Low Cost New York La Guardia Airport Parking

LaGuardia Airport is located in the American State of New Jersey, and is one of the New York City airports which also include the JFK International Airport and the Newark Liberty International Airport. LaGuardia is the smallest of this airport system (which is the second-busiest for passenger traffic in the world) but still makes an excellent contribution of almost 25 million passengers per annum. The airport is known by its official IATA code of LGA. LaGuardia parking is provided for passengers who are arriving in their own vehicles. There are various parking facilities from which to choose, and each have their own parking rates.

This airport of New York City is found on the waterfronts of Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay, and in the borough of Queens. The airport is accessed by the Grand Central Parkway, which is linked to main roads coming from Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island, which are other boroughs in the city of New York. The airport is found nearby the neighbourhoods of Astoria, Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst. Passengers can travel to the airport by taxis from any area of the city, or by public buses from several of the subway stations nearby the airport. Private shuttle services are also available from many companies. However, it is often more convenient to drive and park your own vehicle at the airport. There are parking areas that are convenient for short and long term airport stays, and various other services that make airport parking more convenient, for example, E-ZPass Plus payment options.

Motorists who do not wish to park at the airport, but who need to drop-off departing passengers may do so outside of the airport terminals, however, these areas may only be used for a few minutes and vehicles may not be left unattended. Vehicles may stop only to offload passengers and their luggage items. There are four terminals at the airport, referred to as Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal), Terminal B (Central Terminal Building), Terminal C (US Airways Terminal) and Terminal D (Delta Air Lines Terminal). The majority of the airport’s domestic flights depart from the Central Terminal Building. In front of the terminals as well, arriving passengers may be collected provided that they are already waiting at curb-side. Vehicles may not park and wait for arriving passengers in front of the terminal entrances. Metered parking is available at Terminal A that will cost $2.00 for every twenty minutes. Vehicles may use these spaces for no longer than two hours.

Parking Lots

There are seven parking lots at LaGuardia Airport, each with numerous parking spaces. In general, motorists will not have trouble finding an empty space for their vehicle. All parking areas are considered as safe and secure, and their rates include tax. They provide easy access to the terminals, and payments can be made by debit/credit cards or in cash. The Daily Parking Garage 2, as well as Parking Lots 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are all priced the same. They will cost $3.00 for the first half an hour of parking, $6.00 for an hour of parking and $33.00 is the daily maximum amount charged. After an hour of parking the rates are $3.00 each additional half hour or part thereof.

Parking Lot 3 is the airport’s long-term, economy car park that provides slightly lower rates for airport customers. The first two days of parking here will cost $33.00 each, and therefore, for each eight hour period or part thereof, $6.00 will be charged. The economy car park is slightly further from the terminal buildings, and is therefore served by free shuttle buses. The Route B buses serve all the terminals except for the Marine Air Terminal, and the parking lots. Terminal A can be reached from all other terminals by the Route A bus. Route B buses run from 06:00am to 02:00am, every day of the week and every fifteen to twenty minutes. The Route A buses are available from 04:00am to 11:30pm, seven days a week and at the same frequency. All shuttles at the airport are accessible to passengers with disabilities, and are able to carry luggage items.

LaGuardia is adapted for the needs of passengers with mobility challenges. There are special parking spaces available, which are reserved solely for persons with disabilities, suitable restroom facilities and clear walkways. Assistance can be requested from the passenger’s airline company as well, or from staff members of the airport. The reserved parking spaces are nearby the terminal entrances, and may only be used by persons with official disabled license plates.

Parking spaces can be reserved in the P2 Parking Garage and in Lot 4. A $5.00 reservation cost will be applicable that must be paid online with a major credit card or debit card. The spaces that may be reserved are conveniently located adjacent to terminals B, C and D.

Payment for parking can be made at the Express Pay machine when you are ready to leave. Simply insert your ticket and make the payment. There is a thirty minute grace period once the payment is made to exit the parking area. Motorists who have registered for E-ZPass Plus at the E-ZPass Plus website may also use this account to pay for their airport parking. When exiting the parking area, use one of the lanes marked with the purple E-ZPass signs and insert your ticket into the reader at the cashier booth. If the parking fee due is less than $20.00 it will be taken off your E-ZPass account balance. If it is more, the amount will be charged to the credit card used with your E-ZPass account. In addition to the above services, there are five EV charging stations available in the Parking Lot P2 and on the ground level at Terminal B.

For all further LaGuardia parking enquiries, call the parking operator at (718) 533-3850.