New York Tourist Activities

A visit in New York can sure be a lot of fun. Vacations seem to become shorter especially when you have just started to have fun. There is lots of New York City tourist attractions which means you will have to maximize your vacation time to get the most out of it. Here is a quick guide on where to go and what to do when you are in New York.

New York City tourist attractions have been immortalized in a lot of films and TV shows. Most of these attractions are man-made structures that have withstood time. When we say structures, there are at least two notable concrete creations that come to mind: The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Your New York city vacation will not be complete without seeing at least one of the two.

The Statue of Liberty, which has become the universal icon for democracy and freedom, was a gift from France to the United States. It is located on Ellis Island, a ferry ride away from Battery Park. On the island is the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and the Statue of Liberty Crown and Pedestal Museum.

Year in and year out millions of tourist come and visit the Empire State Building. It boasts of observation decks at 86th and 102nd floors. Prior to being known as the building where King Kong wrecked havoc, the Empire State Building was once the tallest building in the whole world.

Another chunk of New York City tourist attractions comprise of the various museums and New York City galleries littered around the city. Located on the Ellis Island in New York’s harbor, the Ellis Island Immigration Museum was originally a gateway for immigrants where they were medically and legally inspected by the port authority of New York before its renovation and transformation into a museum in 1990. Today, the museum educates millions of visitors about immigrant experiences.

One of the most interesting New York City museums is the American Museum of Natural History. What keeps the museum interesting is that aside from its regular daily exhibits, the museum also houses rotating series of exhibits that ensures there will be something new to see. The American Museum of Natural History is home to the Rose Center planetarium.

A unique art experience is what you expect to get at the Guggenheim Museum. The structure itself attracts attention with it spiral shape. The museum was designed by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Today it houses modern paintings, films, sculptures and other art forms.

It could take years to fully explore the millions of arts displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, a short day visit will not leave short from being impressed with the wide range of artworks on display.

Seated in Midtown Manhattan, the Museum of Modern Art, better known as MoMA, was the first of its kind to be dedicated exclusively in hosting modern-day artworks. The museum is house to a number of world-famous works of art. The constantly changing collections on exhibit keep even repeat-visitors in awe and interested.

Another reason people come to this city is because of New York City shopping. There a bunch of interesting shopping scenes in the city and the best way to get the feel of each is to go through each of the neighborhoods.

In the Downtown area by the Lower Manhattan and Financial District, you will encounter one of the greatest discount stores in Century 21. The department store is located on Church Street right across where the World Trade Center once stood. A few clicks up north near the City Hall is an electronics hub J&R. The megastore carries virtually every electronic gadget imaginable starting from cameras to softwares. You can then travel toward farther down the East River through Fulton Street to visit the open-air mall known as the South Street Seaport. South Street Seaport carries different big name brands which why most visitors frequent the cobblestone-floored mall. Meanwhile the NYSE area has transformed into a high-end sanctuary with the presence of Tiffany & Co., Tumi, Thomas Pink, and True Religion Brand Jeans on Wall Street, and on Broad Street is Hermes.

A trip down Chinatown will always be interesting. A number of herbal and fish markets are scattered along the streets of Canal, Elizabeth, Mulberry, and Mott. Probably the best web of little markets in Chinatown can be found in the side alleys hidden on the southern part of Canal between the streets of Mott and Bowery where the merchandise are at their cheapest.

Down in the Lower East Side of Manhattan is the Orchard Street shopping area. It is in this area where the best priced leather goods, luggages, shoes, fabrics and linens are located. The Lower East Side area is where the hip trendsetters are creating a scene.

In a matter of a few decades, SoHo has undergone a makeover and made the transformation from a virtual unknown to a highly fashionable place in the New York shopping scene. Some of the big names that have come from this neigborhood are Old Navy and J Crew. The shopping grid flows from west Broadway to Sixth Avenue as well as south of Houston Street down to Canal. This area is where Levi’s, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Bebe, H&M, and Club Monaco.

The East Village is where the funky and sassy but cheap items can be purchased. This area is known as St. Marks Place located between 3rd Avenue and Avenue A. Street markets are a staple on 2nd and 3rd Avenues. This is where most stands of rock memorabilia are located.

Heading to West Village is a great idea if you are hunting or probably just browsing for gifts. This is where most of the specialty bookstores, record bars, craft and antique shops, and gourmet food products are stocked. For the foodies, a haven can be found between Carmine and Seventh. Food shops such as Amy’s Bread, Murray’s Cheese, and Wild Edibles are located in this district.