Getting to Kansas City Airport

Kansas City International Airport, with the IATA code of MCI, is an American airport nearby the centre of Kansas City. It has a number of terminal buildings that are all well equipped for the needs of their arriving and departing passengers, and is served by several airline companies, of which Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines hold the majority of traffic. Every year, the airport sees over ten million passengers. Kansas City International Airport directions are quite simple to follow, and a few main roads lead towards the airport from various locations. The drive to the airport from the city should take no longer than twenty minutes under usual traffic conditions.

Kansas City and its airport is located in the American state of Missouri, which is to the south of Illinois and Iowa, to the east of Kansas and to the west of Kentucky. To the south are the states of Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma. One could say that Missouri is just east of central America. Kansas City is found to the far northwest corner of Missouri, west of St. Louis and Columbia, and nearby to the areas of Overland Park, Lawrence, Topeka, Gladstone and St Joseph. The airport is about 15 miles, or 24km northwest of central Kansas City, and particularly nearby to Platte City, the Platte Falls Conservation Area and Covers North, while just west is Leavenworth. Another landmark to the northeast is the Smithville Lake nearby to Smithville.

The airport’s access road is referred to as L P Cookingham Drive, which is just off NW 120th Street and the Interstate 29. The Interstate 43 is another major road in the vicinity of the airport.

Kansas City International Airport direction from the south (and Kansas City)

From downtown Kansas City it is best to make a connection to the Interstate 29, and travel north towards the airport. The Interstate 29 is just off the Interstate 35, which is also connected to the Interstate 70. The turnoffs to the airport are well signposted, and can be followed to the terminal buildings and parking areas of the airport. From areas further south motorists can travel towards Kansas City on the Interstate 35, or on Routes 169, 69 and 71. The Interstate is used from Wichita, and passes Emporia, Ottawa, Gardner, Olathe and Overland Park, however, before Overland Park motorists could also choose to ‘bypass’ the city centre, and travel north on the Interstate 435 to the airport. If passing through the city, make a connection to the Interstate 29, and head for the airport.

Airport directions from the north

The Interstates 29 and 35 are the main roads leading to Kansas City from the north, from areas such as St Joseph, Omaha and Des Moines. If driving south on the Interstate 35, a connection will need to be made to either the Interstate 435 or the Interstate 29 in order to reach the airport. Direct links to the airport are available from the Interstate 29.

Airport directions from the west and east

From Topeka and Lawrence motorists can reach Kansas City on the Interstate 70, and will take the Intestate 435 towards the airport. The Interstate 70 is also the road to follow from areas to the east, such as Columbia.

Once at the airport motorists have several areas in which they can safely leave their vehicles. There are parking garages outside the terminal buildings, and an economy car park a little further from the passenger buildings. Another further and less expensive place to park is the Circle Parking lot. Shuttle buses are available for the transport of passengers between the parking areas and terminal buildings. Where someone parks could depend on with which airline company they are travelling, as there are three terminal buildings, all located a fair distance apart. However, if a transfer is needed, free shuttle buses are available. The Terminals are named A, B and C, and all have their own baggage claim halls, check-in counters, security screening services and airline gates. The terminals also have a wide variety of facilities which include several shops and restaurants, free Wi-Fi connections and banking and currency exchange services.

In Terminal A, popular eateries include Fresh Attractions, Starbucks Coffee and the Home Turf Sports Bar and Grill, while the shops available include CNBC News and Gifts and KC Marketplace News and Gifts. Terminal B has an even greater variety of retail outlets, including the PGA Tour Shop, Plaza News and Books and Babies On The Go, while the KCI Brew Pub and the Budweiser Stadium Club are found in Terminal C. Throughout the airport terminals, there are accessible restroom facilities, and airport volunteers dressed in brick-red blazers are available for any assistance required.

If parking at the airport is inconvenient for whatever reason, departing passengers can catch a public bus from the downtown bus centre, or arrange a private shuttle service from their home or business location. Taxis are another convenient way to reach the airport. Although there are various bus services available, currently there are no direct trains to the airport, as well as no light rail system in Kansas City.

Kansas City International Airport directions in further detail can be viewed online at, or passengers can contact the airport for more information. The general information centre can be reached at 816-243-5237, and parking information is available at 816-243-5870.