Seattle Airport Taxis (SEA)

Seattle Tacoma International Airport is found between the two cities of Seattle and Tacoma, and in the state of Washington. It is an American airport handling around 32 million passengers every year, and is therefore regarded as the sixteenth busiest airport in the country. It is also known as the Sea-Tac Airport, and by the IATA code of SEA. Although buses and trains are available for ground transport, many passengers make use of the Seattle Tacoma International Airport taxis, as they are a quick way to travel to any nearby area. Taxis are more expensive, but they are often considered as a more convenient form of transport.

This large airport in Washington has several buildings for its passenger operations, and is a hub for the airline companies of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. There is a Central Terminal that branches out to four concourses (A, B, C and D), as well as two satellite terminals, known as the North and South Terminals. Passengers will arrive at the concourse or Terminal that is used by their airline company, however, all international arrivals are handled at the South Terminal, besides those from airports with U.S. preclearance facilities. International passengers will also collect their luggage from baggage carousel #1. Once all formalities have been completed, and passengers are ready to leave the airport, they can choose to travel by bus, train or taxi. The light rail trains go to downtown Seattle, public and private buses travel to many areas in and around the cities nearby and airport taxis are convenient for short distance travelling.

Taxis are found on the third floor of the parking garage, nearby to the terminal’s baggage claim areas. The Ground Transportation Booth of the airport is also located in this area, and is a useful source of information on all forms of transport available. Taxis are available twenty-four hours of the day, seven days a week, and therefore do not require an advanced reservation. However, should travellers wish to call in advance, they may do so. It can be reassuring to know that a taxi has been scheduled, especially if landing at the airport during early morning hours. A disabled traveller may also like to reserve a taxi if a special vehicle is required for his/her transport.

Yellow Cab is the official Seattle Tacoma International Airport taxi company, and has an exclusive taxi contract with the Port of Seattle to operate at the airport. Yellow Cab is known to be the Northwest’s largest taxi company, operating a fleet of around 380 vehicles. They serve King County and the surrounding communities, which include the area of SeaTac, where the airport is located. Yellow Cab is also considered as a fast and reliable taxi company, offering transport services every day of the year, twenty-four hours a day. Their vehicles are clean, comfortable, smoke-free and equipped with a satellite global tracking system so that customers receive their car as quickly as possible. In addition, all taxi drivers that collect airport passengers are required to be credentialed. In other words, each driver will have passed a health test, drug screening process and criminal background check, and will have completed training in regards to customer service and mapping.

Taxis of Seattle and the Seattle Tacoma International Airport operate on a metered system, which means that the customer is charged according to the distance they travel. The taximeter rates are the same for all taxi companies operating in the cities, but their levels of service may vary. $2.50 is charged per mile travelled, and the Metre Drop charge is $2.50 as well. An additional $0.50 is charged per minute for waiting time and $0.50 is charged per passenger if there are more than two in the vehicle, however, this charge is not applicable to minors. Persons who often use taxis in Seattle may find it more convenient to use the service of Yellow Taxi Scrip, which are prepaid taxi fare coupon books. Each book will cost $10.00, and they can be bought from Yellow Cab’s offices (open from 08:00am to 04:00pm). Scrip books can also be mailed to a customer, providing that the total purchase is $100.00 or more.

All taxicabs are required to use the set rate of $32.00 when travelling from the Downtown Seattle Hotel District to the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. This charge is only applicable for trips that are direct. Any with stops will be charged the usual metered rates. This rate is also only convenient for departing passengers, as there is no set rate in effect when travelling from Seattle Tacoma Airport. In addition to the above rates mentioned, passengers may also be charged $1.00 or more per trip for gas. This amount may only be collected by the driver if it is clearly marked on the dashboard of the vehicle.

It is recommended for passengers to discuss the charges for their trip by taxi with the taxi driver before leaving the airport, or to find out more about taxi fares from the Ground Transportation Booth. Yellow Cab can also be contacted at (206) 622-6500, and their website is found at

Passengers who require a more stylish form of transport can arrange a limousine to or from the airport. The official limousine company for Seattle Tacoma Airport is STILA, and they offer town cars, SUVs and stretch limos. Passengers will be collected from either the baggage claim curb-side or from the third floor of the parking garage. To arrange a limousine or town car at the airport passengers can use the touch screen of the Travelers’ Information Boards in the baggage claim area or the curb-side phones. The Ground Transportation Booth can also arrange a vehicle. The company of STILA can be contacted at (206) 930-1966.