Trains to and from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport ground transportation is indeed making it all the more convenient for businesspersons and travelers. It is not surprising if in the future, many will consider it as the perfect airport the world has to imitate and look up to.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport trains, one of the forms of ground transportation at DFW Airport, are fast and convenient ways of traveling around the airport and in places along Dallas. Although there may be advantages and disadvantages of this ground transportation, it is best to familiarize yourself with your many options upon arrival at the airport. One of which is the Skylink Speed Train. This serves as the transport connector between flights at the DFW International Airport. It is responsible for connecting all the five terminals of the airport and has an average ride time of just less than five minutes. The two stations located at the terminal are free of charge and is one of the most loved features of the airport. Those who will arrive at the airport and wish to use the Skylink may do so because there are certain drop-off and pick-up areas that are located at the bag claim areas of the terminals. If you wish to check the route map of the train, then you may go ahead and see it at the DFW International Airport’s official website.

Outside DFW International Airport, you will find Trinity Railway Express. It is a scheduled rail service that provides convenient train transportation to passengers from Monday to Saturday. They are free to board the train at many train locations including the Metroplex at Union Station, ITC and T&P, South Irving, Hurst/Bell, Richland Hills, Medical/Market Center, and South Irving. The single-trip ticket of travel to the east station of the CentrePort/DFW Airport Station will cost only $3.50 and the same amount will be applied if you wish to reach the West Station of CentrePort/DFW Airport Station.

Passengers arriving at the airport and wish to take the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) Airport Service may board the Remote South Buses located at the northwest end of the station platform. If you do not see, any then patiently wait for the arrival of another since they arrive every 15 minutes. Once you arrive at the Remote South, you can easily connect to several buses that will lead you to either terminals A, B, C, D, and E.

The TRE serves passengers six days a week and is on break during Sundays including certain holidays like New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day, and Memorial Day. Those who wish to save more on their trip expense are given the option to purchase Day Pass Ticket worth $7.00 for the 1 Zone TRE, $10.00 for the Regional 2 zones, $1.50 for the reduced local + 1 Zone, and $2.00 for the reduced regional tickets. If they intend to stay for a week at Dallas, then they may find it more convenient to purchase a 7-Day Pass Ticket for the 1 Zone TRE for $35.00, Regional ticket for $50.00, the Reduced Local + 1 Zone at $7.50 and the Reduced Regional ticket for $9.00. Those who will stay longer at the city or those who will work permanently in this area and will prefer riding the train towards various places may purchase a one-month day pass. The 1 Zone TRE will cost $100.00, the regional will cost $120.00, the reduced local + 1 Zone is $25.00, and the reduced regional is $32.00. However, it has to be noted that those who are residents of within Tarrant County are the individuals given validity to purchase the reduced Local +1 Zone tickets. It is a valid only between the T&P Station and the CentrePort Station. Always carry a valid ticket with you before boarding the train because anyone who boards the train without a valid ticket will need to pay $75.00 administrative fee, unless you wish to go to the court and appeal your case. Nevertheless, there are certain instances wherein the vending machines at the terminals may not be working so you will be given leeway by the administration.

There are many places where you can buy these train tickets. In Fort Worth you can purchase the Day and Monthly Passes at the T Customer Service Center located at 1000 Jones St. It is right at the intersection of ninth at Downtown Fort Worth. However, monthly passes can be purchased in area stores like Fiesta Mart, Minyard Food Stores, Sack n’ Save and Carnival Food Stores. Those who reside in Dallas may also purchase their tickets at Fiesta, Hunt’s Grocery, Albertson, Malone’s Cost Plus, Minyard, Carnival & Sack’n Save Food Stores, Super Mercado Danals, and Jerry’s Supermarket. Those who wish to inquire about reduced fare for children between the ages of 5 to 14 must show proof of identification, while high school students must show a valid school ID with Photo that was issued by the transit agency. Individuals age 65 and above or disabled needs similar ID from the transit agency or an official ID from Medicare card for them to receive the discounted ticket rates.

Through this features of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Trains, many passengers are enjoying their stay at the airport even more. These kinds of transportations are especially enjoyed by executives of single travelers who are looking for a cheap yet great way to enjoy Dallas. The cheap ticket rates will certainly bring smiles to anyone and knowing this is all the amount you need to explore most of the major areas of the city is enough to bring delight to anyone. The Airport and Train Administration is thinking of other measures wherein passengers will benefit more. It still wishes to improve its excellent services and is thinking of other measures that will speed up and increase efficiency of their services. Passengers should always look forward for this renovations and innovations. If they experience any irregularity that they believe should be resolved then they are always at liberty to course their grievances to the airport. Any helpful suggestions and comments are also highly appreciated by the administration.

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