Low Cost Denver Airport Parking

Denver International Airport serves Denver, Colorado, in the United States of America, and is a large airport handling over 50 million passengers per annum. It is a hub for the low-cost airline carrier Frontier Airlines, as well as for the commuter carrier Great Lakes Airlines, and is also regarded as the fourth largest hub for United Airlines. The airport is known by its code of DEN, or simply as DIA, an abbreviation of Denver International Airport. Parking is available in a selection of areas at the airport for departing passengers arriving in their own vehicles. Denver Airport parking is also reasonably priced, and available in several convenient locations.

The airport is found approximately 25 miles, or 40km from downtown Denver, and is to the east of the city, a fair distance from densely populated areas. It is to the east of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and Commerce City, and to the north of Aurora, Cherry Creek State Park and Green Valley Ranch. Major roads lead to the airport from all directions, therefore passengers driving and parking at the airport will travel quite easily. From downtown Denver, the I-70 is linked to Pena Boulevard, the access road of Denver Airport, and from the north and south, the E-470 is used from areas such as Saddle Rock Ridge and Brighton. The I-25 is an important road as well, on the northern and southern sides of the city, and runs through the centre of Denver. It is used to reach the I-70 to the airport from Colorado Springs in the far South and Fort Collins in the far north. The Highway US-36 is used from Boulder, and the I-70 is travelled from the Rocky Mountains. Once at the airport, parking can be found by following the various overhead signs. There are over 40,000 parking spaces from which to choose.

Short-term and Valet Parking

Denver Airport has one large terminal for its main passenger facilities, known as the Jeppesen Terminal, and three concourses where the departure gates are located. The main terminal is divided into east and west sections, and has several levels of facilities. Level 4 is considered as the arrivals level, Level 6 as the departure level and Level 5 is from where all ground transport services can taken. On the airport’s east and west side, is a large parking garage, with a few levels of parking areas, each dedicated to different lengths of stays at the airport. Each garage has five levels and four separate modules where covered and uncovered (Level 5) parking options are found. The garages also have a clearance of eight feet. The Garage West and Garage East are located very nearby to the Jeppesen Terminal, and therefore require no shuttle services.

Passengers who will only be staying a few hours in the parking garages should park on Level 4, and will pay $3.00 per hour. This area is not intended for longer stays, but is ideal for collecting arriving passengers or for bidding farewell to departing passengers. The other levels of the garage provide short-term to medium-term parking spaces, and will cost $2.00 per hour or $21.00 per day. Disabled passengers will find specially reserved parking spaces on all levels of the garages, except on Level 3.

Valet parking options are available at Denver International Airport, in both garages. Valet West and Valet East can be accessed on Level 4, and is the ideal option for travellers who would like a quick and hassle-free arrival at the airport. Various automobile services are offered with valet parking as well, but at an additional price. Valet parking is $30.00 per day, or $11.00 for the first hour and $2.00 for each additional hour parked.

Departing passengers may be dropped off outside the Jeppesen Terminal on the east or west side. Motorists should follow the ‘Departures’ signs to the most convenient side of the terminal for their check-in counters. The roads in front of the terminal are not meant for parking, and motorists should only stop for a minute or two. Vehicles should also not be left unattended for any reason. Curb-side luggage check-in services may also be available by certain airline companies. Arriving passengers can be collected outside Level 4 of the terminal, provided that they are already waiting at curb-side, as motorists may not park and wait in front of the terminal for their arrival. Arriving passengers will collect their baggage on Level 5, and then take an escalator or the elevator down to Level 4, as no public vehicles may access Level 5. There is also a 45-minute parking lot at the airport, or a ‘cell-phone’ parking area, just beyond the E-470 overpass on Pena Boulevard. Here motorists may wait free of charge until their arriving party calls to let them know they are ready at curb-side for collection. Keep in mind there are no public telephones at the 45-minute car park.

Parking – Long-term

Passengers who need to leave their vehicles for a few days or few weeks at the airport will find cheaper car parks a little further from the Jeppesen Terminal. There are two Economy car parks, one on the west side and one on the east side which are popular. These areas are ideal for passengers who would like cheaper car parking rates, but who would still like to be quite close to the airport’s facilities. The Economy car parks are within walking distance of the terminal, however, shuttles do provide transport as well. The shuttles are available every ten minutes. When returning to the car park, the shuttles on the west side leave from Level 1, outside door 116 (far south end), and from outside door 117 on Level 1 on the east side. The Economy parking lots are $11.00 per day.

Less than three miles from the Jeppesen Terminal is the Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot, and is a cheaper option than the Economy car parks and the garages. It is, however, not within walking distance of the terminal, and travel by shuttle is required. Passengers should allow an additional half an hour to reach their check-in counters. The free shuttles take passengers to Level 5 (east and west), and depart from Level 5 as well, from Island 5 outside doors 504/506 on the west side and outside doors 511/513 on the east side. Shuttles travel to either the northern half of the parking area (Pikes Peak Route A) or the southern half of the parking lot (Pikes Peak Route B). The Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot is just $7.00 per day. The MT. Elbert Shuttle Lot has a further 8,500 parking spaces available, and is opened when the Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot is full. Its shuttle services are found at the same points in the terminal as for the Pikes Peak parking lot, and will cost the same as well.

Further information regarding Denver International Airport parking is available at the following telephone number: (303) 342-7275. Parking information is obtainable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Passengers can also send parking enquiries to the following email address: parking.admin@flydenver.com.