Buses to and from Salt Lake City Airport (SLC)

Salt Lake City International Airport serves a catchment area of over 2.5 million people, and is one of the largest airports in the United States of America. It is located quite nearby the downtown area of Salt Lake City in Utah, and is known by its airport code of SLC. The airport is rated as the 26th busiest for passenger traffic in North America, with around 620 daily departures, mainly to other US cities, but also to a number of international destinations. A popular way to travel to and from the airport is by the Salt Lake City International Airport buses, which are operated by both public and private companies. Buses are one of the cheapest forms of ground transportation at airports in the United States.

Passengers will arrive at one of two terminals at the SLC airport. Terminal 1 is served by the majority of the airport carriers, which include American Airlines, American Eagle and United Airlines, while Terminal 2 is mainly served by Delta Air Lines and SkyWest Airlines. There are five concourses in total, of which Concourse D holds the facilities for international arrivals and departures. Once ready to leave the airport, passengers have a choice of travel options. There are taxis available, as well as public and private buses and shuttle services. Courtesy hotel shuttles could be an option as well. Ground transportation services are found outside of the baggage reclaim areas, and within easy walking distance of all airport facilities. Although some forms of transport are more private, the buses are often chosen for their low prices and convenience.

Utah Transit Authority Buses

Utah Transit Authority is the public transport company of Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, and provides buses that serve the airport. These buses are the cheapest form of transport from the airport, and are frequently available, as a UTA bus leaves the airport every half an hour during the busier daytime hours. After 07:00pm there is a bus available every hour. These are the times to follow on weekdays, while over weekends the buses may not be so frequently available. Holiday hours may also vary. A bus ticket for a one-way trip can be purchased for $2.35 per person. Other types of tickets can also be purchased, such as day passes for $5.75 and monthly passes for $78.50.

The public buses of the airport travel to the city centre, to various convenient locations, and in the alternative direction as well, therefore, passengers on departure flights can easily reach the airport. Once in the city, there are many other conventional bus routes available, as well as MAX Bus Rapid Transit routes. The rapid transit buses operate on dedicated bus lanes or other transit-ways, and are therefore able to travel at greater speeds. These buses cost the same as the usual buses. Further transport options include Express Buses, FLEX Routes (route-deviated buses), Ski Buses, Paratransit Buses, the TRAX light rail system and FrontRunner, which is a commuter railway line. The Ski Buses are seasonal, and the Paratransit Buses are only available for qualified riders (persons who are unable to use the conventional buses). Further information is available at http://www.rideuta.com. The company can also be called at (801)287-4636.

Private shuttle and bus services at Salt Lake City International Airport

A number of shuttles are available to and from Salt Lake City International Airport, many of which provide transport to the Greyhound and Amtrak stations of the city. A passenger is recommended to make an advanced reservation for transport on a private shuttle. Details for Greyhound can be found at http://www.greyhound.com. They are one of the oldest and largest of intercity bus transportation companies, offering over 3,800 destinations and 13,000 daily departures across North America. Greyhound is used by nearby 25 million travellers every year, and is considered as very safe and reliable transport company.

The shuttles with airport counter services include Alta Shuttle, All Resort Express, Canyon Transportation, Express Shuttle, Park City Transportation and Xpress 4 Less. Alta Shuttle has thirty years of experience in the transport industry, and have a fleet of fifteen vehicles. They are a family-owned business that is capable of handling the high demand of the peak season, but also a company that is small enough to still provide a personalized service. Private vehicles can be booked from Alta Shuttle, or a shared-ride service can be arranged, whereby several passengers are transported together. Carseats for young children are provided by the company as well, if they are requested in advance. Further details for Alta Shuttle can be found at http://www.altashuttle.com.

All Resort Express provides a very professional service, ideal for individual travellers or groups of travellers. Upon arriving at the airport, simply proceed to the All Resort Express counters where staff will tell you where to find your shuttle. The counters of All Resort Express are found near baggage carousel #4 in Terminal 1 and across from baggage carousel #8 in Terminal 2. Information is available at http://www.allresort.com, or at the toll-free number of 877-658-3999. Canyon Transportation is another good option to travel to many areas, and bookings for their services can be made at http://www.canyontransport.com.

One of the largest companies that provide airport shuttle services is Express Shuttle, with over forty vehicles in their fleet. A scheduled shared-ride service is available, and private vehicle services can be arranged twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Express Shuttle has a space at the ‘Ground Transportation Desk’ in the baggage claim areas of the terminals, or information is available at http://www.expressshuttleutah.com. Transport options are also available from Park City Transportation (http://www.parkcitytransportation.com) and from Xpress 4 Less (http://www.xpress4lessut.com).

Passengers can also arrange a courtesy car from their hotel, if this service is offered by the place of accommodation. There are direct-line hotel phone banks at the far end of the baggage claim areas of the two terminal buildings. Information regarding the Salt Lake City International Airport buses could be available from the airport as well, at the contact number of (801) 575-2400.