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Philadelphia International Airport is found in the United States of America, and in the state of Pennsylvania. It is the busiest airport in this state, and therefore one of the busiest airports in the country as well. The airport is recognised by its official code of PHL, and is located approximately 7 miles from downtown Philadelphia. There is an excellent road network that takes passengers to the airport, and plenty of Philadelphia Airport parking areas are available. The various car parks are reasonably priced for short-term and long-term stays, and provide easy access to the terminal buildings.

The PHL airport of Philadelphia has seven terminal buildings for the use of its passengers and airline companies. There is one terminal that is used for international arrivals and departures, and that is the Terminal A-West, while the others are mainly for domestic flights. The most important airline companies of the airport include US Airways (Terminals B and C), US Airways Express (Terminal F) and Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, Southwest Airlines and AirTran, making use of Terminals D and E. A number of other airline companies are available as well for flights to all areas of the United States. At the airport, there are parking garages that are convenient for all the terminal buildings, as well as an Economy Lot that is less expensive for stays of a longer period. Additional facilities are available as well, such as the Cell Phone Car Park and special parking areas for passengers with disabilities. The main access road for the airport is the Interstate 95, and the drive from downtown Philadelphia should take no longer than twenty-five minutes to half an hour.

Short-term parking options

Passengers who would prefer to be dropped off in front of their terminal may stop on the departures roadway for a few minutes, only to leave the vehicle and offload their baggage items. ‘Parking’ in these areas is not permitted, as it will block the flow of traffic. Any vehicle found unattended will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense. If the driver would like to accompany his passengers into the terminal the vehicle will need to be parked in the garages available.

Arriving passengers can also be collected from outside of the terminal buildings, on the Arrivals Flight roadway. However, the passengers must be ready for collection, as vehicles may not park here and wait. Passengers can wait just outside of their terminal’s baggage claim area or on the public side of the exit lanes nearby the security checkpoints. If a motorist needs to wait for a passenger but does not wish to enter the airport, the Cell Phone Car Park can be used. It is a free parking area less than one minute from the terminal buildings, and has room for over a hundred vehicles. Passengers will simply call their ‘driver’ when they are ready to leave the airport. The Cell Phone Lot can be found by entering the airport on the Arrivals Flight roadway and then following the signs.

Designated parking spaces are located in front of the terminal buildings for special-needs passengers, and are convenient for access to the check-in points. They are found on the Departing Flights road and on the Arriving Flights road, therefore, passengers can be collected in special parking spaces as well. The spaces are clearly indicated with the International Symbol of Accessibility, and are found on accessible routes that are equipped with curb ramps.

Philadelphia International Airport has four parking garages that are located adjacent to the seven terminal buildings. They are referred to as the Garages A-West/A-East, C, D and E-F, so that their location in proximity to the terminal buildings is easy to determine by motorists, i.e. if you are departing from Terminal D then the most convenient car park is the Garage D. One garage is shared by the two ‘A’ terminals and one is shared by passengers of Terminals E and F. On the ground level of all the garages, short-term parking is available. These areas may not be used for overnight parking. Short-term parking at Philadelphia Airport will cost $4.00 for up to half an hour, $6.00 for an hour, $8.00 for an hour and a half, $10.00 for two hours, $12.00 for two and a half hours, $15.00 for up to three hours, $17.00 for up to three and a half hours and $20.00 for up to four hours of parking. The daily maximum rate charged is $40.00. The short-term car parks have handicapped spaces that may be used by vehicles able to display a handicapped license plate or placard.

Medium to long-term parking

The upper levels of the parking garages are ideal for medium to long-term stays at the airport. Their prices are lower than the short-term parking areas, costing only $20.00 per day. The same fee structure as the short-term parking lots is applicable up to three and a half hours of parking. Any vehicle that is regarded as ‘oversized’ will not be able to enter the upper levels of the garages, as there is a six feet height limit, however, the short-term parking areas can accommodate such vehicles. For longer-term parking, larger vehicles should use the Economy Lot.

Economy parking

The Economy Parking Lot can be accessed by three entrances – two of which are conveniently just off the Airport Departures Road past Terminal F. Motorists will take the first exit and follow the signs indicating the parking area. The third entrance can be accessed at the intersection of Island and Penrose Avenues. Motorists will take Exit 13 off the Interstate 95 North and continue on the left side of the 291 West. From the first traffic light follow the signs to the car park. From the Interstate 95 South, take Exit 15 and turn left at the first traffic light.

The Economy Lot of the airport is best for long-term parking, as there is a daily parking fee of just $11.00. It is located a little further from the terminal buildings than the garages, but is served by free shuttle buses that are available twenty-four hours a day. For security reasons, motorists are advised to park their vehicles with the license plate facing the drive isle.

Further details regarding Philadelphia International parking is available from the Parking Authority Airport Operations Division at 215-683-9842.

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Map of Car Parks at Philadelphia International Airport

Map of Car Parks at Philadelphia International

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