Atlanta to Miami

Airliners including Vietnam Airlines, Gulf Air, Frontier Airlines, Iberia, Alitalia, WestJet, LATAM Airlines Argentina, British Airways, Republic Airlines, Korean Air, Air France, KLM, GOL Transportes Aeros, Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic Airways, LAN Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines all offer direct flights between Miami International Airport to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International. When travelling from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International you will cover about 597 miles before you reach Miami International Airport. This journey will take 1 hour 57 minutes.

The most expensive flight prices are typically at weekends and daytime flights. If you are on a tight budget then you should avoid flying at peak hours as the prices are more expensive. The cheapest flights are in the evenings and in mid week. We advise all our viewers to book well in advance. This way you will get the low priced tickets available.

The table below displays the numbers of daily flights from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International (ATL) to Miami International Airport (MIA) and the relevant airlines that fly.

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight
Delta Air Lines1111101212101300:2723:29
Virgin Australia1111101212101200:2723:29
LAN Airlines767777707:1920:01
American Airlines767777707:1920:45
Virgin Atlantic Airways776776700:2723:29
GOL Transportes Aeros464646408:2517:59
Air France343444400:3023:29
Korean Air443333400:2723:29
Republic Airlines323333309:1820:01
LATAM Airlines Argentina222222211:1015:53
British Airways222222211:1015:53
Frontier Airlines121211200:4022:42
Gulf Air121111111:1015:53
Vietnam Airlines111111117:5919:45

Delta Air Lines is the most popular airliners who operate this route. They have around 11 a week with times that vary between 00:27 and 23:29.

To book your flight you can visit Delta Air Lines on their website / You will find up to date information on availability and the latest discounts.

Flight times for Delta Air Lines are summarised in the table below. These time were correct at the time of writing, but please be aware that times may vary from time to time so please check their website for exact times and the dates you wish to fly.

DayFlying Time
Monday00:30, 09:16, 10:31, 11:36, 12:06, 14:14, 15:14, 16:23, 17:26, 19:45 and 23:29
Tuesday00:37, 07:25, 08:38, 09:40, 12:06, 14:14, 15:14, 16:14, 17:14, 19:45 and 21:37
Wednesday00:27, 08:25, 09:41, 11:55, 12:55, 13:55, 14:58, 15:58, 17:59 and 19:53
Thursday00:30, 09:19, 10:20, 11:33, 11:55, 12:55, 13:55, 14:58, 15:58, 16:59, 17:59 and 19:53
Friday00:30, 07:25, 08:25, 09:41, 11:55, 12:55, 13:55, 14:58, 15:58, 16:59, 17:59 and 19:53
Saturday00:30, 08:25, 09:41, 11:55, 12:55, 13:55, 14:58, 16:59, 17:59 and 19:53
Sunday00:30, 09:57, 10:20, 11:33, 11:55, 12:55, 13:55, 14:58, 15:59, 16:59, 17:59, 21:08 and 21:45

Instead of flying from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International you could consider a few airports that are close by. Please see that table below of alternative routes.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Atlanta to Tampa0655 km (407 miles)1 hour 35 minutes
Atlanta to Melbourne0714 km (444 miles)1 hour 39 minutes
Atlanta to Sarasota0717 km (445 miles)1 hour 39 minutes
Atlanta to Fort Myers Southwest Florida Reg0830 km (515 miles)1 hour 47 minutes
Atlanta to West Palm Beach Palm Beach0878 km (546 miles)1 hour 51 minutes
Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale0936 km (582 miles)1 hour 55 minutes
Atlanta to Key West01,043 km (648 miles)2 hours 2 minutes

Before you book your flights make sure you your passport is valid and preferably has at least 6 months or more left before it expires. To renew your passport it can take several weeks to renew and with many airliners flights are not refundable.