Charlotte Airport Taxis (CLT)

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is found just west of the city of Charlotte, in the United States of America. It is in the state of North Carolina, and serves Charlotte and the surrounding areas. The airport is large, handling almost forty million passengers every year, and is well equipped with a variety of facilities for arriving and departing passengers. Charlotte Douglas International Airport taxis are available for transport to or from the airport, and are a very convenient way to travel. Since that downtown Charlotte is not too far from the airport, taxi rates are reasonable for this journey.

The airport of Charlotte, with the official IATA code CLT, has a main terminal building with five concourses. The area that arriving passengers will enter the airport complex will depend on the origin of their flight and the airline company with which they are flying. The airport is a hub for US Airways, and this airline company mainly uses Concourse E for its domestic operations. International flights will arrive at Concourse D, and other domestic flights will make use of Concourse A, B or C. Passengers will find a great number of amenities in the main terminal building, including information services, restrooms, lost and found offices, shops and restaurants and the ground transport area, which is located on the curb-side of the lower baggage claim level. The airport taxis are available from outside the terminal as well, and are often used by passengers who are travelling into the city.

Taxis are almost always available at Charlotte Douglas Airport, and therefore an advanced reservation for their services is not essential. However, passengers who are arriving on early morning flights may like to call ahead, and any persons who are requiring a special vehicle should make an advanced arrangement as well. Special taxis are those that are able to accommodate a disabled person in a wheelchair, and perhaps those that are able to transport more than four passengers. Taxi Starter is a taxi company that provides accessible vehicles for disabled travellers.

Several companies may provide taxi services from and to Charlotte Airport, however, they are all approved companies that operate according to certain terms and conditions. Any taxi waiting at the airport may be taken to the city, but ensure that a taxi called for a journey from Charlotte to the airport is licensed for airport transport. Approved airport taxis have a set rate available for the city centre. For two passengers, the journey will cost $25.00. The rates charged may be slightly higher if more than two people are travelling, however, there are no charges for young children under three years of age.

Taxis from Charlotte Douglas International Airport are equipped with meters, which are devices that record the length of the journey. The taxi rates are then charged accordingly. Within the city limits, $0.50 is charged each 1/5th mile, and the time rate charged is $0.50 per minute. When the taxi is travelling slower than fifteen miles per hour, the time rate is charged rather than the mileage rate. When travelling outside of the city limits, passengers will be charged $2.00 per mile. Additional costs could include a ‘drop charge’ of $2.50, a ‘moving charge’ of $20.00 and the minimum charge for short journeys within a three mile radius of the airport is $14.00.

Passengers taking a taxi from the airport are advised to discuss the charges for their journey with their taxi driver before leaving. The drivers of the vehicles are usually friendly and quite willing to explain their services. An approximate charge may be useful to know before arriving at the final destination. At the airport, taxi information is also available from attendants at the curb-side. There is always an attendant on duty from 06:45am to 12:15am. They are able to assist passengers with accessing a taxi, and can provide further details regarding taxi services.

Although there are bus services from Charlotte Douglas Airport which are perhaps a cheaper way to travel, many passengers prefer the convenience of a taxi. Business travellers will find a taxi to be a much quicker way to travel, as they are able to go directly to the destination in mind, whereas a bus will need to stop at various locations for its other passengers. Buses also operate only at set times from the airport terminals, whereas taxis are always available. Passengers travelling with young children may also prefer a taxi, as sometimes buses can be hard to manage with luggage items and tired little ones in tow. Passengers who prefer a more private form of transportation should take a taxi as well.

Although the costs of a taxi can be quite expensive, it may still be cheaper than paying for airport parking when travelling to the airport in a private vehicle. If you will be away for several days, or weeks, consider the costs of parking before deciding whether a taxi is too expensive. A hotel shuttle may also be an option for transport to or from the airport, as many hotels in the area provide complimentary shuttles for their guests.

Further information regarding Charlotte Douglas International Airport taxis can be obtained from the airport at the following number: 704-359-4013. Any other general enquiry can be directed to this number as well.