Low Cost San Francisco Airport Parking

Parking area is one of the main problems of many air travelers. They wish to ride the convenience of their own car upon arrival at the airport, but are unaware on where to park their vehicles. They wish to guarantee that their vehicles will be of good condition even if they leave it for long hours or days without the need to spend a fortune for these services. San Francisco International Airport Parking makes these accommodations very easily reached by passengers. There are many options to choose from that will make your parking trouble worries go to waste.

Long Term Parking rates at SFO airport is ideal for those who will leave for a couple of days, but expect their vehicles to be well guarded. The rate is $15 for a maximum of 24 hours and $2 for those who wish to stay for just 20 minutes. If you will arrive from Highway 280 North or South, then you are advised to take Highway 380 East. From there, you may exit at South Airport Boulevard. Turn right upon reaching the end of the off-ramp then turn another right upon arrival at the first traffic signal into the garage. Those who will arrive from the North may take 101 South and exit at San Bruno Ave. Turn left upon sight of the traffic signal and follow the signs that leads you to the Long Term Parking area at the left of South Airport Boulevard. Those who will arrive from the South may take 101 North and still exit at San Bruno Avenue. Nevertheless, you should turn right at the end of the off-ramp and proceed to the left side of the South Airport Boulevard before finally arriving at the garage. Height restrictions are implemented at the long term parking of San Francisco International Airport. The first floor only allows vehicles with 9’ or 1o8” while the second floor and succeeding floors allow vehicles with 7’ or 84”.

Short-term SFO Parking options are also available. The airport has a domestic parking garage composed of a five level facility located at the center of the airport. It has short and easily accessible tunnels that are perfect for business and leisure passengers who wish to easily leave and depart the airport. It is classified into six main gates but only four working to the advantage of domestic passengers. Terminal 1 Gate B caters to Air Tran Airways, Southwest, US Airways, and Alaska Airlines passengers, while Gate C caters to Delta and Frontier. Gate D caters to Terminal 2 hosting American Airlines and Virgin America, while Gate F caters to Terminal 3 hosting to United and United Express. However, it has to be noted that vehicles that are over 6’6” tall are not allowed to park at the Domestic Garage. Passengers are therefore advised to look for an alternate parking space for their vehicles. The rate charged by the administration is $2 per 20 minutes and $33 for a maximum of 24-hour stay at the parking area.

The other two gates, Gate A and Gate G are reserved for International Parking. These two caters the north side and south side of the airport terminals. It is easily accessed because of the roadways and signs that lead you directly to these garage terminals. All other terminals can then be accessed through these garages making it a convenient passageway of the airport. Garage A for International Parking is used for AeroMexico, Air Berlin, Air Canada, Air China, Alaska Airlines, Asiana, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Delta International, Emirates, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jet Blue, KLM, Korean Air, LACSA, LAN Airlines, Sun Country, TACA, Virgin America (for Mexico Arrivals alone), Philippine Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and WestJet. Garage G caters to Air New Zealand, Air China, ANA, EVA Air, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, and United International. However, vehicles with height over 8’2” will not be allowed to park in its premise. You may look for other parking areas, which allows a different height limit. The rate is pretty much the same at $2 per 20 minutes and a maximum of $24 for 24 hours of parking.

Those who are hoping to find a fast processing parking system will be very happy to learn that SFO Airport has ParkFAST. This dedicated entrance allows passengers to bypass the general Domestic Terminal garage entry for a faster route. It provides the easte of automated entry and exiting without any lines or even cashiers. All you need to is swipe your card and you can go ahead in parking your vehicle. It even allows you to save $2 a day. The rate is the same, which is $2 per 20 minutes and $33 for a maximum of 24 hour parking rate for members and $35 for non-members. It is a great deal regular flight passenger should take advantage because it not only saves you from long parking lines; but it also saves you a few dollars off your parking rate.

Those who wish to be pampered more may request for valet parking services. This is offered in all terminals and airlines. It is located at the upper level of the Domestic Departures roadway, which is opposite Delta Airlines. Once you have informed them of your intent to use this service, all you need to do is pull-up and you may forget about the parking of your vehicle. They will even provide you with free copy of the Wall Street Journal. The rate is at $38 per first 24 hours and $45 for the additional 24 hours. The service is available 24 hours in a day, seven days a week.

Nevertheless, the best thing about San Francisco International Airport Parking is the free cell phone waiting lot for those who are waiting for the arrival of their loved ones, colleagues, or friends. The maximum wait is 60 minutes, but it is closed from 1 am until 5 am. No commercial vehicles are allowed and it strictly follows the first come, first serve principle. Your vehicles will not be attended but there will be flight arrival information kiosk available in the area. Moreover, you will find soft drink and water vending machines available in its midst, to keep you hydrated while waiting for your passenger.