Denver Airport Taxis (DEN)

Denver International Airport is a well known airport in the United States of America. It is a large airport, rated as the eleventh busiest in the world in terms of passenger traffic, and the largest in the country regarding its total land area. DEN is the official code of the airport, and it is also commonly referred to as DIA.  The airport offers extensive facilities for its passengers, as well as ground transport options, including services by buses and taxis. Although buses are often cheaper, Denver taxis are used by many passengers, as they are a quick, convenient and a more private way to reach any destination nearby. Airport taxis are also available at all hours.

The Jeppesen Terminal, named after aviation safety pioneer Elry B. Jeppesen, is the main passenger building where a large number of facilities are located. It is divided into east and west sides, and consists of several levels. It also has a white Teflon-coated fibreglass roof that is meant to symbolize the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, which are found nearby Denver. Connected to the terminal by an airport train and an impressive pedestrian bridge, are the Concourses A, B and C, where the departure gates are located. They are mid-field concourses, only accessible by the people mover train, and Concourse A, by the pedestrian bridge. At the main terminal, arriving passengers will go to Level 5 to access the ground transport services of the airport. The Denver Airport taxis are found on this level, along with bus stops and limousine services.

In Terminal East the airport taxis are found on Level 5, Island 1, outside doors 507 through 511, and in Terminal West, the taxis are found on Level 5, Island 1, outside of doors 506 through 510. Taxis are always available outside the terminal building, and no advanced reservation for their services is usually required. However, passengers who are arriving on early morning flights are recommended to reserve a taxi. Airports in America are served by a number of taxi companies, unlike airports in other parts of the world that may have only one dedicated airport taxi company. Passengers can contact the following companies for detailed information regarding their transport services: Denver Yellow Cab (303)777-7777, Freedom Cab (303)444-4444 and Metro Taxi (303)333-3333.

Denver Airport Taxis are metered vehicles which means that the price for the journey is calculated according to the distance travelled. Passengers should ensure that their taxi is equipped with a meter, and that the device is in working condition. They will be able to see the rates on the meter. Additional charges could also be applicable, over and above the metered taxi charges, for example, a $4.15 airport access fee, charges for luggage loaded and charges for additional passengers in a vehicle. The taxi fare rates which will be applicable to your journey can be explained in more detail by the taxi driver, or by airport personnel at the Ground Transport Information Desk at the airport. The taxi drivers are usually found to be friendly and helpful, and willing to provide information.

Although most journeys are metered, there are a few popular locations travelled from Denver Airport that have set rates. These locations and their prices include Boulder - $88.15, Downtown Denver - $55.15, the Denver Tech Centre - $61.15 and the Broomfield and Louisville Area - $70.15. The last route mentioned is only available from Yellow Cab. Denver International Airport is located quite far from the city of Denver (25 miles), and this is the reason why taxi prices are quite high from or to the airport. Buses could be somewhat cheaper, but taxis are still often preferred as they will take passengers directly to their business, hotel or place of residence.

Denver International Airport, similar to all airports in America, is accessible to disabled passengers. There are suitable restroom facilities, and elevators which lead to the upper levels of the terminal. The airport’s people mover system can be used by persons in a wheelchair as well. Yellow Cab provides a wheelchair accessible service that is available on demand, twenty-four hours a day. Their service for disabled travellers is referred to as Mobility Plus. Metro Cab may also be contacted for special services, and Dashabout is a third company available for special transport services. Dashabout can be contacted at (800)720-3274, and will require a two-to-three day notice period. A twenty-four hour notice period should be provided for services from the company of Mobility Transport Services, who can be contacted at the following telephone number: (303)295-3900.

Passengers who require a more luxurious form of transport to or from Denver International Airport can hire a limousine from several available companies. All luxury limousines provide a pre-arranged service to destinations within the Denver metro area, and within the state of Colorado. Passengers will therefore need an advanced reservation with their limousine company. Once arriving at Denver, passengers should check in at the limo booth on Level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal. The limo booth is at Island 1, outside doors 507-513 on the east side and outside of doors 504-510 on the west side. A few of the limousine companies available are Concierge on Wheels LLC (970 331-1154), Bella Luna Transportation ((720 252-8395), Denver International Airport Transport (LLC (720 495-6699). Allendac Limousine Service ((719 393-0013), Colorado Car Service LLC (720 364-9596), Corporate Image Limousine (303 427-6150), Denver Limo Ride LLC (720 298-7207) and American Eagle Limo Service (303 332-7307). There are also many more companies available that provide elegant forms of transport.

Further information regarding Denver International Airport taxis or limousines can be enquired from Ground Transport on Level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal. Their contact number is (303)342-4095, from 06:30 to 23:30, Monday to Sunday. Passengers are also welcome to contact their airport taxi company directly.