Low Cost Seattle Airport Parking

Seattle Tacoma International Airport is an important establishment in the Washington state of North America. It handles approximately 32 million passengers per annum, and is a major hub for the airline companies of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. Other important airline companies at the airport include Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines. The airport is known by its code of SEA, and as the Sea-Tac Airport, due to its location. Seattle Tacoma International Airport parking is provided for motorists in a large parking garage. The rates charged for using the area are considered as reasonable, and the location of the garage is convenient for terminal access.

Seattle’s airport is located in the area of SeaTac, and to the south of the city. It is to the north of Tacoma, and also nearby to the areas of Bellevue, Renton, Shorewood, Kent and Kirkland. The airport serves the two cities of Seattle and Tacoma, their surrounding areas and other towns and cities in western Washington. It is also conveniently located nearby to the Interstate 5, which provides access from areas north and south of the airport, and other large roads of importance nearby include the State Route 518, State Route 509 and State Route 99, or the International Boulevard. Passengers can therefore easily drive their own vehicles to the airport, and will also find plenty of parking options available. The main parking garage is close by to the Central Terminal building, from where the departure gates can be accessed in four concourses (A, B, C and D). There are also two satellite terminals at the airport, which are located further from the Central Terminal. The facilities here are reached by an automated people mover train.

Short-term Parking

Motorists are permitted to drop off departing passengers on the roadway that leads past the terminal, however, this area is not used for parking and vehicles may only stop here for a minute or two at most. Traffic is quite heavy at the airport, therefore vehicles left unattended in front of the terminal could cause a serious blockade. A vehicle abandoned by the terminal is also considered as a serious safety hazard, and will be towed at the owner’s expense. The towing fee is $150.00, and a further parking ticket will be added for $20.00.

Similarly, motorists may stop to collect arriving passengers at curb-side, but only if their friend/family member is already waiting. Persons who are collecting passengers, but who do not need to enter the terminal, can make use of the airport’s cell phone car park. Motorists may park here for thirty minutes free of charge, and can simply drive to the terminal when the passenger is ready to be collected. The Cell Phone Lot’s address is 16601 Air Cargo Road, and can be reached from either the Southbound Airport Expressway or from Southbound International Boulevard. From the expressway, take the Air Cargo Road/Cell Phone Lot exit, turn right into 170th and then right again onto Air Cargo Road. From International Boulevard, turn right into 170th and then right onto Air Cargo Road. The Cell Phone Lot is well signposted, and lies on the motorist’s left hand side. From the Cell Phone Lot, follow the signs that read ‘To Terminal’ by turning right out of the car park and left onto Air Cargo Road. Then follow the signs to Arrivals.

Terminal Direct Parking is available on the fourth floor of the parking garage. This area is most convenient for short-term stays, but can also be used for any length of time. Skybridges provide quick and easy access to the main terminal and the check-in areas. Motorists may park in this area for $4.00 per hour or $35.00 per day.

Long-term Parking

The third, fifth and eighth floors of the parking garage provide parking spaces that are quite reasonable in price for longer term stays, but can also be used for short-term parking. The rates charged are $3.00 per hour with a maximum of $28.00 per day. Passengers who are leaving their vehicles on any of these floors can also pay just $130.00 per week. This special weekly rate is applicable for those staying longer than five days but not longer than seven days. There will also be no extra fees or taxes added to this amount. A further seven days of parking will also cost just $130.00, but an extra day or two will cost the usual rates. Passengers will automatically be eligible for the special weekly rate if their time at the airport corresponds. Parking on these three floors is referred to as General Parking.

On the fifth floor of the parking garage there are six spaces that provide free electric vehicle charging. They are found in spaces G30 to G35, and the General Parking rates will apply. Motorcycles may use the vehicle spaces to park, on any level of the garage, but will pay the same rates as mentioned above. Vehicles may be left at Seattle Tacoma Airport for up to thirty days without prior arrangements. Longer parking periods will need to be organised with the airport’s Public Parking Office at (206) 787-5308.

Overheight and Accessible Parking

The parking garage of the airport can only take vehicles with a height of up to 6´10", and therefore ‘higher’ vehicles will need to park elsewhere. The Overheight car park can be accessed from Highway 99 and from International Boulevard. From the State Route 518, follow the relevant signs from the left exit off the Airport Expressway. The car park has over sixty parking spaces, and is within walking distance of the Central Terminal.

Disabled passengers may park in any of the designated spaces within the Terminal Direct or General Parking areas. Suitable spaces can be found on the fifth floor of General Parking. Keep in mind that only vehicles that properly display valid disabled permit identification may use the spaces provided. The Overheight Car Park is accessible for disabled travellers as well, or the Doug Fox offsite car park can be used, as they operate shuttles that are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Passengers who require assistance from the parking lots to the terminal should call the company of Huntleigh in advance of their arrival. Their contact number is (206) 433-5287.

Motorists will pay for airport parking by credit card or debit card at one of the Pay-on-Foot machines. Cash payments should be given to the cashiers at the exit plaza. Upon arriving at the car park, motorists may also insert their credit card into the ticket machines. The credit card used will then serve as the parking ticket, and will be used again on the way out for payment. Seattle Tacoma International Airport offers a frequent traveller parking program as well, that provides unlimited access to the fourth floor of the parking garage, and a Premier Corporate Parking program that is available to select companies. Further parking details are available from the airport at the following contact number (206) 787-5388.