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Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Taxis

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the largest airport in the state of Pennsylvania, and it serves the Delaware Valley area. The airport is mostly located in Philadelphia, but the new international terminal and the western end of the airport is in Tinicum Township, Delaware County. The city centre of Philadelphia is to the northeast of the airport, and approximately seven miles away. Travelling to the city from the airport is quite easy, as there are taxis, public buses, private shuttle services and trains available. Philadelphia Taxis are especially convenient, as they are a direct form of transport.

Hundreds of flights per day arrive at Philadelphia from many cities in the United States and from a number of international destinations as well. The main airline carriers of the airport are UPS Airlines, US Airways, Delta Air Lines, US Airways Express, Virgin America, Southwest Airlines, Air Canada and AirTran. Passengers could arrive at one of seven terminal buildings, depending on their airline operator and origin of their flight. Terminal A West is the international terminal, Terminal F is used by US Airways Express, Terminals B and C are for the majority of US Airways’ flights and Terminals D and E are used by the other airline companies for domestic flights. Each terminal is well equipped with passenger facilities, and has a Ground Transport Information desk in the baggage claim area from where passengers can find out more information relating to taxis, shuttle services and public transit services. Although Ground Transportation Information representatives cannot recommend a particular service, they can assist with lists of the operators available and their telephone numbers. Information phones are available in the arrival areas.

Several taxi companies offer transport to and from Philadelphia Airport. They include All City Cab (215-467-6666), Capital (215-235-2200), City Cab (215-492-6500), Cresent (215-365-3500), Liberty (215-389-8000), Yellow Cab (215-333-3333), PHL Cab (215-232-2000) and Victory (215-225-5000). All taxi companies provide direct transport from the airport to any destination in the city of Philadelphia, and do not require an advanced reservation. However, the companies may be called in advance for information regarding their prices, as well as for reservations should you be arriving on a very early morning flights when there could be fewer taxis available. Taxis from Philadelphia to the airport are available on call from any area.

The airport of Philadelphia is designed for the convenience of disabled persons, with suitable restrooms and elevators. The airport taxi companies may also provide special vehicles that are equipped with wheelchair lifts. These cars are best reserved in advance as well.

Once passengers have collected their luggage items and are ready to leave the airport, the taxis are found outside of the baggage claim areas of the terminal buildings, at Zone 5. However, Terminal F passengers will go to the ground transportation area of Terminal E to find taxis, shuttle buses and other transport services.

Philadelphia Airport taxis are metered vehicles, which means that their passengers will be charged for each mile travelled. Up to three, or sometimes four, passengers can ride in a conventional taxi, without extra charges. However, a flat rate is charged when travelling from the airport to the central Philadelphia area, and an additional $1.00 is charged in this case for each passenger after the first who are over the age of twelve. The flat rate charge is $28.50, and the central area includes all points of drop-off within Fairmount Avenue (most Northern point), South Street (most Southern point), Delaware River (most eastern point) and University City/38th Street (most Western point).

Although taxis charge metered rates, there could be additional charges. For example, an Airport Fee is charged ($1.50) and the meter will always start with the charge of $2.70. The rate per mile is currently $2.30. These charges may not be applicable when travelling to the centre area of Philadelphia.

When unsure about the price of your taxi ride always confirm all details with your driver, or find out more information at the ground transportation desk. The taxi drivers are, however, usually friendly and very willing to explain their services. Its better to get an idea of the price involved before you leave the airport, rather than arguing the price once the journey has been made. Taxi vehicles usually display a registration/license number, which can be quoted should a complaint to the company be necessary. It is also useful to have the name of the driver if a dispute arises.

Passengers in need of a more elegant ride should make a reservation with one of the Philadelphia International Airport limousine companies, for example, American Limo. Limousines collect their passengers at Zone 6 outside the baggage claim areas of the terminal buildings.

Since that the city is not very far from the airport, transport by one of the Philadelphia taxis is often considered as most convenient and reasonably priced for a private service. Taxis are sometimes much easier to navigate than buses and trains, especially with a heavy luggage load or young children. Further details regarding ground transportation is available at 215-937-6958.

If you intend to travel around the area during your stay, it might be more economical to rent a car at Philadelphia International Airport.

Taxi prices from/to Philadelphia International Airport

Atlantic City 115 minutes 130 KM
Manhattan 135 minutes 180 KM
New York Airport Kennedy 160 minutes 218 KM
A table showing taxi prices to and from Philadelphia International Airport

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