Low Cost Houston Airport Parking

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) serves around forty million passengers per annum, and is therefore regarded as the tenth largest airport in North America. The airport is also the sixth largest in the world for aircraft movements and a major hub for the airline company United Airlines.  Airport parking is available for departing passengers at excellent rates, and in several airport parking lots. Departing passengers, or persons arriving to collect arriving passengers, will also find airport directions quite easy to follow, as the airport is located nearby a few main roads of the city.

The George Bush Airport, named after the 41st president of the United States, George W.H. Bush, is located approximately 23 miles, or 37km to the north of central Houston, and in the state of Texas. The airport serves the entire Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown Metropolitan, and is a very important international gateway for the country as well. Passengers driving from downtown Houston to the airport will use one of three roads, and they are the Eastex Freeway (U.S. Highway 59), the Interstate 45 or the Hardy Toll Road. Signposts then lead the way to the two main access roads of the airport, known as the John F. Kennedy Boulevard and the Will Clayton Parkway. Since there are several parking lots on the airport grounds, passengers are advised to decide the best area for their parking needs before leaving for the airport, and it is also helpful to know from which terminal their flight will be departing. George Bush Continental Airport parking is provided at each of the terminals, as well as in an economy parking lot. Special parking options are also available for frequent business flyers, and the airport has just implemented valet parking.

Terminal Parking

Houston Airport has five terminal buildings referred to as A, B, C, D and E. The terminal of a passenger’s departure will depend on the airline company with which they are flying and the destination of their flight, for example, Terminal C handles all United Airlines’ domestic flights, and Terminal E is the hub for all United Airlines’ international flights. In general, Terminal A and B handle domestic flights by the other airline companies of the airport, and Terminal D is the international terminal for all other carriers heading for destinations outside of the U.S. The terminals are located quite far apart from one another, and although there are trains that provide transport for passengers, it is more convenient to park at the terminal of their departure. Each terminal has its own parking area that is within easy reach of the check-in facilities, and which is convenient for short or medium-term parking. Recently, the airport opened a new parking garage for Terminals A and B, with an extra 5,600 spaces, as well as a new garage for Terminal E, with a further 2,500 spaces. Terminal C also provides undercover parking.

Terminal parking is provided at very reasonable rates. $2.00 is charged for the first hour, $3.00 is charged for one to two hours of parking, $5.00 is charged for two to three hours of parking and $7.00 is charged for three to five hours of parking. Five to twenty-four hours of parking will cost motorists $17.00.

Valet parking is now available at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The service began on the 27th of June 2012 and is referred to as Valet Premier Parking. It is available at all the terminal parking areas for $25.00 per day, or $10.00 for up to two hours of parking. Valet parking is found on the ground levels of the Terminal A and B garages, on Level 4 of the Terminal C garage and on Level 2 of the Terminal D/E garage. Motorists may also drop off their vehicle at one terminal and arrange to collect it from another. All vehicles will be parked in covered garages.


The ecopark is located on airport property at 16152 John F. Kennedy Boulevard. It has covered and uncovered parking spaces, and can accommodate oversized vehicles such as campers and large trucks. The spaces in this parking area are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are not possible to reserve in advance. They are also some distance from the airport terminals, and shuttles buses are therefore required for transport. The shuttles are frequently available, accessible to disabled passengers and will reach the terminal in just a few minutes. Covered parking at the ecopark will cost $2.77 (plus tax) for the first three hours of parking or less, and $6.47 (plus tax) for three to twenty-four hours of parking. Uncovered parking is even cheaper, at $2.77 (plus tax) for the first three hours or less, and just $4.62 (plus tax) for three to twenty-four hours of parking.

Parking for frequent flyers

Two parking services are available for frequent flyers at George Bush Intercontinental. The IAH SurePark program ensures that its members always have a parking space available within the terminal parking lots. Access to the special SurePark areas are controlled by an IAH SurePark membership card, which can be shared within a company or used by a single individual, although only one person may use it at a time. SurePark will cost $7.00 for up to three hours of parking, $9.00 for three to five hours of parking and $20.00 for five to twenty-four hours of parking.

Private parking spaces are also available at the new Executive Parking lot, located between Terminals C and E. The benefits of an Executive Parking membership include a reserved parking space with your name or company name on it, a ‘wider than average’ parking space, and more convenient access to either Terminal C or E. Two additional SurePark access cards are included as well.

Additional parking services

Motorists who are collecting arriving friends or family members at the airport can make use of the ‘Passenger Pick Up Waiting Lot’, which could also be referred to as a cell phone parking lot. The area is located off Will Clayton Parkway, and may be used free of charge. Instead of circling the airport, simply park and wait until your passenger calls to say he/she is ready for collection. This airport parking lot helps to reduce traffic on the roadways and to minimize air pollution. It is open every day, and is also under the supervision of a security officer.

George Bush Airport is accessible to disabled passengers, and therefore offers special parking spaces in all areas that are convenient for disabled drivers or for persons transporting a disabled passenger. The spaces available provide easy access to the terminal entrances and exits.

Further details regarding George Bush Intercontinental Airport parking is available from the New South Parking office in the baggage claim area of Terminal A, or their fax number is 281-233-1742.