Trains to and from Reagan National Airport (DCA)

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, with the IATA code of DCA, is one of the busiest airports in the region. It is also the closest airport to the famous city of Washington D.C, and is named after a former US President. The airport is located in Arlington County, Virginia, and approximately 3 miles south of downtown Washington. It has many facilities for its passengers, as well as options for ground transport, of which the Metrorail trains are perhaps the most popular and the most convenient. The Reagan Washington National Airport trains are a cost effective form of transport, and take passengers to several locations in the city.

This American airport has three terminals, referred to as the Terminals A, B and C. Terminals B and C are part of the airport’s recent renovations, and replaced a couple of airport buildings that were built in the 1960’s. They are modern terminals, with shops, restaurants, free Wi-Fi connections, cash machines and many other facilities. They are also the terminals that are directly connected to the airport’s railway station. Terminal A is older, and has been around for so long that it is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also soon due for major renovations. Passengers arriving at this terminal will need to travel to Terminals B and C in order to catch the train.

Getting to or from the Metrorail Station of Reagan Washington National Airport

Arriving passengers will find it quite easy to move from their terminal’s baggage claim area to the train station, which is an elevated station connected to the concourse level of Terminals B and C. Pedestrian bridges are available on the concourse level of these terminals, for a direct connection to the Metrorail station. However, passengers arriving at Terminal A will need to take a shuttle bus to the other terminals and the train station The shuttles are free of charge and frequently available. Simply exit the terminal, go to the street-side curb and board any of the ‘Airport Shuttle’ buses. Passengers can leave the shuttle at either Terminals B/C or at the Parking Garages B and C, as from both areas there are enclosed bridges that lead to the station.

Passengers on departing flights who have arrived by rail will then need to move to their airline’s terminal and the check-in areas. To reach Terminal A, exit the station at either end of the platform and head towards the parking garage. Find one of the elevators or stairways and go down to the street level where there are free airport shuttles available. The shuttles will then provide transport to Terminal A. All airport shuttles are accessible to disabled passengers, and can transport luggage items.

To reach Terminal B passengers will go the south end of the train station’s platform and take the pedestrian bridge to their terminal’s concourse level. Directions for Terminal C are similar, but the pedestrian bridge at the north end of the platform should be used. There are signposts that can assist travellers with the directions to their terminal of departure.

The Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Trains

The trains of the airport offer services on the Yellow and Blue lines of the city. The Metrorail is also a connection to the two Amtrak rail stations, from where various train services are available. The Amtrak Union Station in Washington, D.C is found on the Red Line, and is possible to reach by taking a train from the airport, and the Amtrak Alexandria Station in Alexandria, Virginia, is on the same lines as the airport trains – Blue and Yellow. In general, the Metrorail trains are convenient for reaching downtown Washington D.C and several points of interest including the Smithsonian Museums, the Washington Dulles International Airport and the Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport. The Washington Dulles International Airport is reached by taking the Metrorail to the Rosslyn Station, from where a Metrobus route (5A) is available to the airport. The train can also be taken to the West Falls Church station, from where Washington Flyer Coaches are available. The coaches offer a direct service to the Dulles Airport.

To reach the Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport passengers will need to take the Metrorail to Greenbelt Station, from where Metrobuses are available. The Metrobus Route B30 is the one that heads to the BWI Airport. Another option is to travel to Union Station, and then take a MARC Commuter Rail train to the BWI Marshall Station. Keep in mind that the Airport Authority responsible for the management of Washington Dulles and Reagan Washington National do not provide a dedicated shuttle service between the two airports.

All Metrorail stations and trains are accessible to persons with disabilities. They have accessible priority parking spaces, accessible entrances and elevators. Extra-wide fare-gates are provided for those in a wheelchair. Riding a Metrorail train during peak hours (from opening to 09:30am and from 03:00pm to 07:00pm) will cost a minimum of $2.10 and a maximum of $5.75. Off-peak fares will cost a minimum of $1.70 and a maximum of $3.50. Up to two children who are four years of age or younger and riding with a fare-paying adult will not be charged. Children aged five and older will pay the same fares as an adult.

Further details regarding the Metrorail system of Washington D.C and the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport trains can be found at The airport may also be contacted at (703) 417-8000.

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