rapid bus services from Los Angeles to the airport are for example LACTMA, Line 8 of Torrance Transit, Line 109 operated by Beach Cities Transit and rapid busses of the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Line 3 and Culver City Bus Line 6.

Getting to Los Angeles Airport from the Green Line Metro Station on the airport compound to the terminals is also easy with shuttle bus “G”, which takes passengers from just outside the metro line station to the various terminal buildings free of charge. The service runs every 10 to 15 minutes between 5.00 am to 1.30 am.

By Metro Green Line

Getting to Los Angeles Airport by train from the suburbs or the city centre is quick on convenient by the Green Line metro train services, however, the service does not fully connect up with the airport and passengers will have to board the free shuttle bus “G” that connects the train station with the terminal buildings.

By Taxi

There are nine city-authorised taxi companies that serve the airport and these are regulated by Authorised Taxicab Supervision Inc (ATS), to provide passengers with peace of mind with regard to taxi fares and safety of vehicles, as well as adequate training of drivers. By parking lot C, under 96th Street Bridge, a giant taxi rank with hundreds of cabs provides ample transport and within the city there are numerous places where one can pick up an authorised cab. Hotels will know which companies serve the airport and staff will be happy to assist with the booking.