Low Cost Salt Lake City Airport Parking

Salt Lake City International Airport, recognised by its code of SLC, is a major public airport in the state of Utah, and is nearby the downtown area of Salt Lake City. It is rated as the 24th busiest airport in the world for aircraft movements and as the 21st busiest airport in the United States of America for passenger traffic. The airport has many facilities for its passengers, as well as plenty of ground transportation options. It will even be linked to the city’s light rail system in the near future. There are several Salt Lake City International Airport parking areas as well, all convenient for passengers arriving in their own vehicles. The airport’s parking rates are also considered to be reasonable.

The airport of Salt Lake City International is located just northwest of the main city area, and just off the Interstate 80. The Interstate 80 is linked to the Interstate 15, which is the main road that runs through the city and continues in a northerly and southerly direction to areas such as Provo and Layton. There are two terminal buildings that house the passenger facilities, and they consist of a total of five concourses – two in Terminal 1 and three in Terminal 2. Each terminal is used by several airline companies for domestic flights, but a few gates in Concourse D are dedicated to international flights. Once at the airport, passengers have a choice of several parking lots. They can park within walking distance of the terminals at the Hourly/Daily Garage, or at the Economy Lot, which is linked by shuttles to the terminal buildings. Signposts direct the way to all the parking areas.

Picking up or dropping off passengers at Salt Lake City International Airport

As is the case at most airports in the world, motorists may drop off their passengers along the roadway in front of the terminal buildings at Salt Lake City Airport. Vehicles may only stop in this area for a minute or two whilst passengers exit the vehicle and collect their luggage items. The driver should remain inside the vehicle. If a longer farewell is required the vehicle should be parked at the Hourly/Daily Garage. Any vehicle left unattended in front of the terminal may be towed for security reasons at the expense of the owner.

A similar scenario is applicable for the collection of arriving passengers. Since that vehicles are not allowed to park and wait in front of the terminals, the arriving passengers should already be waiting at curb-side. The airport also offers a convenient Park & Wait lot, where motorists can wait in their vehicles until their passengers are ready to be collected. This area is free of charge, and located to the south of Terminal 1 (to the right as one enters the airport grounds). The Park & Wait lot is much more convenient than circulating the terminals, and is equipped with large electronic flight information signs that indicate which flights are arriving. The signs allow time for baggage collection and then will display the message ‘ready for pickup’. It is best, however, to have your passenger call you via cell phone when they are ready.

The Salt Lake City International Airport Hourly/Daily Parking Garage

This is an undercover parking garage located directly southwest of the terminal buildings, and is within easy walking distance of all airport facilities. It has a large number of parking spaces available, and special areas dedicated to passengers with disabilities can be found on all three levels of the building. The first thirty minutes of parking here will cost $2.00 and each additional twenty minutes of parking will cost $1.00. The daily maximum paid for the Hourly/Daily Garage is $28.00.

The Economy Parking Lot at Salt Lake City International Airport

The Economy Lot is ideal for longer stays at the airport, as it is much cheaper than the Hourly/Daily Garage. However, it is further from the terminal buildings, and therefore a shuttle bus will be required for transport. Although the area is not within walking distance of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, the shuttles provide little inconvenience, as they are frequently available and free of charge. They are able to carry all luggage items and may be equipped with a wheelchair lift to assist passengers in wheelchairs. Nearby the shuttle stops there are parking spaces reserved for drivers with disabilities. Parking in the Economy Lot is available for $9.00 per day.

At both parking lots, vehicles are parked at their owner’s risk, and the airport cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, theft or fire. Vehicles should also not be parked for longer than thirty days without special arrangements. Vehicles parked for longer than thirty days may be relocated at the owner’s expense. The parking rates are subject to change without notice, but will be posted at the entrances of the parking areas. These will be the rates that are applicable for payment.

Motorists may pay for parking at one of the automated machines in cash or by credit card, or they could use E-Park, which is an electronic, ticketless parking system. Motorists who use E-Park will insert their credit card into the machine at the entrance of the parking area, and when its time to exit, insert their card again, at which time their account will be charged for the parking payment due. The same credit card must be used at the entrance and exit gates. Those accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There are also special exit lanes dedicated to E-Park users.

Further details regarding Salt Lake City International Airport parking is available at the following telephone number: (801) 575-2887. The airport’s main contact number is (801) 575-2400.