Trains to and from Atlanta Airport (ATL)

In Atlanta, you can access the city from the airport through the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport trains system or the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). Thus, if you are in the city you can reach the airport by train as well. MARTA is in fact the principal rapid-transit system at the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. It is the 9th largest across the United States. MARTA is operating a network of buses routes which are linked to the rapid transit system that covers 48 miles rail track. It has a total of 38 train stations. At the airport, it has a single rail station that serves passengers who wanted a cheap and fast way to access the downtown area of Atlanta.

One of the primary concerns of the passengers of the world’s busiest airport is the immediate access to the downtown area and to their respective destinations. The airport provides easy access to ground transportation like taxis, rental cars, limousines, and the ATL trains. Getting to your destination that is covered by MARTA’s stations is indeed a relief especially if you wanted traffic free and cheap means of ground transportation.

In fact, MARTA is part of the regional solution to the problems on transportation at Atlanta. It operates across the region along with its planning agencies and transit partners. Thus, regardless of the movements of fuel prices, MARTA will always serve as a traffic and environmental alleviation objective. To further serve its passengers this Atlanta Hartsfield Trains is already planning to upgrade, provide new services, expand and strengthen partnerships, and is taking part in the goal of new and innovative transit solutions like the Beltline.

MARTA’s history can be traced way back from 1950’s when planners recognizes the importance and need of a public transportation, like a rail system, to better promote the growth of Atlanta. Ten years later, a proposal for the Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Study Commission was released with recommendations of a 66-mile rail system for five counties. The project will be supported by a feeder bus operations and facilities for park-and-ride. In 1965, the proposal had been approved to cover four counties as well as the city of Atlanta.

In 1971, the railway system was formed after a series of electoral activities and legislation. In 1972, MARTA had been purchased for $12.9 million along with the control of the primary bus transportation. Thus before the year ends, the company recorded some nine million passengers who have ridden the train after the fare had been reduced to 15 cents that follows after the acquisition of the railway system.

The Federal government granted a total of $800 million to MARTA that is intended to be used in the design, planning, construction, and land purchase for the rapid rail system.

This Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Trains started constructing the airport rapid rail station in 1980. It is one of the many projects for expansion that are scheduled that year. The project provides enormous convenience to the airport passengers who demands fast and easy access to the downtown area of Atlanta.

In 1994, after serving for 21 years as a General Manager of MARTA, Kenneth Gregor finally decided to retire. Former Central Ohio Transit Authority General Manager Richard Simonetta replaces Gregor in the post. His greatest challenge in his administration is the heavy construction program in preparation for the 1996 Olympic Games.

In June of 1996, MARTA has remarkably completed over 20 projects that include North Line, New Ride Stores, rehabilitation of escalators, automatic train announcement, and a few mid-life over haul of some cars.

Late in the 90’s MARTA launches project that links the transit to the community development program which aims to become an alternative against highway congestion. It announced its partnership with Bell South which will create the Lindbergh Transit Oriented Development. It is a work, live, and plays community that is built by the rail station.

In 2006 MARTA teams up with Georgia Regional Transportation Authority and Atlanta Regional Commission to create a partnership that will give birth to the Transit Planning Board or TPB. The mission of TPB is to create the next plan for regionals next funding and expansion programs that will fund public transportation for the whole region of Atlanta.

MARTA, for its expansion and development program, is centered on three generic categories, this include: TSP or Transit System Planning, TOD or Transit Oriented Development, and Regional Service Coordination. Each of these categories executes its respective program according to the overall direction and standard of the MARTA.

The TSP office is mainly responsible for the design, planning, and schedules of all the rail services and buses. The responsibility includes the development of the service plans which is intended for the Authority’s operating budget, projects for long range expansions, and intermediate services. The TSP is also collaborating with the Regional Transportation Plan, Unified Planning Work Program, and Transportation Improvement Program. The collaboration aims to develop the regional programs of MARTA.

The TOD and Real Estate on the other hand focuses in managing the real estate transactions as well as the formulation of guidelines and policies that support the development of the transit. Moreso, the Office of Regional Service Coordination specializes on special projects activities together with its partner transit operators and also the planning agencies.

To attract more passengers, MARTA is providing discounts on fares that includes fares and passes, discounts for corporate employers, visitor pass, discounted fare( for disabled, elderly, and Medicare holders), monthly discounts for college and university students, weekly discounts for K-12 students, and the mobility fare.

With its continued development the Atlanta Hartsfield trains not only relieves the airport passenger from the heavy traffic within the main road and the effort of transacting business with the car rental companies. It saves you money when you are taking Atlanta Hartsfield train to get to your destination which can be easily accessible from the 38 station of the train. Thus if you are not in a hurry, and your place of destination is along the stations of the Atlanta airport trains, it is best that you take it from the airport.