Buses to and from JFK airport, New York

Bus transportation at JFK airport provides convenience to the hundreds of passengers travelling through this airport every day. The port authority has started bus service just as an initiative to provide additional services to the passengers and improve their overall experience at the airport. Not everyone takes a taxi or a rented car and such passengers look for a cheaper option like bus. Passengers who are on a vacation and who do not have any fixed schedule can use the bus service and get a chance to travel through the city and enjoy the ride. This service is an excellent option for people with very less luggage and people travelling all alone.

Bus service Operators, routes and fares

There are many bus service operators like MTA and New York Airport Express service Bus. To use the bus service you must find out about the bus timings and fares and you must do it in advance before starting your travel. If you want to go to Kew Gardens 80 Road area and other places around it then you can take Q10 bus from the airport and the same bus can be taken to airport from these areas. The bus on this route has very few stops and it does not take much time in reaching the airport. The fair for this bus is $2 for general people and for senior citizens and handicapped it is $1. Fare for express bus is $5 for general public and $2.5 for handicapped and senior citizens.

People who have plans to stay in New York for 7 days or a month can take Unlimited Ride MetroCard which works in all MTA buses but it can’t be used for ride in Express buses. People who are not sure of their schedule or who don’t think they need unlimited rides, can go for the exact coin system.

Passengers who wish to go to Jamaica from the airport should take Q3 bus. It stops at The Jamaica 165 St. Bus Terminal, the Jamaica 179 Street., Subway Station, Linden Boulevard., or the St. Albans Farmers Boulevard., Springfield Gardens, and Terminal 4 of the JFK international Airport. The fare system is similar. People above the age of 65 and people with qualifying physical disabilities can get the benefit of reduced fare provided they show their identification cards. If you ask for a free magnetic strip transfer then you can get free transfer to other bus. You would need it while riding other local bus.

Pay per ride Metrocard allows you to get one free transfer within next 2 hours from the time of making payment for the card. Travelers can use these add-ons if you wish to travel extensively through buses in the city.

Bus B15 connects Bedford-Stuyvesant area with the airport by taking stops at the Bedford-Stuyvesant Broadway, The Spring Creek Brooklyn General Mail Facility, the Ocean Hill Street, Johns Place, the Brownsville Hegeman Avenue, the E New York New Lots Avenue, and the Terminal 4 of JFK Airport. Fare rules are same as for other buses.

Passengers can get on to the New York Airport Express Service Bus if they wish to reach the airport faster but the fare for this bus is $15. Apart from JFK it stops just at Grand Central, The Port Authority and Penn station. This bus service is preferred by passengers who do not wish to spend lot of time in the bus and want to be there on time for their flight. It is cheaper than hiring a taxi. People travelling alone and with fewer luggages can go for this option.

Appex Bus, Eastern Travel and Today’s bus are other bus services operating in New York City but they do not provide direct connectivity to Terminal 4 area of JFK airport. These buses travel to and from F to E Broadway. This is regular destination for people commuting between Washington DC and New York City. One way fare for these buses is $20 while for a round trip it is $35. The fare for Premium bus, Bolt bus and Vamoose bus is also same and these buses are used by the commuters from between A or E and 34th street.

By paying just $12 you can travel between Philadelphia and NYC by using Today’s Bus, Universe and Apex Bus. If you take a ticket for round trip you just pat $20. Vamoose, Bolt Bus and Megabus charge $12 for each trip and drop at E or A to 34th street.

Depending on the place where you want to take the drop, choose the bus service. If you are travelling from Boston and want to get down at 139 Canal Street then take Fung wah Bus that charges $15. Megabus drops you at Penn Station and charges $17 for the ride. Bolt Bus can drop you at 34th Street and charges $17.50.

Bus Transport and Passengers

Bus transport system to and from JFK is very good and it is administered very efficiently so as to make ground system convenient and cheap for the passengers. Passengers can follow the signs and find their way to buses without any hassle. The administration has been making all the efforts to make the bus transport system easy and simple to access and follow. Airport personnel have been trained to take care of the passengers on the airport and in case they find it difficult to find a bus to their destination these personnel can be asked for assistance. JFK airport experiences huge traffic of passengers and flights and this is why the administration makes sure that there is no chaos at all.

Buses are the best mode of transport for budget travelers and it is used my larger number of people especially when compared with the number of people hiring taxis or renting cars. This is the reason this system of transport is very well managed and taken care of. Even if someone is travelling through these buses for the first time, he should not find it difficult to reach his destination without getting lost.