Buses to and from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW)

Dallas Area Rapid Transit, also known as DART, is one of the main forms of public transportation at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. It is composed of 55 rail stations and 13 bus transit centers and it operates from five in the morning until 12 midnight. The Train offers it services every 5 to 10 minutes while the bus schedule vary depending on the neighborhood. Nevertheless, DART utilized certain tools that could make your ground travel very much comfortable and on schedule through the DART Trip Planner or Google Transit.

DART Buses has over 120 routes. It is very easy and convenient to ride these buses as long as you remember the major steps you should do before getting on board this public form of transportation. The first thing you need to consider is your itinerary. Plan where you intend to go upon arrival at the DFW Airport. What is the first place you wish to visit? This is important so you would be aware of the appropriate bus route to take. If you wish, you can easily use the DART Trip Planner so you can see the route taken by different buses. In this manner, you can customize your schedule and plan the activities you intend to pursue during this stay. If you need any further assistance then you may contact DART and inquire more about your concerns through 214 979 1111. Customer service representatives from DART will gladly accept your call and assist you with your concerns. Inform them of the places you wish to visit and they will tell you the time you need to be at the bus station so you can visit these places. They will even inform you of any transfer that has to be made together with the expenses of this trip. If you wish to purchase any tickets for the ride then might inform you of the convenient locations where you can purchase these tickets. Those who will make early trip plans to Dallas may even request for a customized trip plan from them, which will be mailed to you. You can also pick-up the schedules and the maps at DART Transit Centers, the Chamber of Commerce, and the City Hall or at the local public library.

Now that you have the map and the schedule ready, you may then go to the bus stop a few minutes before the arrival of the bus. Make sure you double-check the route number and the name posted on the bus before boarding it. You will see this displayed at the driver’s windshield and if you are still unsure about the bus ride, you are taking then be bold enough to ask the bus driver about it. Do not fear because these drivers are very amiable and friendly to passengers, especially to tourists who wish to find assistance for their trip and tours in Dallas. If you have confirmed the route number, prepare your DART Pass, your cash and any acceptable fees so you can ride the bus. The base fare for most of these buses is $1.75, but for those with a Day Pass Voucher then you may simply present this to the bus operator for validation. The next time you use the voucher, you can simply swipe it through the fare box. However, you should be reminded that the Day Pass Vouchers would only be valid until 3 am on the following day. Those who do not have the DART Pass may deposit their fare at the fare box. It accepts $1 bill and coins, but if they will make transfers or second bus rail route then they need to pay a second fare. Therefore, it is highly recommended that passengers purchase for themselves a Day Pass because it will certainly reduce their bus cost expenses.

Wait for the passengers to alight the bus before boarding to avoid traffic. Sit anywhere you wish but give the front door areas to the elders and the handicapped. You are free to carry any baby strollers, carts, and other small items during the trip as long as you guarantee it will not block the aisle and cause inconvenience to any other passenger. If you see that you are nearing your destination, press one of the yellow plastic strip that are located near the windows of most buses or the red button located at the passenger seats a block before the bus stop. This will signal the operator that you intend to alight at the next bus stop so it will park the bus accordingly. Exit through the rear doors which the operator will open or if you see a button to open it then you may press it yourself.

Those who wish to experience some of the best activities in Dallas can inquire with the DART Travel Agent so they can do the travel planning for you. They can make combination of bus, train or both for your vacation itinerary. You can inform them of the type of activity you wish to prioritize and they will do the selection for you. Choose from the many art and cultural centers, the movie theaters, the museums, the Fair Park and the Entertainment Districts of Dallas. There are even sports venues, shopping, music and theater, and outdoor destinations and trails for your satisfaction. Tell them all of these and they will present to you the most probable travel tour that the DART system can accommodate. If you wish a list of hotels near the rail line and convention centers to reserve, they can also do the search for you so you can have an easier travel-planning task.

It is very convenient to travel the city riding the Dallas Fort Worth International Buses. It is also very affordable. However, you should be keen with the schedule because if you come later then you need to wait for the next bus to arrive. This may be a problem for those who urgently need to arrive at specific destinations. In those cases, you may wish to take other ground transportation like a taxicab.