Dallas Tourist Activities

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the US and is perfect for someone with a very busy schedule. Expect your flight departure and arrival to be on time so you will never be late in any important business meeting. Moreover, there are dozens of good places to eat, wonderful places to explore, relaxing adventures to take advantage, and picturesque places to go to near the airport. You do not need to go very far because it has most of the things you wish to visit and explore in the city of Dallas.

Woodall Rodgers Deck Park is between US Highway 75 and Intestate 35E. You will find it very alluring to visit because of its great restaurants, dogpark, discovery garden and playground for children, walking trails, performance pavilion and the beautiful green space it offers. It has planted its first trees is expected to have its grand opening during fall of 2012. You may wish to schedule your trip and tour during this period so you can experience the beauty of nature unfolding before your eyes.

Another place to enjoy is the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. It is a famous bridge connecting downtown Dallas and West Dallas or Oak Cliff. It is visually appealing and has series of twisting cable created by no less than Architect Santiago Calatavra. It is one of the parts of the so-called Trinity River Corridor Project, which aims to help solve the flood problem in the area. It is also set to build recreation areas and business infrastructure in the area. It just had its official opening last March 2 to 4 of 2012.

Trader Joe may just be one of the many grocery stores you will find in Dallas but it is considered a major tourist attraction. People would flock to purchase items from this place because of its extremely low prices. If you wish to buy private label products then you will definitely find it in its midst. You will also be treated with the very first In-N-Out burger restaurant in Texas. People can’t help but enjoy the taste of the foods served by this restaurant, so if you will go and visit Trader’s Joe make sure you enjoy a taste of its famous Double Double Burger It is worth the wait and it certainly worth your time and visit.

If you want other nearby tourist attractions then go and visit American Airlines C. R. Smith Museum. It is located at 4601 Hwy 360 and it will take you back to the history of commercial aviation of American Airlines. You may also wish to see the Amon Carter Museum and have a stunning array of American Art ranging from the very first landscape painter of the era until the 20th century artists. You may also motivate your children and bring them over the Austranaut Training Center where they can use stimulator models used by past Apollo trainers. It will test your senses like not other and will help you decide if this is indeed the occupation of your choice. If your kids are looking or marine adventure then you may take them at the Children’s Aquarium located at Fair Park or the Dallas World Aquarium. You will see the greatest stars of the sea like monkeys, piranhas, stingrays, and penguins in its midst. If your kids wish to see wild animals then you can take them to the Dallas Zoo where they will appreciate an 85 acre of park that features the Wilds of Africa, the Exxon Endangered Tiger Habitat and the Monorail Safari.

Those who are excited to watch live athletic games can do so by going to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, which is an amazing $1.2 billion stadium that hosts the world’s largest HDTV video board. It has an expansive retractable roof and has a seating capacity of 80,000 that can accommodate over 100,000 individuals, not including the 320 luxury suites that it provides. You may also challenge your inquisitiveness and visit the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. See the fossils of animals that lived during ancient times. It is just an hour and 20 minutes away from the airport and is one of the best places to go to before finally leaving Dallas. Drive your own can to hear and you will be overly excited to see a savannah like pastures and hillside where animals are allowed to freely roam around.

Those who have an entire day to spend in the midst of Dallas may find it profitable to consider the Dallas Segway Tours so you can have a fun and unique sightseeing tour of the city. You can also have fun with family and friends by spending the day at the Six Flags Water Park and be delighted with the 26 slides, pools, rides, food, and gift shops nestled in it. You can also appreciate other culture in the midst of Dallas because there are many museums that expose different arts and culture of other nations like the Irving Arts Center, the Kimbell Art Museum, and the International Museum of Cultures.

There are so many places waiting to be discovered in Dallas. It would be more helpful if you have a friend who can assist you during your trip. In any case, you can always ask the cab driver to bring you specific places in Dallas. They are most likely to know where these popular places are and you can readily enjoy your stay in the city. It would be better if you will search places you wish to explore before you arrive at Dallas so you can better plan your itinerary and your expenses. Choose the places that are unique to Dallas and your family will enjoy. Never consider it because of the fancy of others. Remember that you are the one spending the money and you are to enjoy your stay in this city. Even the busiest person should have time to relax and this is an excellent opportunity for you to do just that.