Low Cost Charlotte Douglas Airport Parking

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the main airports in the state of North Carolina, and in the United States of America. It is considered as the eleventh busiest in the country for passenger traffic, the sixth busiest in the world for aircraft movements and as a major hub for US Airways. For passengers or visitors arriving in private vehicles, there are plenty of Charlotte Douglas International Airport parking options available. There are long term and short term parking lots, as well as valet parking options and a cell phone parking area.

The airport of Charlotte is located to the west of the city centre, and is reached from the downtown area by Wilkinson Boulevard, which is just off the I-277. Travellers from the north will use the I-85 or the I-485 for airport access, and from the south, the I-77 and I-485 are most convenient. The I-85 is also used for airport access from the west, from areas such as Gastonia. The roads nearby to the airport include Little Rock Road, the Old Dowd Road and the Airport Loop Road. Since that there are a number of parking options at Charlotte Douglas Airport, passengers are advised to determine their most convenient lot before arriving at the airport, then simply follow the signs and find a parking space. Passengers can call 704-359-5555 for the latest parking information, or can review the current parking conditions at http://www.parking.charlotteairport.com. Parking rates and directions are also available on this website.

Short Term Parking

Persons who will only be staying at the airport for a few hours, or who are collecting arriving passengers from the airport, may use the hourly parking deck. It is the only parking area at the airport that is within walking distance of the terminal building, and is a covered car park. The first half an hour of parking is also free of charge, making it the ideal location for dropping off or collecting arriving passengers if the driver of the vehicle needs to enter the terminal. After the first thirty minutes, $3.00 will be charged for each hour of parking, up to a maximum amount of $17.00 per day. There are limited spaces available in this parking lot, therefore travellers who will be away for a few days are recommended to use one of the daily or long term car parks. There are plans, however, to expand the hourly car park. Upon completion, it will have 7,000 parking spaces and will provide a space for the rental car companies of the airport as well.

Curb-side drop-off and pick-up is permitted at Charlotte Douglas Airport. Outside the terminal vehicles may stop for a few minutes to offload passengers and luggage, but should not be left unattended in the area. Passengers to be collected at the airport should already be waiting at curb-side, as vehicles may not park and wait outside the terminal. The Cell Phone Waiting Lot is a good option when waiting for an arrival flight. It is a free parking area, although drivers should remain with their vehicles. Simply ask your arriving friends or family members to give you a call when they are ready to be collected at the terminal.

Long Term Parking

There are three daily parking lots available that are a little cheaper than the hourly parking deck spaces. They are referred to as the Daily East, West Deck and Daily North parking areas, and may be used for just $7.00 per day. The daily parking lots are covered areas, however, they are further from the terminal building, and shuttle buses may be required for transport. The complimentary shuttle service is available from the shelter between the Daily East and West Deck car parks, and from the shelter at the Daily North car park.

Four long term parking lots are available at Charlotte Douglas Airport, and they are even cheaper than the daily car parks. For just $5.00 per day, travellers staying at the airport for 48 hours or longer will find them most convenient. The long term car parks are uncovered, and serviced by shuttle buses that are available twenty-four hours a day. From the long term lots, the buses are available every 12 -15 minutes, and from the daily lots every 8 – 10 minutes. The buses are available at the terminal outside the baggage claim area, just beyond the courtesy vehicle lane between Zones A and B as well as Zones C and D. In general, passengers may park at the airport in any area for up to thirty days without any prior arrangements. Parking should be contacted at 704-359-4038 by those who need leave a vehicle at the airport for more than thirty days. All CLT parking lots are patrolled by Airport Police, and are well-lit areas that are considered as reasonably safe. All parking lots are open twenty-four hours a day.

Further Airport Parking Options

Charlotte Douglas International Airport offers valet parking as well. The Business Valet car park is found at 5601 Wilkinson Boulevard, on the corner of Wilkinson Boulevard and Harlee Avenue. It is referred to as one of the airport’s best parking deals, at only $10.00 per day for valet services. A designated shuttle service takes passengers to the terminal. Business Valet is the only parking lot for Charlotte Airport that accepts reservations. Valet parking is available at the terminal as well, at the end of the departures/ticketing level curb-side. The daily rate for Curb-side Valet is $19.00.

In all car parks, there are dedicated handicapped parking spaces, and the shuttle buses are accessible to disabled travellers as well.

Passengers may pre-pay for their parking at one of the Pay$Go stations at the terminal (exiting the parking area through the pre-paid lanes), or use a credit card for payment at one of the credit card lanes of the parking lot. Pay$Go stations are also found at the Daily Decks’ shuttle bus stop.

Contact Charlotte Douglas International Airport at 704-359-4038 for any further parking enquiry.