Denver Tourist Activities

Denver International Airport is an important gateway for the city of Denver, found in Colorado, the United States of America. The airport is located about 25 miles from downtown Denver, but has many forms of transportation for its arriving passengers. Tourists will therefore easily be able to travel into the city after their arrival at the airport, and reach all the wonderful Denver attractions that await. The city’s attractions range from zoos and aquariums to famous theme parks, and also include a large number of interesting museums and some lovely green areas. Denver Airport is a gateway to the nearby Rocky Mountains as well, which have numerous popular ski resorts.

Denver, also known as the ‘Mile High City’, has a population of over 500,000, and covers an area of approximately 153 square miles. It is the state capital, and has a thriving Central Business District that features many spectacular skyscrapers. The city can be divided into various notable areas. Of course, the CBD is where the important business deals go down, and is considered as the business hub of the mid-West, however, there are also several good and upmarket hotels in the area and a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Authentic East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine is enjoyed at the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in the Far East Centre district, Capitol Hill is one of the oldest areas of the city and features the Capitol Building, while further historic neighbourhoods are found in the Five Points district. Some of Denver’s best museums and historical attractions are found in the Golden Triangle Arts district, including the Colorado History Museum and the Denver Art Museum, and La Alma Lincoln Park/Auraria is well known for its lively Hispanic community and their festivals and enticing restaurants. Lower Downtown, or the LoDo district, has recently been redeveloped and Larimer Square is where many of Denver’s premier shopping destinations are located, and the Washington Park neighbourhood features some beautiful old Victorian houses. It is also a trendy area popular with younger crowds.

The Denver Zoo and the Denver Downtown Aquarium are two of the city’s most popular attractions. Around 4,000 animals can be seen at the zoo in their natural environments, and the zoo also features an area that recreates the African Savannah and a painted Rhino. Denver Zoo is famous for its efforts regarding conservation as well. There is a charge to enter the area, which is open during most months of the year from 09:00/10:00 to 16:00/17:00, seven days a week. At 700 Water Street thousands of families visit the Downtown Aquarium that is home to hundreds of species of animals. Its residents are mainly of the aquatic variety, that live in over one million gallons of water. The aquarium was formerly known as Colorado’s Ocean Journey. Visitors can enter the aquarium at a slightly discounted price after 18:00, and children under three may enter for free.

Denver’s famous attractions also include the Six Flags Elitch Garden’s Theme Park, located at 2000 Elitch Circle, and the US Mint, at 320 West Colfax Avenue. The theme park has been around for a great number of years, having been founded in 1889, but it is a very modern establishment filled with all the thrilling rides you can expect in the new age. Some of the most popular rides include the Flying Coaster, the Halfpipe, the Tower of Doom and the Twister II. The park features a restored carousel from the 1920’s as well, and the Looney Tunes MovieTown, which is always loved by children. Many other activities take place at the theme park, such as stunt shows and concerts, and the landscaped gardens are beautiful. Denver tourists who would like to see how coins are produced can visit the US Mint. Self-guided tours will take you through the whole process, and most consider it to be a worthwhile outing. The US Mint is only one of two in North America that allow visitors, and was opened in 1863.

A great number of important landmarks and monuments are present within the city of Denver. The Byers-Evans House is found at 1310 Bannock Street, and is a house that was built by William Byers in 1883 (a newspaper editor). The house was also later purchased by William Gray Evans, who was the son of Colorado’s second governor. The Colorado State Capitol Building is an impressive construction featuring a stunning 24 carat gold plated dome, and inside, there are several murals and portraits of past presidents and a unique rose-coloured Colorado onyx. Larimer Square is a favourite area for shopping, dining and night-live activities, and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, while the Molly Brown House at 1340 Pennsylvania Street is a beautiful Victorian house from the 1880’s. Molly Brown was a national heroine after the demise of the Titanic in 1912. The oldest home in Denver can be found at the Four Mile Historic Park at 715 South Forest Street, just four miles from the city’s downtown area. The house is made out of logs, and features some interesting furnishings from the 1900’s and old farm equipment. Over weekends, its visitors can enjoy rides in horse drawn carriages.

The most notable of Denver Museums are the Black American West Museum and Heritage Centre, the Museum of Science and Nature, the Children’s Museum of Denver, the Colorado History Museum, the Firefighters Museum and the Museum of Miniature Dolls and Toys. The Museum of Science and Nature is one of Denver’s biggest draw cards, and is found at 2001 Colorado Boulevard. Its most popular attractions include the Gates Planetarium, the Hall of Life, the Space Odyssey and a pair of Egyptian mummies. It also has a superb IMAX theatre. The Museum of Denver can also be enjoyed by children, as it has many interactive exhibits regarding fire safety, recycling and many other activities, and the Colorado History Museum has all things to do with the history of the state. It also features a remarkable model of Denver in the 19th century. The Museum of Miniature Dolls and Toys is also a delightful outing for the whole family. Its is filled with some of the most exquisite antique and collectable dolls, toys and dollhouses.

Denver features over 200 parks and gardens, and therefore there is no shortage of places to spend some time outdoors. The most popular of green areas in Denver include Cheesman Park, City Park, the Civic Centre, the Denver Botanic Gardens, Congress Park and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, which is just west of Denver International Airport. Denver attractions nearby include Buffalo Bill’s Museum and Grave, the Denver Mountain Parks, the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Centre, Dinosaur Ridge, Idaho Springs, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park and Tiny Town. Further details regarding Denver attractions can be found at the tourist centres of Denver International Airport, or at the city’s tourist offices.