San Francisco Tourist Activities

There is never a boring day in San Francisco. Upon arriving at San Francisco International Airport, you will immediately be greeted by an array of splendid shops, stores, and restaurants that will certainly please your senses. The airport in itself is considered a masterpiece and an elegant tourist destination because of the existing museum and rotation exhibitions displayed in its terminal galleries. You do not need to go any further because the San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library and the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum will give you a treat. Your children will enjoy exploring the place because it allows them to take a ride back in history and see the early model of planes they used. The museum is curated and maintained by the San Francisco Arts Commission, so expect only the finest from these SFO art and history programs.

Another place that is very near the SFO is Chinatown. You may have heard of similar names in other places all over the world, but San Francisco’s Chinatown is significant because it is the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. It is also the quickest way for you to feel and experience the culture of Hong Kong, including its past and present. You will be thrilled to see the authentic market, the inexpensive yet fantastic restaurants, and the imported wares. It is situated at the heart of the city and was established in the year 1800. You will find two main street that will certainly catch your interest, namely Grant and Stockton. Gran is home to variety of shops and restaurants while Stockton holds the San Francisco flavor combined with authentic Chinese food markets where most locals do their shopping.

Another treat worth visiting is the Golden Gate Park. It contains over 1,000 acres of San Francisco’s downtown area and has a range equivalent to 50 city blocks. It is considered as one of the world’s largest man-made havens and is home to the popular California Academy of Sciences, the Victorian greenhouse which is known for being the oldest glass and wood greenhouse in the western hemisphere, and the tranquil Japanese Tea Gardens. It is best to visit this place in the morning or late afternoon, so you may stroll along the park with your family or loved ones. You will certainly enjoy the day in its midst especially if you will have a cup of coffee in one of the surrounding café’s. It will make you feel the ambiance even more.

You may have heard of the Fisherman’s Wharf. That is another tourist attraction you may wish to visit in San Francisco. You will love the food served by its restaurants, so better prepare your tummy for a magnificent treat. You will be entertained by street performers like clowns, mimes, magicians, fire-eaters, and musicians in the morning while the evening entertainment offers live music, comedy clubs, theater, and dancing. It is certainly the perfect party place you would wish to visit while staying in the midst of these exciting city. One of the treats to look forward to in your trip to Fisherman’s Wharf is view of The Rock or Alcatraz. You may not find an opportunity to go and visit the infamous federal prison, but a glimpse of it may be enough to feed your enthusiasm. You may also wish to view Angel Island, one of the very few undeveloped island in the San Francisco Bay and imagine how the entire city may have looked without technology. To complete this nature trip adventure, why not take a ride at one of the three cable cars that stops by the Fisherman’s Wharf to enjoy the scenic view of the place.

If you are in for a shopping spree in San Francisco and are running on a very tight schedule; then you do not need to worry because you can do all your shopping at the Union Square. It is known to be one of the greatest place to meet friends, take a cup of tea or simply go watch the people come and go. It must be thankful of the earthquake that happened in the year 1906 because soon after that the place began the premier shopping district in the world. You will experience the unique shopping culture of San Francisco in the midst of the famed Union Square District and realize for yourself why it is famous for its fashion, dining, and theater experience.

These are just a few of the tourist destinations that you will look forward into visiting when you arrive at San Francisco International Airport. You don’t have to worry about getting lost because these are famous places that will easily be driven by taxicab riders who will gladly assist you. Just make sure you choose taxicabs that are authorized by the government because if not then you may be paying for more than what is necessary. It is better to explore the city of San Francisco from SFO with someone who really knows the places you should visit. Traffic may be bothersome, but if you know other ground transportation that will still take you your intended destination then it isn’t something to worry about. Remember that you are free to ride the trains for quicker access to popular places in the city and these are easily accessible from the San Francisco International Airport as well.

Every place has a unique trait that they brag off. San Francisco has its own flavor, its own smile, its own culture, its own art, and its own fashion. You can easily enjoy it from SFO, but why be contented with the beauty and elegance of the airport if you can have of these in the city. Plan your itinerary carefully, so you can have the most out of your San Francisco experience. Enjoy your stay and learn of the perfect way to explore the city. Choose accommodations that are near your chosen tourist destinations, so you can save on your travel expense. Sometimes, it is more enjoyable to explore a place if you will walk rather than take a ride on the bus, the cab, or the shuttle. Fulfill your dreams and live the San Francisco lifestyle during your stay.