Trains to and from JFK airport (JFK)

JFK airport trains are official trains of the JFK terminal and these trains carry passengers using the Long Island rail Road and two subway stations. These trains transport people from and to airport but if you want to go to Manhattan are then you need to change the train. In case changing trains is inconvenient then the passengers can take a taxi and reach Manhattan directly by paying $45. There are many car rental companies which offer cars for the passengers to drive to their destination. You can assess your requirements and then choose the most appropriate mode of transport.

Trains, schedules and fare

Fare for John F Kennedy Train is $5 for a ride excluding the fare that you may have to pay for using other connecting trains or subway for reaching your destination. If JFK Train does not serve your destination then you may have to pay $2 on top of the fare for JFK train. If you wish to go to Manhattan are by train then you need to spend $7 in total.

Passengers who want to use AirTrain and LIRR Penn Station need to pay $12.25 at peak hours and this is reduced to $10.25 in the regular hours or we can say off peak hours. LIRR cost depends on the train station and this is why it varies. This fare includes the fare for JFK AirTrain and fare for LIRR Penn station which is $7.25 in the peak hours and $5.25 in the off peak hours.

Route of AirTrain connects Jamaica and Howard Beach and takes the path through LIRR and E, Z and Z subways. If you want to travel To Manhattan through LIRR then you should keep at least 40 to 50 minutes in hand and if you take the Airtrain and use the subways then you should have at least 1 hour in hand. This train is available after every 10 minutes. Passengers travelling from Howard Beach and Jamaica may have to wait for 10 minutes for arriving at the airport. This train also connects the parking lots at airport, airline terminals, hotel shuttles and the facilities for rental cars. Maps at airport can be very helpful in finding the correct and shortest route to your destination. You can also find maps inside AirTrain. These maps will guide you and let you know about the best station for getting off the train and reaching your destination. In case you are visiting New York for the first time and you are not sure of the routes and locations in the city then you must look for a taxi or a rented car.

Howard Beach Route, Airline Terminal route and Jamaica Station Route are the three routes followed by JFK’s AirTrain.

Howard Beach route terminates at Howard Beach-JFK Subway Station. Passenger can board this train and get down at Lefferts Blvd. and take bus B15 and other shuttle buses. Shuttle buses take you to Lots A and B of the long term parking lots.

Airline Terminal Route connects six terminal stations of airport terminals 1 and 2, Terminals 3, 4 and 5, Terminals 6 and 7, Terminal 8 and Terminal 9. Its route creates an anti-clockwise loop because it operates in opposite direction.

Jamaica Station Route terminates at Jamaica station along LIRR or Long Island Rail Road and it is located very close to Sutphin Bouelvard or Archer Avenue-Subway Station. This connects the passengers to Manhattan, Queens and Brookly.

Passengers have the option of taking E, J and Z subway trains if they want to go to other places in New York. They can also take Q8, Q20B, Q20A, Q25, Q34, Q31, Q40, Q43, Q44, Q60 and Q65 buses. These buses stop at all the terminals and they make an anti-clockwise route through the airport.

Facilities for the passengers

These trains and their services are aimed at making things easier for the people using these trains. This is why the needs of all types of passengers are taken care of. All the trains are wheelchair accessible and this is why they are perfect mode of conveyance for people with any kind of ambulatory problems.

If you are in hurry then AirTrain is a suggested mode of travel however, you should carry too many baggage with you when travelling in trains. JFK Airtrain is one of the best trains that you might have seen till now. It runs all 24 hours and is very efficient. You can plan your travel and rely on AirTrain completely because it is not only very accommodating but its best quality is that it is always on time.

Advice for Passengers

If you wish to travel through trains to and from JFK airport then you are advised to carry light luggage. There are destinations which are not connected through direct trains and you may have to switch trains for reaching your destination. Too much luggage can cause lot of trouble while changing the trains.

Trains are good option or people travelling alone and taxis and hired cars may be expensive for them but if you are travelling in group then rented car may be a better option. People travelling with kids may find it more convenient and easy to stuff their luggage in a car and drive a rented car and make their kids feel comfortable.

If you are planning a long stay in New York and you also wish to travel around the city then a hired car would be better and economical than trains and taxi cabs. People who are there for business and want to make optimum use of their time then they should not opt for travelling through public conveyances like bus or train because it may be difficult for them to find the correct bus or train to their destination. People who are travelling to New York City for pleasure must think about their budget, time and comfort level before choosing any mode of transport. Trains are economical and fast for the people who are aware of the routes and who are used to travelling through them.