San Francisco Airport Taxis (SFO)

San Francisco is a popular vacation spot in America. Who would not love it? You have magnificent nightlife and outdoor activities, an array of fabulous restaurants, several amusement parks, wonderfully preserved museums, and cordially inviting people. It has the best that the US has to offer. However, you will be extremely frustrated with the traffic that you have to bear in the streets. This has been one of the complaints of most visitors, and finding the perfect taxicab at San Francisco International Airport is also another feat that has to be given a solution.

Some may wish to find the convenience of a rent a car company for a day, equivalent to $50 without the fuel cost and parking hassle; thus many prefer to search for reliable taxicab companies operating at SFO. To help guide you through this, we have listed some vital information you should learn when choosing that taxicab ride for your needs. At an average, you need to pay the taxicab driver $45 if you traveled from San Francisco Airport to Downtown San Francisco. This does not include the gratuity fee, which is left to your discretion.

There are taxicab lanes at SFO, but if you arrive during the peak-hour then you may need to wait for your taxi to arrive. If you plan to be picked-up at your hotel to SFO, then you may invest a good 30 minutes before the taxicab driver arrives. Speed is no the best trait of these taxicab companies, but they do compensate this by maintaining to be courteous and professional. You may also take the risk and wait on the sidewalks, but this is not a good idea. You will waste valuable time gambling that someone may wish to pick you up for a ride at the airport. Most of the may already been called and is going to a destination to pick-up passengers. It is best to learn the contact details of reliable taxi companies so you can request the same. In this manner, you are liberated from the anxiety and frustration of having to wait long hours at the sidewalk.

San Francisco is called the small big city. It is relatively small in area. It only measures seven miles by seven miles; but because of the massive activity in most of its streets, it is instantly transformed into a big city. This provides both and good news for tourists and visitors. This is advantageous because it offers an array of opportunity; however, you have to endure the inconvenience of getting along the city. Public transportation may be handy but due to congestion and massive build-up of drivers in the street this becomes a problem.

Taxi ride has been the main source of transportation preferred by many, event the locals. It offers convenience at a low cost. Taxi operators are monitored by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). It specifies a taxi rate of $3.10 for the first one fifth of a mile and an additional 45 cents for every one fifth of a mile run by the vehicle. Moreover, a charge of 45 cents will be added for wait times and traffic delays. If you will request to be transported to the airport, then a $2.00 airport surcharge will be included. Any bridge that requires toll payment is shouldered by the passenger. For passengers who will request trip services over 15 miles, the taxi company may charge an additional 50% for the cab fare. Therefore, if your fare comes up to $100, you may need to pay an additional $50.00 to cover for the cab fare; but remember that these do not include the bridge and highway tolls.

One of the good news you may wish to hear with these taxicabs is the fact that they are not allowed to charge any additional fee for your baggage. Taxi drivers cannot refuse to accommodate you wherever you may go, even if it means having to drive just a few distances from the airport. However, if there will be any fare dispute then the taxi cab driver would have to take the passenger to the police station to have the issue resolved. They would most probably look at the taxi rate and further discuss the concern of the passenger.

If you are searching for the best taxi companies to consider during your stay, you may choose the Desoto Cab Company, the Green Cab, the Luxor Cabs, the Town Taxi, or the Yellow Cab. The Desoto Cab Company leads the pack of taxicabs for providing the best services. It is one of the most efficient taxi companies, especially for anyone who wish to go to San Francisco International Airport. It is simply hassle free and is great option even for those who need to request for airport transfers. However, credit cards will only be accepted by drivers for fare above $20.00. The Green Cab maybe a small company with a few cabs at its disposal, but they boast of timely and friendly drivers. If you wish to ride in a clean cab, then the Green Cab is one of the best choices. Luxor Cabs may have its own share of complaints because of rude drivers, but it offers a full fleet of taxis that will cater your needs including vans with wheelchair lifts for handicapped passengers. Just make sure you give them a call in advance to prepare the vehicle that you need.

These are just a few of the taxi companies operating in the San Francisco. If you wish to find the full list then you may visit the website of the City of San Francisco to identify which companies have existing business license. You can easily spot a taxi from afar in this area. You will see them lined up at the airport and even in large hotels, but attempting to find one in a busy street may be an impossible task. You include this in your travel plans, so as not to give you disappointments because of the high ground transportation expense you need to spend. You may wish to choose a hotel that is located near your chosen destination, so you can easily reach it even without taking a cab. In any case, these San Francisco International Airport taxi will always be there waiting to assist you any time of the day.