Ace Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

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Ace Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Car hire is very popular in the US, particularly in major airports that caters to thousands of passengers on a daily basis. This is preferred by passengers because it does not require them to share a ride with a stranger or pay large fees for their taxicab ride. They just get the car keys of their chosen reserved vehicles and they are ready to go and explore their place of destination. The only problem with this is getting around the city, since they are new to it, but with the recent GPS technology and additional features offered by car rental companies like Ace Car Rentals, then none of these will pose as a problem. Just tell them what you need and all of your other ground transportation worries will be resolved by the company.

Just last year, the ACE Rent A Car received the highest numerical score from JD Power and Associates. Among all the car rentals operating in major airports all over the US, ace garnered the highest numerical rating based on Rental Car Satisfaction Study using the responses of 12,567 renters and 11 companies. For them, Ace is the best in providing business and leisure ground transportation to travelers, including the vacationers and the businesspersons. JD Power is a prestigious survey analyst company that takes pride with its credibility. It will never give recognition to any institution based on whim, and the efficiency and excellent service given by Ace to all of its customers for the past decades has earned it the number one spot in the hearts of many renters.

Why would Ace be given this kind of ranking? It is simple! The company is offering low cost, great cars, and excellent customer service. These three aspects are kept maintained by the company so its passengers cannot help but automatically go through their services whenever they need car hires for their trip and tours. The vehicles offered by Ace to its customer are specialty models created no older than two years. This means, you will always have the latest car designs in their portfolio. You are given cheap rates for these vehicles but your fashion statement will never be compromised. You will never feel ashamed to travel the streets using the cheapest cars they have on the list, because it wills still emit a certain radiance to anyone driving it. It has class, style, and angst that any renter will certainly love to have.

Included in the list of vehicles popularly requested by passengers are the Toyota Corolla, VW Jetta, Suzuki SX4, Suzuki Kizashi, Toyota Sienna, Toyota RAV4, and the Toyota Camry. However, you need to be 25 years old or older in order for ACE to accept your reservation request. You will also need a valid driver’s license and a major credit card that is listed under your name for the reservation and car rent process to be completed. You will need to present both of these identification cards during pick-up; otherwise, the vehicle will not be released to you. This is part of the security measure of the company and they hope passengers will be very understanding concerning this standard operating procedure. If in any case your flight will experience any delays, Ace will hold on to your reservation for a maximum of two hours; but extended delay on your flight schedule will prompt the company to release it to others who are also interested to gain the convenience of driving their own car during their stay in Dallas. If you wish the company to still hold on to your reservation, then it is best for you to make an effort to give them a call so they will learn of your situation.

Ace is strict with the implementation of service hours their vehicles will be providing assistance. It is best you adhere to the scheduled hours allocated to you and your group and return it without any delay to avoid additional fees charged on your credit card. You should clarify this term with them to prevent unwanted misunderstandings in the future. So if you are set to take the vehicle at nine in the morning and for you to return it at six in the evening, be sure to return the vehicle either at the airport or the designated drop-off area before six pm so you can properly checkout the vehicle. Moreover, if the vehicle will be rented under your name but you will not be the one who will drive it but a young driver age 21 to 25, then you will need to pay an additional fee of $12.95. Nevertheless, adult drivers will never be required and additional fee including the spouse of the renter.

Renters of Ace Car Rentals at DFW Airport should also remember that they are restricted to bring the vehicle to Texas, Oklahoma, and Northern Louisiana. If they will reach these destinations then they will be charged capped mileage. Local renters are not provided unlimited mileage and the vehicles of the company should never be used as means for towing another vehicle. The only forms of payments accepted are credit cards like Amex, Visa, and Mastercard, which are to be processed and may be charged an estimated total charge including a $200 authorization; debit cards with a $400 deposit together with full coverage insurance and return airline tickets that is applicable for LOCAL renters alone and not for International renters.

Ace has strict rules and regulations in terms of the security of the vehicles that will be given to passengers. This is well explained in their official website, so you can assess the entire cost of your car hire deals. There are not hidden fees because the company believes potential renters should be given the honest rate so they can decide if this is indeed the best choice for them. In any case, many have proven the services of Ace Car Rentals as one of the most efficient and they do not bother with the strictness of its rules and regulation. You may well appreciate the services of Ace Dallas Fort Worth International Airport so go and visit their website to choose the best deal for your trip.