Getting to San Francisco Airport

If you plan to visit San Francisco City then you would very much appreciate the convenience in ground transportation that San Francisco International airport is offering to its valuable passengers. There are so many choices. If you want to travel in style then you can choose to ride a limousine or rent your very own car. Those who wish to save on their ground transportation expense can choose to ride the bus or the train. While those who travel in a group can very well ride a shuttle or share a taxi. Learn more about these excellent forms of ground transportation in SFO and enjoy your stay in this city.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is composed of trains that will board passengers from San Francisco International Airport to major stops in the city like Powell, Embarcadero, Civic Center, and Montgomery. It offers a passenger’s rate of $8.10 per individual and is one of the fastest ways to travel during heavy traffic. It will only take you around 25 to 30 minutes in comparison to the possible one-hour drive you need to endure on ride a taxicab during rush hour. There may be another way to travel back and forth SFO, like the services offered by SamTrans, but many still prefer the services of BART because it evades the long travel route of Routes 292 and 392, plus the luggage restrictions followed in Route KX.

Those who wish to take advantage of BART may ride the connecting AirBART bus shuttle that will cost you approximately $3.00. The ride will only take 12 minutes, but once you transfer to BART then you will have the fastest ways to travel major sections of San Francisco. If you do not wish to ride AirBART then you may take the AC Transit Route 73. It also services airport transportation at a lower cost of $2.10. The only difference rests on the speed of transportation. AC Transit has more local stops, which makes it longer in comparison to AirBart Express. Those who can afford to enjoy the local stops can very much travel using AC Transit, but for those who are on a tight schedule has the best options by riding AirBART.

Trains and buses will not give you a door-to-door delivery. However, taxicabs will luxuriously give you this treat. You can hire their service and request that they transport you to any point within San Francisco and even in surrounding communities. You are free to bring an extra two passengers with you because taxicab fares are charged by vehicle and not by passenger. For requests of larger space, you may need to find minivan, traditional sedans, and SUV taxis. This will offer you more luggage and more passengers seat but expect its rate to go a bit higher than your typical taxicab.

Taxicabs are dependent upon the travel time and the distance passenger requests the driver to go. However, you are given an idea on how much these will cost you excluding the tip and the possible time you may utilize because of traffic. Those who wish to go to Union Square and Nob Hill may prepare a minimum of $46.00 while those who wish to enjoy the Fisherman’s Wharf experience using Pier 45 need a minimum of $50.00. For a more specific pricing of the taxicab rate, the September 1, 2011 rules an initial flag drop rate of $3.50, a $0.55 minute for the wait time, plus a $2 SFO surcharge. Based on experience, Bay Bridge is prone to traffic so it is best to take an alternate route for you to arrive on your destination.

If after careful deliberation of the taxicab rate, you have realized that it is expensive for your cause; yet you still wish to arrive at the door of your house then the alternative option you may take is the shuttle service. This is a more economical way to luxuriously arrive at the door of your house and is perfect for solo travelers or anyone traveling in groups of 2 or 3. You may only need to pay $15 to $20 per individual but do not expect a very fast travel time. It will be a shared taxi ride with multiple stops that can pick-up and drop off passengers. You will find these conveniently located near the center island of the departure level of San Francisco International Airport. Reservation is not necessary because travelers can easily choose the available shuttle at the airport. In any case, you do not wish to gamble your chances of having a fast ride; therefore, it is still best to make your reservation.

Those who still wish to save more on their transportation expense, but does not wish to have multiple transfers may consider the services of an air porter. These are privately operated bus service, which connects SFO to outlying communities. It has a fixed schedule, therefore passengers has to make note of their arrival and departure area. You will find the rate to be lower, just make sure you have the schedule table with you to avoid being late on our trip. Find these air porters at the lower level of the center islands of the arrival area and board the vehicle leading to your destination.

For a more enjoyable experience, you are free to choose from a variety of car rentals waiting at the San Francisco International Airport. You will notice the rates to be very reasonable; in exchange for the luxury and convenience, it will provide your entire family during your trip. Make a selection of brand and vehicle type. You may choose the relatively common car or choose a trendy car for your San Francisco escapade. Consider reserving online for a cheaper rate and more vehicle options. You will find this relatively easy because of the user-friendly websites these car rental companies has set-up for easier access. Enjoy a memorable stay in San Francisco International Airport and make the most of your time on ride quality vehicles ready to provide its services for your needs.