Getting to Charlotte Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is a public establishment nearby to the city of Charlotte in North America. It handles around 39 million passengers every year, and is considered as the tenth busiest airport in the country for passenger traffic. The airport handles a high quantity of aircraft movements as well, and is therefore regarded as sixth in the world in this regard. It has been allocated the official IATA code of CLT. Charlotte Douglas International Airport directions are quite simple, and passengers travelling to the airport in their own vehicles will find numerous parking options available. The airport is also well equipped with facilities for its passengers.

The airport of Charlotte is to the west of the city’s downtown area, and nearby to the areas of Pawtuckett and Dixie-Berryhill. Eagle Lake, the Carolina Golf Course and the Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course at Revolution park are quite nearby the airport grounds as well. Charlotte is a reasonably large city in the state of North Carolina, with the surrounding areas of Concord, Gastonia and Rock Hill. It is to the north of Columbia and Augusta, to the south of Winston-Salem and Greensboro and to the west of Fayetteville. Jacksonville can be found further to the east along the coast of North Carolina. The states that surround Charlotte include South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

Charlotte Douglas Airport is located between several large roads. Just north is the Wilkinson Boulevard and Andrew Jackson Highway, as well as the Interstate 85, and along the western and eastern perimeters run the I-485 and Billy Graham Parkway, respectively. The I-485 can also be referred to as the Governor James G Martin Freeway or as the Seddon Rusty Goode Freeway. The airport terminal and concourses are to the northern side of the airport grounds and their access road is the Old Dowd Road, that also becomes the Little Rock Road off Wilkinson Boulevard. Within the airport complex, motorists will notice the Airport Loop Road, the Rental Car Road and the Air Ramp Road.

Airport Directions from downtown Charlotte (east)

The road directly to the airport from downtown Charlotte is Wilkinson Boulevard, which can be found just off the I-277 on the western side of the city centre. The I-277 on this side is referred to as the E John Belk Freeway. Continue west on Wilkinson Boulevard (Highway 74) and then turn left onto Boyer Street (in a southerly direction). There is a turn off onto Boyer Street before and after the Billy Graham Parkway. Travel on Old Dowd Road until reaching the airport roads. Charlotte Douglas Airport is well signposted from all major routes, and should be reached in about twenty minutes from the city centre, depending on traffic conditions.

Airport Directions from the West

The main road leading from areas west of Charlotte Douglas Airport, such as Gastonia, is the I-85. Head for the city of Charlotte, but take Exit 32 south onto Little Rock Road. Follow the signs to the terminal buildings and parking areas.

Airport Directions from the North

From the far north, including areas such as Hamptonville and Statesville, motorists will travel the I-77 south. Mooresville, Cornelius and Huntersville are passed when nearing the city of Charlotte. Past Huntersville, motorists could take either the I-485, or continue to the I-85, and head in a south-westerly direction towards the airport. If on the I-485, turn to the left onto Wilkinson Boulevard, and if on the I-85, turn off at Little Rock Road. From Kannapolis and Concord the I-85 will be used for airport access, and from Winston-Salem, motorists will follow Highway 52 to the I-85, or the I-40 to the I-77. On either road, head south towards Charlotte.

Airport Directions from the South

Columbia, to the far south of Charlotte, is linked by the I-77. Travel the I-77 north, pass Rock Hill and take either the I-485 or the Billy Graham Parkway to the airport.

Parking at Charlotte Douglas International Airport is provided in a number of parking lots. Two new daily parking lots have been recently constructed, and there are also two long term lots available. In total, there are about 25,000 parking spaces from which to choose. Passengers who park at the further lots will require the use of a shuttle for transport to the airport terminals. Departing passengers who would rather not use a private vehicle for transport can take a taxi to Charlotte Airport, reserve a seat on one of the private shuttle services or travel on the public airport bus, known as the CATS Sprinter Enhanced Bus Service. This bus travels from various locations in downtown Charlotte to the airport in about twenty minutes, and will cost only $1.75 for a one-way ticket. There are no direct train links to the airport.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport facilities are extensive, and include airport lounges, more than ninety retail shops and restaurants and services for visitors and disabled passengers. The airport lounges include US Airways Clubs in Concourses B and C/D and a British Airways lounge in the Main Atrium. Free Wi-Fi internet services are available, as well as banking and currency exchange options. The airport is also home to the USO of NC, a centre that caters for military personnel, military retirees and their families, and is one of the few airports in the United States that has a public viewing area, from where visitors can watch planes take off, land and taxi to and from the runways. Charlotte Douglas Airport has an aviation museum as well, that was established in 1992.

Passengers who require Charlotte Douglas International Airport directions in further detail can go online to, or they can contact the airport at 704-359-4013.