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Europcar San Francisco Car Hire (SFO)
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Rated 6.3 out of 10

credit_card Price
62 / 100
timer Avg. Wait
18 mins.
directions_car Quality of Vehicle
69 / 100
room_service Desk Service
58 / 100
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51 / 100
beenhere Vehicle Drop Off
75 / 100

Out of Terminal

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Where is the Europcar Car Rental Desk at San Francisco?

Arriving customers must take airtrain to Rental Car Center. Once at Rental Car Center, go to ground floor level. Exit the building, proceed to your left and go to designated off-airport shuttle pickup area. Advantage buses run every 25 minutes. Last shuttle departs Rental Car Center at 11:45pm.


What time is Europcar open at San Francisco?

Day Open Close
Monday 05:00 23:59
Tuesday 05:00 23:59
Wednesday 05:00 23:59
Thursday 05:00 23:59
Friday 05:00 23:59
Saturday 05:00 23:59
Sunday 05:00 23:59

The Europcar Rental Desk at San Francisco is located at:



Tel: 1 650 3433052

Rental Desk Location : Out of Terminal

Take a shuttle to the hire desk/counter to collect your vehicle.

Europcar San Francisco Airport

You will find variety of car for hire companies at the parking lot of San Francisco International Airport. The task to choose which among these will be the most suited choice for you will be quite mess. In any case, many believe that searching for Europcar in these types of places is one of the best guarantees for superb services and economical deals. It has been known to provide the best promotions and highly efficient vehicles that will make your travel experience a breeze.

Europcar is known for its five promises namely: new set of rental cars that have been used for a maximum of six months for your travel experience, inclusive prices and no surprise fees at the desk, 24 hour roadside assistance, 24/7 service in most airports including San Francisco International Airport, and waiting time even for those unexpected flight delays. All five features make it the ideal car rental company for anyone. Learn more about these features and you are sure to be convinced that nothing will beat theses prices offered by Europcar.

Finding the Europcar rental space at SFO will not be a hassle. You may just proceed to the National Counter at 780 McDonnel Road and a huge sign showing the name of Europcar will greet you. Once you arrive at the counter, make sure you present all the documents that will be required so you will not encounter any unpleasant experience. Remember that requests for additional driver on your account means an additional fee of $10.00 per day. He or she may also need to show a valid license and credit card because certain States in the US are quite strict with these types of identification cards.

Young drivers who insist of being granted the permission to drive the vehicles of Europcar will need to pay an underage fee of $25.00 per day. However, it does not mean you are given the liberty to pick any of the cars. The administration has the right to dictate which among these vehicles you can indeed use. Specialty car types will be prohibited and you should not question why this is the case. In certain states like New York City, underage drivers will only be allowed to use the economy until the full size vehicles only. This is one of the security measures used by the company because expensive vehicles are prone to high pay-ups if scratched or if encounters any accident along the road. If you are an under-aged driver then you may not be fully equipped to pay all of the damages that it will bring.

Once you are provided the keys to your chosen vehicle, the company expects that you will treat it with utmost care. You should not be caught driving it under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any type of narcotic substances. You should not harm the reputation of the company by getting caught transacting illegal business with the rental car they have given you. Otherwise, you are granting them the freedom to pursue this matter in case for their name to be cleaned of all of these issues. The vehicles of the company are not to be used to assist another vehicle who needs towing or pushing because the load may be too heavy for the Europcar vehicle. You should be aware of all the highway Codes and road traffic laws of San Francisco because any irregularities will be charged under your name alone and will not harm the name of the company.

During the term of use of the vehicle and you experience any mechanical breakdown, the company recommends that you give them a call rather than act as the expert mechanic. Let them fix it for you so you will not be charged of anything. Once they have evaluated the condition of the vehicle, you will be given the option to replace it with another or wait for the complete repair of the vehicle before it can be use. In any case, you may need to request the repairs orally or in paper before the repair and maintenance of the company acts on it. This rarely happens because they see to it that the vehicles given to the renter is working in perfect condition before they even hand it over. Therefore, it is necessary that renters do check the vehicle before signing documents that proves you have received the vehicle in perfect working condition.

Once the rental period has expired, you are only given a grace period of 30 minutes to return the vehicle to Europcar. You should return it on the agreed location, any other branch will not be considered valid and will instead require you to pay a repatriation costs. If you got the vehicle from SFO then you should return it there to be free from any charges. Always read the information posted on the website or the counter so you will be guided accordingly. If you desire to extend the rental period then you have to give the company a call and inform them of your intentions because you may find yourself with several liabilities if you will fail to inform them about this matter.

Be sure to fill out the necessary details mentioned in the return agreement document before you leave Europcar. Check the mileage and fuel gauge reading to see if you have properly complied with it. In instances wherein you are supposed to return the vehicle but Europcar fails to receive any news from you, the company is given the authority to enter your premises and do anything necessary just to retrieve the vehicle. Any damages that will be incurred because of this unwanted act of repossession will be shouldered by the renter. It is part of the agreement you have signed before getting the car keys of the vehicle and it is something you should be liable of.

As much as possible, do not leave the car keys of the vehicle at the letterbox. As earlier mentioned, you have to sign all appropriate documents that show you have returned the vehicle in perfect condition so you will not suffer from any unwanted fees and penalties from Europcar Rental in San Francisco International Airport.