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Reagan National Airport (DCA) Taxis

The airport of Ronald Reagan Washington National is located approximately 3 miles, or 4.8km south of downtown Washington, D.C, and is the nearest commercial airport to this very important city of the United States. It is known by its IATA code of DCA, and sees around 18 million passengers every year. The airport is also managed by the same company that operates the Washington Dulles International Airport. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport taxis are available for arriving passengers, and may also be taken to the airport, in order to reach a departure flight. This form of transport is convenient, although it is usually more expensive than a bus or train.

The DCA airport has several terminal buildings that are used for domestic flights, since that the airport does not receive international flights, apart from those that arrive from airports with US border preclearance facilities, such as Vancouver in Canada. The major airline companies at this American airport include US Airways, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and JetBlue Airways, and flights by these carriers could arrive at one of three terminal buildings, referred to as A, B and C. Terminal A is the older building of the airport, and is due for renovation, while Terminals B and C were opened in 1997, and replaced several other airport buildings. Arriving passengers can choose to travel into the city by bus, train or taxi, and will find the ground transportation areas outside of the baggage claim halls. Taxis are always available, and are often considered to be the most convenient form of transport from the airport.

The Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport taxis are found at convenient locations nearby the arrival areas of the terminal buildings, and no advanced reservation is required for their services. However, if a special vehicle is required that is able to transport a person with mobility challenges, twenty-four hour notice is recommended. Simply contact the taxicab dispatch office a day or two in advance and request an accessible taxi for the time of your arrival in Washington D.C. The number to call is 703-417-4333. Passengers who have not reserved an accessible vehicle may still request one when they arrive at the airport, and a vehicle will be called to the arrival area if there is not one already available. There may be a short waiting time involved.

Once passengers have collected their luggage they can go outside of their terminal and locate one of the uniformed taxicab dispatchers who are stationed at each taxicab dispatch area. They will provide assistance to passengers who need to travel by taxi, and will select a taxicab based on the passenger’s desired destination, for example, Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland.

All taxis at this airport location are equipped with a meter, which is a device that records the length of the journey and calculates the rates charged accordingly. Taxis are therefore not hired at a set rate, but rather at a metered rate. The meter of the taxi should be turned on after a passenger has entered the vehicle, and not before, and should be in a working condition. There could also be a few additional fees that must be paid over and above the metered taxi fare. There is a $2.50 airport fee and a small fee for luggage loaded. Extra passengers (more than three or four people) could be charged an extra $1.00 as well. The first mile travelled will cost around $4.89, depending on the area in which the passenger is travelling, and each additional mile travelled will cost about $2.16. The price per mile may also depend on the total distance of the journey. Longer trips may cost less per mile.

Passengers are welcome to consult the taxi rates with dispatchers on duty, or with their driver before leaving the airport. All taxicabs are also required to display a ‘fare-card’ inside that can be viewed by the passenger. Additional regulations require the taxi driver to drive a vehicle that is in good repair, to a give a receipt to the customer that shows the driver’s name, the name of the taxi company, the number of the vehicle, the time and place of origin and destination of the trip and the amount that was due. All taxis are required to take the most direct route to their destinations. The driver should be wearing suitable attire, for example, a shirt with a collar, long pants and shoes with socks (not sandals), and is not permitted to smoke in the vehicle. The taxicab should also be equipped with air conditioning, which can be requested to be turned on or off by the passenger, and the vehicle should be clean. Passengers can expect to receive only courteous attention from their driver as well.

Payments can be made in cash or by credit card. Passengers are requested to inform the dispatcher if they will be using a credit card for payment.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport limousines may be available from several companies, and are a more elegant form of transport than a taxi. Limousine transport usually requires an advanced reservation, and the customer is charged a set rate for the service, rather than a metered rate. Limousines are therefore not equipped with a meter.

Passengers may use the following contact number for enquiries regarding the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport taxi services: (703) 417-0981.

If you intend to travel around the area during your stay, it might be more economical to rent a car at Reagan National Airport.

Taxi prices from/to Reagan National Airport

Washington DC 20 minutes 12 KM
Bethesda 27 minutes 12 KM
Washington Dulles Airport 32 minutes 30 KM
Baltimore Washington Airport 47 minutes 38 KM
Baltimore 54 minutes 43 KM
Richmond US 125 minutes 180 KM
A table showing taxi prices to and from Reagan National Airport

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