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Auto Europa Houston Airport

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is one of the largest airports in North America, and is rated as the sixth busiest in the world for aircraft movements. It is an important international gateway for the country, and is the main hub for United Airlines, an American airline company. The airport is also known as the Houston International Airport, and has been allocated the IATA code of IAH. Many facilities are available for arriving and departing passengers, including the George Bush Intercontinental Airport car hire companies, such as Auto Europa. Auto Europa is a popular choice for many car rental customers, in a large number of countries around the world.

Since George Bush Intercontinental Airport handles over forty million passengers per annum, it has five large terminal buildings for all its flight operations. Two of these terminals are dominated by United Airlines (Terminal E for international flights and Terminal C for domestic flights), while the others are used by various other airline companies. Terminal A and B are the original terminals of the airport, although they have been renovated and expanded over the years, while Terminal E is the newest of the airport’s developments. Passengers are able to transfer between terminals on the secure side of the airport by the TerminaLink trains, and on the non-secure side by the inter-terminal trains. The George Bush Intercontinental Airport Car Rental Centre is located at some distance from the terminal buildings, but is permanently linked by shuttle buses.

Auto Europa does not run their own shuttles for the transport of their passengers, but shares a common bus system with the other car hire companies of the airport. This system helps to reduce traffic on the airport roadways, and allows customers to travel on any of the shuttles. The buses are easily recognizable as they are white and maroon in colour, and can be found from any of the arrival areas by following the signs that read ‘Rental Car Shuttles’. They are frequently available, equipped to provide transport for disabled passengers and have room for passengers’ luggage items. The consolidated Rental Car facility of George Bush Intercontinental Airport is a two-level building, but has all the car hire counters on the same level. It has a large parking garage for all the cars for hire, and a large bus maintenance facility. Extra space has been secured should the facility need further expansion in the future.

Auto Europa is a car hire company with over fifty years of experience in the car hire industry, and currently have over 8,000 car rental locations around the world. Their vehicles are considered to be in good mechanical condition, and are only of the latest models possible. Customers are usually offered vehicles at a basic car rental rate, when they hire from one of Auto Europa’s rental locations in the United States. This rate may include basic insurance such as third party liability insurance, but further insurances will need to be added by the customer. The basic package rate will also not include items such as child seats and satellite navigation systems. Child seats from Auto Europa come in various sizes, and are therefore suitable for infants, toddlers or older children. Drivers who are unfamiliar with the Houston road network are recommended to hire a GPS unit for their journey.

Vehicles can also be requested as an Auto Europa one way hire, a service that allows the car to be delivered to a return location other than the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. One way hires are permitted for most vehicle categories, but sometimes may only be driven to areas in Texas and to cities in neighbouring states. Cross-border rentals into Mexico and Canada may not be allowed.

Auto Europa George Bush Intercontinental Airport has the following vehicle categories available for their customers: Economy, Compact, Midsize, Standard, Fullsize, Premium and SUV. The cheapest car rental rates are charged for vehicles in the Economy class, such as the Chevy Aveo, and good rates are available for Compact vehicles as well, which are similar to the Ford Focus. However, Midsize, Standard and Fullsize cars are larger, and have more space for luggage. They are often considered to be more ideal for families. Examples of larger vehicles include the Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion, Dodge Charge and the Dodge Caravan, which is a Minivan with room for seven passengers. Premium vehicles from Auto Europa are similar to the Mercury Grand Marquis, an example of a convertible available is the Ford Mustang Convertible and SUVs include the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Customers often choose Auto Europa as they have many good qualities that contribute to an easier car rental experience. The company offers a ‘best price guarantee’ and has an easy three-step online car rental reservation process. A toll free number is also available for 24/7 customer service and there are no cancellation fees if the vehicle is cancelled with a three-day notice period. There are also no credit card fees for the transaction. The primary renter of vehicles from Auto Europa at George Bush Intercontinental Airport will need to have a valid drivers license and one of the accepted major credit cards, and will also need to meet the minimum age requirements of the location. Vehicles can usually be hired by anyone 21 years of age or older, although certain vehicle categories may require the renter to be over the age of 25. Keep in mind that younger renters will pay higher rates, as young drivers insurance is applicable.

Contact Auto Europa George Bush Intercontinental Airport for all further car rental enquiries.

From North America only:

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