Low Cost New York John F Kennedy Airport Parking

Worldwide, New York John F. Kennedy International Airport is the 14th busiest airport globally. It was name as the busiest international airport for incoming passengers to the United States. JFK airport serves a total of 46, 514, 154 passengers in 2010. It is located 12 miles southeast of the Lower Manhattan.

In coming to and departing from the busy airport, the passengers are primarily concerned about the parking spaces especially if they have family or friends who will be picking them up or sending them off. This concern had been addressed by the airport with its numerous parking lots that aims to provide convenience to the passengers.

New York John F. Kennedy Airport parking includes Short term or daily parking and Long Term parking. The short term parking is located near the terminals 1 to 8 on Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue parking. Meanwhile, the Long Term parking is situated at the Lefferts Blvd., near the AM Road which is approximately 4 miles from terminal 1 through Terminal 8. In addition, the airport has allotted separate parking spaces for persons with disabilities.

JFK Parking rates for Short Term basis is $3 for the first thirty minutes of parts of it, $6 for one hour, $3 for each thirty minutes or parts of it thereafter, and $33 for every 24 hours parking.

For the long-term parking, it charges $18 for the first 24 hours, and $6 for every eight hours after the twenty four hours. Moreso, New York airport parking charges persons with disabilities $3 on the first thirty minutes or part of it, $6 for up to one hour, $3 for every 30 minutes of the succeeding hours or parts of it up to $18, while for the subsequent days the airport charges $3 for every hour or parts of $18 maximum. The above rates include taxes.

If you will be coming to JFK Airport, there is no need for you to look for a parking space while you are in the airport. You can book this online ahead of your schedule with Premium Parking Reservations. All of the short term parking lots are available for booking online. Thus, it is advised that passengers make advanced reservations since the parking spaces are limited. Passengers can make reservation for Green garage located on Terminals 1,2, and 3; for Blue Garage on that serves Terminal 4; Yellow Garage serving Terminal 5; Orange Garage at Terminal 7; and at Terminal 8, Red garage serves passengers arriving there. The reservation is priced $5 for every visit and per space. It needs to be settled online using the passenger’s debit or credit card. Daily parking fees are collected as the passenger exits the parking lot.

Passengers who will be making an online reservation must visit the Ampco Parking Web Site. Provide the requested information about the length of stay and other important details. It should be noted that you need to provide your vehicle license plate number.

Also, New York John F. Kennedy’s parking payment can be made through the E-Z Pass Plus. This is an automated parking system that serves their customers through the use of E-Z pass tag in paying the port authority’s airport. To avail the service, the passenger simply needs to register for an E-Z Plus account. After which, the account user will be required to replenish it of a credit card. Then, call the customer service for the activation of the card.

For a passenger to use the E-Z pass in paying airport parking, he simply needs to do the following:

  • Take the ticket upon entering the lot.
  • When you are leaving the parking lot, use the lane with purple mark that shows E-Z pass signs.
  • Place your ticket on the reader by the cashier’s booth. When the gates open, make an exit from the lot.
  • For parking fees that are less than $20, it will be automatically deducted from your account balance on E-Z pass. While if its $20 or above, it will be charged to the credit card you are using in replenishing your account.
  • If you don’t want to use your E-Z pass plus in paying for the airport parking, you can simply exit through the Cash/Credit Card marked lane.

Another option for New York John F. Kennedy airport parking is the Kiss & Fly parking lots. It is located at the Airtrain of JFK Lefferts Boulevard Station. The company takes the passengers to their terminal through an Air Train. It is a free ride going to their parking spaces where you can drop or pick up your vehicle.

Another alternative for New York John F. Kennedy parking is the Cell Phone Lot waiting area. It is situated near the entrance of the airport, off the Van Wyck Expressway, and is located five minutes away from the terminals. The parking lot has 373 spaces that allow the drivers to wait comfortably for the passengers they are picking up. Thus, this parking lot best serves the passengers who will be picked-up by a friend or relative. It also helps in smoothing the traffic at the airport area. However, drivers are advised not leave their vehicles at all times. Moreso, no waiting or parking is allowed at the airport roadways under any condition and at any time.

As an added service, travellers can save time in paying parking fees at the New York Airport parking by using the Express Pay Parking machine. Travellers simply need to insert the ticket into the Express Pay Machine when you are about to leave the parking lot. This is the same ticket that is given to you upon entering the lot. And then swipe your debit or credit card for the machine to be able to process the payment.

The machines are strategically located in all central terminal area of the parking lots in JFK airport and other location like the Airtrain JFK stations. If you need any assistance, you can use the intercom by the machine by pressing it and personnel from Five Star Parking Operation will be attending to your concern.