New York La Guardia Live Flight Arrivals

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est. Status
Montreal (YUL) Endeavor Air 9E5471expand_more(2) 12:54 12:52 En-Route
Montreal (YUL) Delta Air Lines DL5471 12:54 12:52 En-Route
Montreal (YUL) WestJet WS6442 12:54 12:52 En-Route
Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN742 12:55 12:53 En-Route
Milwaukee (MKE) Endeavor Air 9E5134expand_more(2) 12:57 12:50 En-Route
Milwaukee (MKE) Delta Air Lines DL5134 12:57 12:50 En-Route
Milwaukee (MKE) WestJet WS7595 12:57 12:50 En-Route
Columbus (CMH) Republic Airlines YX6012expand_more(2) 12:59 12:29 En-Route
Columbus (CMH) Delta Air Lines DL6012 12:59 12:29 En-Route
Columbus (CMH) WestJet WS6568 12:59 12:29 En-Route
West Palm Beach (PBI) JetBlue Airways B6362 12:59 12:55 En-Route
Greensboro (GSO) Endeavor Air 9E4881expand_more(2) 13:00 13:20 En-Route
Greensboro (GSO) Delta Air Lines DL4881 13:00 13:20 En-Route
Greensboro (GSO) WestJet WS6917 13:00 13:20 En-Route
Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA2669expand_more(2) 13:00 13:00 En-Route
Miami (MIA) British Airways BA1916 13:00 13:00 En-Route
Miami (MIA) LAN Airlines LA6639 13:00 13:00 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Delta Air Lines DL1964expand_more(1) 13:03 12:43 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) WestJet WS7481 13:03 12:43 En-Route
St Louis (STL) Endeavor Air 9E5212expand_more(2) 13:08 13:01 En-Route
St Louis (STL) Delta Air Lines DL5212 13:08 13:01 En-Route
St Louis (STL) WestJet WS7870 13:08 13:01 En-Route
Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN2319 13:10 12:40 En-Route
Cleveland (CLE) Endeavor Air 9E5241expand_more(2) 13:10 12:53 En-Route
Cleveland (CLE) Delta Air Lines DL5241 13:10 12:53 En-Route
Cleveland (CLE) WestJet WS6736 13:10 12:53 En-Route
Bangor (BGR) Endeavor Air 9E5352expand_more(2) 13:14 13:20 Departed Late
Bangor (BGR) Delta Air Lines DL5352 13:14 13:20 Departed Late
Bangor (BGR) WestJet WS6679 13:14 13:20 Departed Late
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC710 13:14 13:56 Departed Late
Chicago (ORD) SkyWest Airlines OO5964expand_more(2) 13:16 13:03 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Air New Zealand NZ2539 13:16 13:03 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA5964 13:16 13:03 En-Route
Minneapolis (MSP) Republic Airlines YX4570expand_more(1) 13:19 12:57 En-Route
Minneapolis (MSP) American Airlines AA4570 13:19 12:57 En-Route
Pittsburgh (PIT) Republic Airlines YX6137expand_more(2) 13:19 12:50 En-Route
Pittsburgh (PIT) Delta Air Lines DL6137 13:19 12:50 En-Route
Pittsburgh (PIT) WestJet WS7585 13:19 12:50 En-Route
Washington (DCA) Republic Airlines YX5929expand_more(2) 13:20 En-Route
Washington (DCA) Delta Air Lines DL5929 13:20 En-Route
Washington (DCA) WestJet WS7721 13:20 En-Route
Boston (BOS) Republic Airlines YX5956expand_more(2) 13:22 13:12 En-Route
Boston (BOS) Delta Air Lines DL5956 13:22 13:12 En-Route
Boston (BOS) WestJet WS6537 13:22 13:12 En-Route
Boston (BOS) American Airlines AA2136 13:23 13:09 En-Route
Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN2282 13:25 13:20 En-Route
Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA347 13:28 13:28 En-Route
Raleigh (RDU) American Airlines AA1656 13:29 13:42 Departed Late
Memphis (MEM) Envoy Air MQ3905expand_more(1) 13:30 13:26 En-Route
Memphis (MEM) American Airlines AA3905 13:30 13:26 En-Route
Kentucky (CVG) Endeavor Air 9E5140expand_more(2) 13:34 13:16 En-Route
Kentucky (CVG) Delta Air Lines DL5140 13:34 13:16 En-Route
Kentucky (CVG) WestJet WS6821 13:34 13:16 En-Route
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2418expand_more(2) 13:35 13:21 En-Route
Atlanta (ATL) Korean Air KE3545 13:35 13:21 En-Route
Atlanta (ATL) WestJet WS6499 13:35 13:21 En-Route
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1056 13:35 13:36 En-Route
Indianapolis (IND) Republic Airlines YX5881expand_more(2) 13:35 13:09 En-Route
Indianapolis (IND) Delta Air Lines DL5881 13:35 13:09 En-Route
Indianapolis (IND) WestJet WS6964 13:35 13:09 En-Route
Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1796 13:36 13:37 En-Route
Charleston (CHS) Republic Airlines YX4379expand_more(1) 13:40 13:40 En-Route
Charleston (CHS) American Airlines AA4379 13:40 13:40 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA527expand_more(3) 13:40 13:31 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Alaska Airlines AS6042 13:40 13:31 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) British Airways BA6623 13:40 13:31 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Japan Airlines JL7658 13:40 13:31 En-Route
Portland (PWM) Endeavor Air 9E4886expand_more(3) 13:45 13:28 En-Route
Portland (PWM) Delta Air Lines DL4886 13:45 13:28 En-Route
Portland (PWM) KLM KL7849 13:45 13:28 En-Route
Portland (PWM) WestJet WS6745 13:45 13:28 En-Route
Rochester (ROC) Republic Airlines YX6053expand_more(1) 13:48 Scheduled
Rochester (ROC) Delta Air Lines DL6053 13:48 Scheduled
Burlington (BTV) Endeavor Air 9E4778expand_more(1) 13:49 Delayed
Burlington (BTV) Delta Air Lines DL4778 13:49 Delayed
Charleston (CHS) Endeavor Air 9E5102expand_more(2) 13:49 13:49 En-Route
Charleston (CHS) Delta Air Lines DL5102 13:49 13:49 En-Route
Charleston (CHS) WestJet WS6653 13:49 13:49 En-Route
Jacksonville (JAX) Endeavor Air 9E4835expand_more(2) 13:49 13:30 En-Route
Jacksonville (JAX) Delta Air Lines DL4835 13:49 13:30 En-Route
Jacksonville (JAX) WestJet WS6659 13:49 13:30 En-Route
Richmond (RIC) SkyWest Airlines OO4071expand_more(2) 13:49 Delayed
Richmond (RIC) Delta Air Lines DL4071 13:49 Delayed
Richmond (RIC) WestJet WS7634 13:49 Delayed
Pittsburgh (PIT) PSA Airlines OH5163expand_more(1) 13:52 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) American Airlines AA5163 13:52 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA1639 13:53 13:41 En-Route
Norfolk (ORF) Endeavor Air 9E4918expand_more(2) 13:59 Scheduled
Norfolk (ORF) Delta Air Lines DL4918 13:59 Scheduled
Norfolk (ORF) WestJet WS7946 13:59 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) Endeavor Air 9E4783expand_more(2) 13:59 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) Delta Air Lines DL4783 13:59 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) WestJet WS7599 13:59 Scheduled
Dayton (DAY) PSA Airlines OH5480expand_more(1) 14:00 14:00 En-Route
Dayton (DAY) American Airlines AA5480 14:00 14:00 En-Route
Orlando (MCO) JetBlue Airways B6398 14:00 13:49 En-Route
Louisville (SDF) Endeavor Air 9E5036expand_more(2) 14:05 Delayed
Louisville (SDF) Delta Air Lines DL5036 14:05 Delayed
Louisville (SDF) WestJet WS6793 14:05 Delayed
Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS1206expand_more(1) 14:06 Delayed
Toronto (YYZ) Delta Air Lines DL7150 14:06 Delayed
Charlotte (CLT) Endeavor Air 9E5425expand_more(2) 14:09 13:37 En-Route
Charlotte (CLT) Delta Air Lines DL5425 14:09 13:37 En-Route
Charlotte (CLT) WestJet WS6583 14:09 13:37 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA659expand_more(1) 14:09 13:54 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Air New Zealand NZ2527 14:09 13:54 En-Route
Washington (IAD) Mesa Airlines YV6055expand_more(2) 14:13 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) All Nippon Airways NH7554 14:13 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) United Airlines UA6055 14:13 Scheduled
Milwaukee (MKE) Endeavor Air 9E4753expand_more(2) 14:14 13:59 En-Route
Milwaukee (MKE) Delta Air Lines DL4753 14:14 13:59 En-Route
Milwaukee (MKE) WestJet WS6699 14:14 13:59 En-Route
Dallas (DFW) Delta Air Lines DL1928expand_more(1) 14:15 14:05 En-Route
Dallas (DFW) WestJet WS6385 14:15 14:05 En-Route
Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA2154 14:16 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) Republic Airlines YX4708expand_more(1) 14:19 14:12 En-Route
Nashville (BNA) American Airlines AA4708 14:19 14:12 En-Route
Nashville (BNA) Endeavor Air 9E5391expand_more(2) 14:20 14:04 En-Route
Nashville (BNA) Delta Air Lines DL5391 14:20 14:04 En-Route
Nashville (BNA) WestJet WS6686 14:20 14:04 En-Route
Louisville (SDF) Republic Airlines YX4568expand_more(1) 14:20 14:20 En-Route
Louisville (SDF) American Airlines AA4568 14:20 14:20 En-Route
Boston (BOS) American Airlines AA2162 14:23 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Delta Air Lines DL2268expand_more(1) 14:25 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) WestJet WS6539 14:25 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) Delta Air Lines DL1433expand_more(1) 14:25 14:26 En-Route
Miami (MIA) WestJet WS7799 14:25 14:26 En-Route
Houston (IAH) Delta Air Lines DL2118expand_more(1) 14:26 14:24 En-Route
Houston (IAH) WestJet WS6639 14:26 14:24 En-Route
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Spirit Airlines NK180 14:29 Departed Late
Charlottesville (CHO) Envoy Air MQ3493expand_more(1) 14:30 Scheduled
Charlottesville (CHO) American Airlines AA3493 14:30 Scheduled
Columbus (CMH) American Airlines AA771 14:30 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA1920expand_more(1) 14:30 14:43 En-Route
Houston (IAH) Air New Zealand NZ6674 14:30 14:43 En-Route
Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA1530expand_more(1) 14:30 14:28 En-Route
Miami (MIA) British Airways BA1709 14:30 14:28 En-Route
Tampa (TPA) Delta Air Lines DL2280expand_more(1) 14:30 14:40 Departed Late
Tampa (TPA) WestJet WS6817 14:30 14:40 Departed Late
Birmingham (BHM) Republic Airlines YX5927expand_more(2) 14:37 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHM) Delta Air Lines DL5927 14:37 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHM) WestJet WS6367 14:37 Scheduled
Grand Rapids (GRR) Endeavor Air 9E5441expand_more(1) 14:37 Scheduled
Grand Rapids (GRR) Delta Air Lines DL5441 14:37 Scheduled
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) JetBlue Airways B61572 14:38 14:27 En-Route
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL3026expand_more(1) 14:40 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) WestJet WS6503 14:40 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Endeavor Air 9E5467expand_more(2) 14:40 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Delta Air Lines DL5467 14:40 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) WestJet WS6440 14:40 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1608 14:41 14:32 En-Route
Orlando (MCO) Delta Air Lines DL925expand_more(1) 14:41 14:34 En-Route
Orlando (MCO) WestJet WS6675 14:41 14:34 En-Route
Knoxville (TYS) Endeavor Air 9E4776expand_more(2) 14:45 Scheduled
Knoxville (TYS) Delta Air Lines DL4776 14:45 Scheduled
Knoxville (TYS) WestJet WS7898 14:45 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC712expand_more(1) 14:49 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) United Airlines UA8406 14:49 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN2420 14:50 Delayed
New Orleans (MSY) Southwest Airlines WN393 14:55 14:55 En-Route
Omaha (OMA) SkyWest Airlines OO3768expand_more(2) 14:56 14:38 Departed Late
Omaha (OMA) Delta Air Lines DL3768 14:56 14:38 Departed Late
Omaha (OMA) WestJet WS6997 14:56 14:38 Departed Late
West Palm Beach (PBI) Delta Air Lines DL2358expand_more(1) 14:57 14:53 En-Route
West Palm Beach (PBI) WestJet WS6727 14:57 14:53 En-Route
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Delta Air Lines DL2912expand_more(1) 14:58 14:52 En-Route
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) WestJet WS6625 14:58 14:52 En-Route
Cleveland (CLE) Envoy Air MQ3562expand_more(1) 15:00 Scheduled
Cleveland (CLE) American Airlines AA3562 15:00 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA1862 15:00 Scheduled
Columbia (CAE) Endeavor Air 9E5018expand_more(2) 15:02 Scheduled
Columbia (CAE) Delta Air Lines DL5018 15:02 Scheduled
Columbia (CAE) WestJet WS6563 15:02 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA2391 15:04 14:57 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Delta Air Lines DL3088expand_more(2) 15:04 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Korean Air KE6775 15:04 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) WestJet WS7482 15:04 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Sky Regional Airlines RS7636expand_more(2) 15:06 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC7636 15:06 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) United Airlines UA8184 15:06 Scheduled
Greenville (GSP) Endeavor Air 9E4827expand_more(2) 15:11 Scheduled
Greenville (GSP) Delta Air Lines DL4827 15:11 Scheduled
Greenville (GSP) WestJet WS6410 15:11 Scheduled
Greensboro (GSO) Endeavor Air 9E5383expand_more(2) 15:13 Scheduled
Greensboro (GSO) Delta Air Lines DL5383 15:13 Scheduled
Greensboro (GSO) WestJet WS6416 15:13 Scheduled
Madison (MSN) Republic Airlines YX6044expand_more(1) 15:15 Scheduled
Madison (MSN) Delta Air Lines DL6044 15:15 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) ExpressJet EV4061expand_more(1) 15:15 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA4061 15:15 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Republic Airlines YX4498expand_more(2) 15:20 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) American Airlines AA4498 15:20 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) LATAM Airlines Ecuador XL6238 15:20 Scheduled
Fort Myers (RSW) Republic Airlines YX6143expand_more(2) 15:20 Scheduled
Fort Myers (RSW) Delta Air Lines DL6143 15:20 Scheduled
Fort Myers (RSW) WestJet WS7667 15:20 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) American Airlines AA2118 15:23 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Envoy Air MQ3386expand_more(2) 15:24 Delayed
Toronto (YYZ) American Airlines AA3386 15:24 Delayed
Toronto (YYZ) British Airways BA4762 15:24 Delayed
Boston (BOS) Republic Airlines YX6065expand_more(2) 15:25 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Delta Air Lines DL6065 15:25 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) WestJet WS6559 15:25 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA1556expand_more(1) 15:28 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) British Airways BA6880 15:28 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1187 15:29 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) Republic Airlines YX4319expand_more(1) 15:30 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA4319 15:30 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) Endeavor Air 9E5066expand_more(3) 15:34 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) Delta Air Lines DL5066 15:34 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) KLM KL8075 15:34 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) WestJet WS7564 15:34 Scheduled
New Orleans (MSY) Delta Air Lines DL2724expand_more(1) 15:36 Scheduled
New Orleans (MSY) WestJet WS7455 15:36 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA358expand_more(2) 15:36 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Alaska Airlines AS6446 15:36 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) British Airways BA6615 15:36 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1586expand_more(2) 15:38 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Aeromexico AM4562 15:38 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) WestJet WS6513 15:38 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) Endeavor Air 9E5008expand_more(2) 15:39 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) Delta Air Lines DL5008 15:39 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) WestJet WS6611 15:39 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) JetBlue Airways B61231 15:40 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL2231expand_more(4) 15:44 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Aeromexico AM3733 15:44 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) China Southern Airlines CZ1084 15:44 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Korean Air KE3444 15:44 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Virgin Australia VA6600 15:44 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) SkyWest Airlines OO5364expand_more(2) 15:44 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Air New Zealand NZ2529 15:44 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA5364 15:44 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) Endeavor Air 9E4909expand_more(2) 15:45 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) Delta Air Lines DL4909 15:45 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) WestJet WS7366 15:45 Scheduled
Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN3819 15:45 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) Republic Airlines YX6070expand_more(2) 15:48 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) Delta Air Lines DL6070 15:48 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) WestJet WS8041 15:48 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) Republic Airlines YX4416expand_more(1) 15:49 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) American Airlines AA4416 15:49 Scheduled
Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN2848 15:50 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) Republic Airlines YX6096expand_more(2) 15:56 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) Delta Air Lines DL6096 15:56 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) WestJet WS6567 15:56 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) Republic Airlines YX5969expand_more(2) 15:57 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) Delta Air Lines DL5969 15:57 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) WestJet WS7886 15:57 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Spirit Airlines NK347 15:59 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC714expand_more(1) 15:59 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) United Airlines UA8422 15:59 Scheduled
Cleveland (CLE) ExpressJet EV4308expand_more(1) 16:00 Scheduled
Cleveland (CLE) United Airlines UA4308 16:00 Scheduled
Roanoke (ROA) Envoy Air MQ3546expand_more(1) 16:00 Scheduled
Roanoke (ROA) American Airlines AA3546 16:00 Scheduled
Knoxville (TYS) Republic Airlines YX4362expand_more(1) 16:00 Scheduled
Knoxville (TYS) American Airlines AA4362 16:00 Scheduled
Charlottesville (CHO) Endeavor Air 9E4791expand_more(2) 16:03 Scheduled
Charlottesville (CHO) Delta Air Lines DL4791 16:03 Scheduled
Charlottesville (CHO) WestJet WS6565 16:03 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Delta Air Lines DL585expand_more(1) 16:04 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) WestJet WS7468 16:04 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA682expand_more(1) 16:09 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Air New Zealand NZ2531 16:09 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS1208expand_more(1) 16:10 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Delta Air Lines DL7140 16:10 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN174 16:15 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) American Airlines AA1836 16:15 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) Republic Airlines YX4683expand_more(1) 16:16 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA4683 16:16 Scheduled
Cleveland (CLE) Endeavor Air 9E5356expand_more(2) 16:19 Scheduled
Cleveland (CLE) Delta Air Lines DL5356 16:19 Scheduled
Cleveland (CLE) WestJet WS6741 16:19 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN2131 16:20 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) American Airlines AA2131 16:24 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA2068 16:24 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Republic Airlines YX6063expand_more(4) 16:27 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Air France AF9021 16:27 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Delta Air Lines DL6063 16:27 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS3277 16:27 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) WestJet WS7567 16:27 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA1457expand_more(1) 16:28 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) British Airways BA4970 16:28 Scheduled
Bangor (BGR) Envoy Air MQ4023expand_more(1) 16:29 Scheduled
Bangor (BGR) American Airlines AA4023 16:29 Scheduled
Buffalo (BUF) Republic Airlines YX6021expand_more(1) 16:29 Scheduled
Buffalo (BUF) Delta Air Lines DL6021 16:29 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) Republic Airlines YX4322expand_more(1) 16:30 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA4322 16:30 Scheduled
Memphis (MEM) Endeavor Air 9E5303expand_more(2) 16:30 Scheduled
Memphis (MEM) Delta Air Lines DL5303 16:30 Scheduled
Memphis (MEM) WestJet WS7377 16:30 Scheduled
Norfolk (ORF) Endeavor Air 9E4769expand_more(2) 16:30 Scheduled
Norfolk (ORF) Delta Air Lines DL4769 16:30 Scheduled
Norfolk (ORF) WestJet WS6721 16:30 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Delta Air Lines DL505expand_more(1) 16:33 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) WestJet WS6414 16:33 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Envoy Air MQ3350expand_more(2) 16:35 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) American Airlines AA3350 16:35 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) British Airways BA5599 16:35 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1784 16:36 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA2179expand_more(1) 16:37 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Air New Zealand NZ6673 16:37 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2629expand_more(2) 16:38 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Aeromexico AM5648 16:38 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) WestJet WS6505 16:38 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA2302expand_more(2) 16:38 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Alaska Airlines AS6469 16:38 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) British Airways BA6635 16:38 Scheduled
West Palm Beach (PBI) JetBlue Airways B662 16:40 Scheduled
Richmond (RIC) Endeavor Air 9E5464expand_more(2) 16:45 Scheduled
Richmond (RIC) Delta Air Lines DL5464 16:45 Scheduled
Richmond (RIC) WestJet WS7637 16:45 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN384 16:50 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC716expand_more(1) 16:54 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) United Airlines UA8230 16:54 Scheduled
Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN656 16:55 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) Endeavor Air 9E5263expand_more(2) 16:55 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) Delta Air Lines DL5263 16:55 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) WestJet WS6761 16:55 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) SkyWest Airlines OO3830expand_more(2) 16:59 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) Delta Air Lines DL3830 16:59 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) WestJet WS7559 16:59 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Sky Regional Airlines RS7638expand_more(2) 16:59 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC7638 16:59 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) United Airlines UA8186 16:59 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA2214 17:00 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1164 17:00 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Republic Airlines YX4699expand_more(1) 17:00 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) American Airlines AA4699 17:00 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Delta Air Lines DL1489expand_more(1) 17:00 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) WestJet WS7729 17:00 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) Frontier Airlines F91110 17:09 Scheduled
Indianapolis (IND) Republic Airlines YX6009expand_more(2) 17:13 Scheduled
Indianapolis (IND) Delta Air Lines DL6009 17:13 Scheduled
Indianapolis (IND) WestJet WS6647 17:13 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA509expand_more(1) 17:14 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Air New Zealand NZ2537 17:14 Scheduled
Milwaukee (MKE) Endeavor Air 9E5124expand_more(2) 17:19 Scheduled
Milwaukee (MKE) Delta Air Lines DL5124 17:19 Scheduled
Milwaukee (MKE) WestJet WS6697 17:19 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Delta Air Lines DL1965 17:20 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) Southwest Airlines WN1953 17:20 Scheduled
Louisville (SDF) Envoy Air MQ3659expand_more(1) 17:20 Scheduled
Louisville (SDF) American Airlines AA3659 17:20 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Republic Airlines YX6134expand_more(4) 17:24 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Alitalia AZ4282 17:24 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Delta Air Lines DL6134 17:24 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS3240 17:24 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) WestJet WS6698 17:24 Scheduled
Dayton (DAY) PSA Airlines OH5450expand_more(1) 17:24 Scheduled
Dayton (DAY) American Airlines AA5450 17:24 Scheduled
Richmond (RIC) Envoy Air MQ3818expand_more(1) 17:24 Scheduled
Richmond (RIC) American Airlines AA3818 17:24 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) Endeavor Air 9E5231expand_more(2) 17:25 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) Delta Air Lines DL5231 17:25 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) WestJet WS8019 17:25 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) American Airlines AA2146 17:27 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) Republic Airlines YX5955expand_more(2) 17:29 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) Delta Air Lines DL5955 17:29 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) WestJet WS7909 17:29 Scheduled
Rochester (ROC) Endeavor Air 9E4858expand_more(1) 17:29 Scheduled
Rochester (ROC) Delta Air Lines DL4858 17:29 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) Republic Airlines YX4329expand_more(1) 17:30 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA4329 17:30 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA619 17:33 Scheduled
Sarasota (SRQ) Republic Airlines YX6025expand_more(2) 17:33 Scheduled
Sarasota (SRQ) Delta Air Lines DL6025 17:33 Scheduled
Sarasota (SRQ) WestJet WS7866 17:33 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Delta Air Lines DL636expand_more(1) 17:36 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) WestJet WS6643 17:36 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA380expand_more(2) 17:37 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Alaska Airlines AS4757 17:37 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) British Airways BA6611 17:37 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2568expand_more(3) 17:40 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Aeromexico AM5236 17:40 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) KLM KL5744 17:40 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) WestJet WS7601 17:40 Scheduled
Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN2238 17:40 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL959expand_more(5) 17:42 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Aeromexico AM3088 17:42 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Air France AF3526 17:42 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) KLM KL5540 17:42 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS2739 17:42 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Virgin Australia VA6433 17:42 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) Republic Airlines YX4652expand_more(1) 17:43 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) American Airlines AA4652 17:43 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) American Airlines AA1376expand_more(1) 17:44 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) LATAM Airlines Ecuador XL6236 17:44 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN2568 17:45 Scheduled
Columbus (CMH) Republic Airlines YX4510expand_more(1) 17:45 Scheduled
Columbus (CMH) American Airlines AA4510 17:45 Scheduled
Des Moines (DSM) SkyWest Airlines OO3956expand_more(1) 17:45 Scheduled
Des Moines (DSM) Delta Air Lines DL3956 17:45 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) Endeavor Air 9E5363expand_more(2) 17:49 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) Delta Air Lines DL5363 17:49 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) WestJet WS6593 17:49 Scheduled
Ottawa (YOW) Endeavor Air 9E5476expand_more(2) 17:49 Scheduled
Ottawa (YOW) Delta Air Lines DL5476 17:49 Scheduled
Ottawa (YOW) WestJet WS6993 17:49 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) Delta Air Lines DL1455expand_more(1) 17:53 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) WestJet WS7593 17:53 Scheduled
Tampa (TPA) Spirit Airlines NK922 17:57 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Delta Air Lines DL1214expand_more(1) 17:59 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) WestJet WS7895 17:59 Scheduled
Tampa (TPA) Delta Air Lines DL1875expand_more(1) 17:59 Scheduled
Tampa (TPA) WestJet WS6813 17:59 Scheduled
Norfolk (ORF) PSA Airlines OH5622expand_more(1) 18:00 Scheduled
Norfolk (ORF) American Airlines AA5622 18:00 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC718expand_more(1) 18:04 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) United Airlines UA8232 18:04 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA1722expand_more(2) 18:05 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) LATAM Airlines Ecuador XL6233 18:05 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) Malaysia Airlines MH9513 18:05 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) Endeavor Air 9E4766expand_more(2) 18:11 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) Delta Air Lines DL4766 18:11 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) WestJet WS6665 18:11 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS1210expand_more(1) 18:11 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Delta Air Lines DL7142 18:11 Scheduled
Louisville (SDF) Republic Airlines YX5957expand_more(2) 18:13 Scheduled
Louisville (SDF) Delta Air Lines DL5957 18:13 Scheduled
Louisville (SDF) WestJet WS6795 18:13 Scheduled
Columbus (CMH) Republic Airlines YX5954expand_more(2) 18:14 Scheduled
Columbus (CMH) Delta Air Lines DL5954 18:14 Scheduled
Columbus (CMH) WestJet WS6597 18:14 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA2406expand_more(1) 18:14 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Air New Zealand NZ2543 18:14 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA1192 18:14 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Delta Air Lines DL1799expand_more(2) 18:17 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Aeromexico AM3484 18:17 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) WestJet WS7707 18:17 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) Republic Airlines YX4576expand_more(1) 18:17 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) American Airlines AA4576 18:17 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) Endeavor Air 9E4763expand_more(3) 18:19 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) Air France AF8501 18:19 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) Delta Air Lines DL4763 18:19 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) WestJet WS7581 18:19 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA2145 18:19 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) Endeavor Air 9E5093expand_more(2) 18:19 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) Delta Air Lines DL5093 18:19 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) WestJet WS8206 18:19 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) Delta Air Lines DL2181expand_more(1) 18:23 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) WestJet WS6673 18:23 Scheduled
Cleveland (CLE) ExpressJet EV4106expand_more(1) 18:26 Scheduled
Cleveland (CLE) United Airlines UA4106 18:26 Scheduled

LaGuardia Airport is located approximately eight miles from Midtown Manhattan, and is one of the three busy airports found in New York City. LGA is it’s official IATA code, and it was previously known as the Glenn H. Curtiss Airport, the North Beach Airport and the New York City Municipal Airport – LaGuardia Field. Today the airport handles over 23 million passengers per annum, and is one of the best gateways to this famous area of the United States. Arriving passengers have access to a great variety of facilities, and to various ground transportation options as well. The airport is welcoming, and quite easy to navigate.

The airport can be reached directly by air from many cities in the United States of America. One of the main airline companies that fly to the airport is Delta Air Lines. Their flights are available from Atlanta, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Denver, Detroit, Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Orlando, New Orleans and Nassau. There are also many flights available by Delta Connection (operated by companies such as Comair, Compass Airlines, ExpressJet, GoJet Airlines, Shuttle America and Pinnacle Airlines) from Boston, Chicago, Portland, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Nashville, Houston, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and many other areas. Flights by Delta Air Lines will arrive at Terminal D, which is also referred to as the Delta Air Lines Terminal. This building has been specifically designed for Delta’s Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 aircrafts.

Along with Delta, another main airline company of the airport is American Airlines, arriving from cities such as Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami and St. Louis. Passengers of this airline company will arrive at Terminal B, which is the Central Terminal Building, and the largest area for passenger facilities at the airport. It consists of four concourses (A, B, C and D). It is six blocks long with a four-story central area and two three-story wings. Concourse D is used by American Airlines, Concourse A is used by JetBlue Airways, Air Canada, United Airlines and United Express and Concourse B is used by Air Tran Airways, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines. Flights by American Eagle will arrive at Concourse C, which is also the arrival point of the many airline companies that make use of Concourses A and B. The Central Terminal Building has many shops and restaurants, Wi-Fi connections for $4.95 per hour and currency exchange services by Travelex. Welcome centres are also available in all terminals.

Terminal A, or the Marine Air Terminal, is home to Delta Shuttle, and Terminal C is also referred to as the US Airways Terminal, and is used mainly by US Airways, hence it name. US Airways offers flights from Charlotte, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. WestJet is present at Terminal C as well, with flights from the Toronto-Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada. Flights coming from eight airports in Canada are treated as domestic flights, as these airports have US border preclearance facilities. The airports include Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and Halifax. Terminal C covers a total surface area of 28,000 square metres, and was opened in September of 1992.

Passengers on LaGuardia arrival flights who are connecting to another flight may need to transfer to a different terminal. There are shuttle buses that run between the terminals, or the walkways can be used. The buses are free of charge and available approximately every ten to fifteen minutes from the lower levels of the airport buildings. They are referred to as Route A and Route B.

In New York City, LaGuardia Airport is located alongside Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay, in the northern part of the borough of Queens. The other main boroughs of the city are Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. The airport is also nearby to the neighbourhoods of Whitestone, Astoria, Flushing and Jackson Heights. Just west of New York City is Jersey City and Newark, and Long Island stretches out to the east of the airport. The road out from the airport is the Grand Central Parkway, which connects to other main Interstates of the city, such as the I-278. Arriving passengers who are in need of transport can rent a car from one of the LaGuardia Airport car hire companies. They include Avis, Hertz, Budget, National, Enterprise, Dollar and Auto Europa. There are shuttles available from the terminals for transport to the rental companies’ pickup/drop off locations.

Driving in the busy city centre of New York City is not recommended for tourists, however, there are many other wonderful areas that are ideally explored in a privately hired vehicle. Magnificent coastal areas await along the north and south shores of Long Island, and further north, motorists can head for New Rochelle, Greenwich and Stamford. Along the Interstate 95, Philadelphia can easily be reached from New York. All parts of New York City are also well connected by the extensive subway system, which is one of the largest and oldest in the world. Although there is no train station at the airport, several public buses offer transport to the nearby subway stations. Arriving passengers can arrange to travel by private shuttles as well, shared-ride services or by hotel shuttle, should they be staying at one of the nearby places of accommodation. Taxis are also a convenient way to reach any part of the city, and are available from outside of each terminal building.

Live LaGuardia arrivals flights can be viewed online, or the airport can be contacted for further information. Arriving passengers can go to the Welcome Centres for information regarding tourism, transport and accommodation in New York City.