Kansas City Airport Taxis (MCI)

Kansas City International Airport is one of the larger of American airports, as it handles around ten million passengers per annum. It is modern and efficient, and regarded as one of the best airports in North America. Even though airport authorities have requested its IATA code to be changed to KCI, it remains as MCI, due to the airport’s former name of Mid-Continent International. The airport has many facilities for its passengers, and several forms of ground transportation, of which very popular are the Kansas City International Airport taxis, as they are quick and convenient. However, taxi rates are always more expensive than fares charged for public bus services.

This American airport has a unique terminal design. There are three buildings in the shape of rings, and no central building. They are therefore decentralized, and located a short distance apart from one another. There are no people mover trains at this airport, but shuttle services are available between the terminals. There used to be a small charge for the shuttles, but a major outcry from passengers forced the airport to ensure they are now free for all to use. These shuttles are red in colour and found outside of each terminal. However, regardless of the terminal of arrival, passengers will have easy access to taxi services, and will not need to transfer to another building. Taxis are found outside of the baggage claim areas of Terminals A, B and C.

Taxis are usually available, and don’t require a reservation, however, there are courtesy telephones inside and outside of the baggage reclaim halls for the convenience of passengers. Simply inform the dispatcher of your exact location and a taxi will be sent for your collection. A dispatcher should also be notified if a special vehicle is required, for the transport of a disabled passenger. Most taxi companies provide a couple of vehicles that are equipped with wheelchair lifts. If assistance is required within the terminal building, passengers should find one of the airport ambassadors, dressed in brick-red blazers. They are friendly and ready to help with any general enquiry.

Over recent years major terminal renovations have been completed, improving the general layout and appearance of airport facilities and also providing further facilities where necessary. Part of the renovations included a personal washing area for taxicab drivers, instead of the previous sinks and floor-level bucket sinks that needed to be used. Taxi drivers now have a more safe and sanitary manner in which to wash up.

Before leaving the airport passengers are recommended to discuss all charges with their taxi driver, and to confirm any extra service fees that may be applicable. The current rates are $2.50 per trip initiated, and $2.10 per mile travelled. All taxis in America operate with a meter, which is device that records the distance of the journey. The fare for the trip is then calculated accordingly. Additional fees, however, could be applicable for luggage loaded and for more than four passengers travelling in the vehicle. At Kansas City International Airport, taxis are also allowed to share their fare between a few passengers, if this is requested by the originating passengers and if the other passengers agree. This is a good way of reducing the costs of travelling by taxi as the central area of the city is 15 miles from the airport.

Taxis of the airport are not permitted to refuse any customer if they request only a short trip. Taxis must drive to the destination that is required, and charge for the trip accordingly. If a short-trip service is refused, customers are recommended to get the name and vehicle number of the cab, and report the concern to the following telephone number: 816-243-5237. Taxi drivers may also not be in the terminal buildings offering their services to passengers. They should wait at the designated area for airport taxis for an invitation by a passenger. Never accept a transport service offered by an individual in the arrival area.

A taxicab can be taken to the airport by anyone in the city as well, and are always considered as a convenient way to reach a departure flight. Simply call for a taxi and you will be collected from your business or home location. The taxi driver will drop you off at the terminal of your departure, within easy walking distance of the check-in area.

If a more elegant form of transport is required to or from the airport, a limousine can be arranged from a number of companies. A few available include #1 Limo Service, Airport Luxury, Classic Limousine & Ground Transportation, Corporate Coach Limousine, Custom Limo, Executive Limousines and Executive Express Limousines. They may provide a variety of vehicles from which to choose, ranging from luxury sedans to stretch limos. Luxury SUVs may be available as well. Limousines are hired at set rates, and do not operate with a meter like conventional taxicabs.

Kansas City International Airport taxis, although usually more expensive than public or private bus services, are used by many passengers, and are a more direct way to reach any area nearby. Contact the taxi company of your choice or the airport for further information.