Buses to and from Atlanta Airport (ATL)

Just like any other airport, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL) provides several options getting to and from destination or travel points. Airport and public transport buses, taxis, limos and shuttles are readily available to provide service for patrons of the airport. And since you have several choices to choose from, it would be best to consider some important things so you have an idea of the best mode of transportation to take.

Atlanta airport buses are very reliable and make your travel experience worthwhile. These buses make sure that cleanliness and hygiene is observed to give you the utmost convenience during your stay. One good point also is that they are very punctual in terms of picking up and dropping you off at your desired destinations so no need to worry about your busy schedule. One can easily request for their services at the airport or online.

Airport charter buses - For people who just arrived in the city, it’s best to determine how far your next point of destination would be, as well as the time you have at hand. Expect that some traffic jams may delay your land travel so plan everything ahead. It’s always nice to have ample travel time for you to be able to enjoy.

If you are a group arriving at the airport and probably on a tight schedule, traveling in traffic may be stressful. Things to consider as mentioned would be your time, length of travel and in this case, the number of passengers and luggage space you’ll need. If you have less than 15 or greater than 30 people, you might be able to get by through an airport bus.

Fortunately, there are Atlanta-Hartsfield shuttle buses that provide charter buses that transport you without any delays and even give you door to door transport with the comfort and convenience you need at reasonable rates for big groups. A lot of companies provide airport bus service tie up with other companies as well as hotels and provides door to door service.

Airport shuttle buses - Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson airport buses also provide luxury shuttle buses for groups who would like to have the bus for themselves. For groups of 15-30 people, hiring an airport charter/shuttle bus will be the best option, not to mention they also come in reasonable prices. These buses charge depending on the location and area. The prices are the same almost every day of the week. Meetings or conventions usually happen during weekdays so demand is expected to be higher during these days. They can be booked as the same day you need the buses as long as there is ample time for the vehicle to get to the pickup location.

Pickups for Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson airport buses are typically more expensive than drop-offs due to the airports extra fees that they charge. Taxes, mileage, gas and fees should be included in the transfer rate. If you need extra time for the service of the buses, you may always inform the companies’ customer service team so they can give you the lowest possible rates.

ATL buses - Now if you are travelling alone or a backpacker type who travels with not much bags or luggage, taking the public transport bus is another option for you. Atlanta has a very good public transport system so it is convenient to travel from the airport to most of the areas of the city. It is very well connected by public transport. For the Atlanta metropolitan area, the principal rapid-transit system would be the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authorityor MARTA and it has a number of buses that serve a wider area than its own rail system given that it has over 91 bus routes around the metro. It is one of the smarter ways to get to almost anywhere in the city from the airport with plenty of room for bags. MARTA tickets can be purchased with cash or credit card at easy to use kiosk machines, but there are friendly attendants ready to help visitors make their purchase.

MARTA buses have three types – the regular service buses, the Q bus service for both express and limited services, and the mobility service buses for eligible persons with disabilities unable to board, ride or disembark vehicles. Buses also run all over the city and schedules are online for all areas.

Another bus service option for Atlanta Hartsfield buses would be the Greyhound Flightlink. The Flightlink buses are located at the lower level of the North Terminal which is an escalator ride down from the North Baggage Claim Area. These buses connect to various points in and around the city to and from the airport.

Bus trips are often the cheapest way to travel around any city in the United States although the amenities are limited. Buses depart and arrive nearly all the time, allowing you to choose the schedule that suits you. While several bus lines are adding up WiFi access to passengers, power outlets and additional space or legroom, these features are not yet available to some of their other buses. Expect the basic amenities such as reclining seats, headrests and foot rests. For long trips, it’s best to pack your own snacks and beverages, and bring some reading materials or handheld devices with plenty of extra batteries and stuff to keep you entertained for the duration of the trip. But if you are new to the place, sight-seeing will surely keep you glued to your seat will enjoying what the city can offer.

Getting around the metropolitan area of Atlanta can be easily done through public transport. Some bus services include Prince Motor Coach for Charter Buses, Atlanta Charter Bus, Bus Charter US Coachways, and several other bus companies. Before going on a trip, it would be best to check on your options first so you get the most out of your vacation or business trip.

Of course taking Atlanta Hartsfield buses is just part of your options. There are several other ways on how you can go about the metro. Ground transport include renting your own car or limo, taxis, and by train.

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