Buses to and from Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Passengers arriving at Los Angeles Airport are offered numerous ways of public transportation. The convenient non-stop FlyAway bus service that operates between the city of Los Angeles, the suburbs and the airport is a fast and cost efficient way of travelling.

The bus line operates a round service between the airport and Irvine Station in Orange County, Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, Van Nuys in San Fernando Valley and Westwood in the western part of Los Angeles. The bus service doesn’t require reservations and once the bus arrives at the airport, passengers are dropped off at the Upper/Departure levels of each of the nine terminal buildings.

Arrivals can board the bus service at the Lower/Arrivals level; the bus stops are located in front of the terminal buildings, where they are marked with a green FlyAway – Buses and Long Distance Vans sign. Each bus that arrives is in turn marked with the service location.

Buses from Los Angeles Airport cover a huge distance for relatively little money. A one-way fare to Westwood Station on the Westwood FlyAway costs $10.00 per person per trip and the service departs from the airport on the hour every hour between 6 am an d 11 pm every day, departing from Westwood on the hour between 6 am and 10 pm every day.

Los Angeles Airport buses to Irvine Station cost $25.00 one way per person per trip, while the fare for one way to Van Nuys costs $7.00 and the same to Union Station. Children aged 5 and young don’t pay a fare, while youngsters up to grade 8 pay $7.00 to Van Nuys and Union Station and $5.00 to Westwood, both one-way, and nothing at all to Irvine Station.

Passengers should note that the FlyAway network buses do not accept cash, but tickets can be bought on the bus with credit cards like Visa, American Express and MasterCard for example and debit cards are also accepted. Passengers using Los Angeles Airport buses should also note that there are various size restrictions relating to baggage and no piece of baggage longer than 62 inches will be transported on the FlyAway service. Items like golf club bags, tennis rackets, snow or water skis and surfboards or bikes are not permitted, if their overall length exceeds 92 inches and they must travel in fully enclosed containers.

The bus operators may also determine that “prohibited items” like baby or toddler carriages, electronic equipment like computers or radios may constitute “freight” and may not be taken in the baggage service free of charge. The maximum baggage allowance for each passenger on Los Angeles Airport buses is three items in addition to just one piece of hand luggage that is permitted on the bus itself.

The buses from Los Angeles Airport to Van Nuys run every day from 7am to 10 pm on a half hour schedule from Terminal 1 and at intervals from the other terminals, starting their journey at Van Nuys Station at 6.30 am to 10.30 pm.

Buses from Irvine Station to Los Angeles Airport depart at 4.45 am to 4.45 pm daily and start their journey from Terminal 1 at 9.45 am through to 9.45 pm daily, operating at intervals from the other terminals in between.

Passengers wishing to find out more about Los Angeles Airport buses should visit the official airport website at http://www.lawa.org, where they will also be able to speak directly to the various bus operators on the individual pages for the FlyAway stations in greater Los Angeles.