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Avis San Diego International Airport Airport

San Diego International Airport is recognised by its IATA code of SAN, and is also referred to as the Lindbergh Airport. It is about 3 miles from central San Diego, and nearby to Mission Hills, Loma Portal and Hillcrest. It is an important Californian airport, serving the large metropolitan area of San Diego, and handles almost 17 million passengers per annum, which makes it about the twenty-eighth busiest airport in the US. There are many facilities available for arriving passengers in all the terminal buildings, and nearby, there are several San Diego International Airport car rental companies available. One such company is Avis, a popular choice amongst business and leisure travellers.

Although many airports have car rental counters within their terminal buildings, San Diego’s companies are all off-site. However, they are easily reached by the courtesy shuttles that run frequently from Terminals 1 and 2. Passengers on international flights will arrive at Terminal 2, and will find the car rental shuttles at the traffic island at the far west end of the building, and passengers on flights by Alaska (Horizon Air), Southwest Airlines and United Airlines will arrive at Terminal 1, and will find the shuttles at the centre traffic aisle. Passengers can also call Avis from the courtesy telephones available nearby the baggage reclaim areas of the two terminals, or request assistance from the airport ambassadors. Avis is located along North Harbor Drive, a road on the southern side of the airport grounds, and is open from Monday to Sunday, twenty-four hours a day. Shuttles are therefore also available all day and night, and will take just a few minutes to reach the car rental facility.

In the future, the airport plans to build a new car rental facility that will house all the car hire companies in one building, in hopes to reduce the number of shuttles on the airport roadways, and to make car rental more convenient for airport passengers. Many other improvements to the airport facilities are scheduled for the near future as well, including the expansion of Terminal 2, which will add ten new gates for airline companies. There is also a third terminal at the airport, the Commuter Terminal, and it is used for flights between San Diego Airport and the Los Angeles International Airport.

Avis San Diego International Airport has a number of vehicles for hire in each of their categories. Cars that are ideal for city driving, similar to the Hyundai Accent and Ford Focus, are found in the Subcompact and Compact categories, and the Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Impala are popular family-sized cars with more room for luggage. Most of Avis’ vehicles come with automatic transmissions, air conditioning, CD players and many other nice and useful features. The more elegant car models, such as those from the Luxury and Premium categories, may even have leather interiors. The Lincoln Towncar and Ford Crown Victoria are favourites amongst business travellers who need a stylish vehicle. A large number of interesting car are available from the Specialty category as well, for example, the BMW X3, Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, Ford Mustang Coupe, Lincoln Navigator, Mini Cooper and Ford F-150 Pick-up.

Groups of travellers will find a minivan to be ideal, such as the Dodge Grand Caravan, or perhaps even a larger SUV, similar to the Chevrolet Suburban, with room for eight. Passenger Vans can be hired as well with a capacity for up to twelve people. Various items of equipment can be hired along with each vehicle. Child seats are essential if younger children are part of the journey, and a satellite navigation system will be most useful if you are unfamiliar with the San Diego territory. Avis hand controls for disabled drivers can be requested as well, and are free of charge from San Diego Airport. Hand controls may only be used by persons with a lower limb disability.

It is recommended to hire a vehicle from Avis in advance of your arrival at the airport, and preferably online, for the best car rental rates. Whilst making a booking, select all preferences, such as the equipment that will be required and the date and time at which the vehicle will be collected, and ensure that you have chosen an Avis one way hire if the vehicle is not going to be returned to San Diego Airport. One way hires allow the customer to deliver their vehicle to another Avis rental location, either in the same state or in another state nearby, but usually not in another country, unless a cross-border rental application is accepted.

Avis has several rental terms and conditions that will need to be understood by their renters, but most are quite straight forward. Only persons over the age of 21 can hire a vehicle from this location, however, drivers younger than 25 will pay higher rental rates, and may not have access to all vehicle categories. Primary renters and additional drivers will need a major credit card and a valid drivers license. The San Diego International Airport car hire companies will provide their vehicles with a full tank of fuel, and will expect their customer to pay for a full tank if the rental is of a few days in duration. Short rentals will simply require the renter to bring the vehicle back full. Always make sure that the vehicle has been checked for existing damages before leaving the airport.

Customers fond of Avis could also make enquiries in regard to the Avis Preferred Program, for a great number of benefits. Avis at San Diego International Airport will be happy to provide further assistance.

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San Diego, CA, 92101, US

Telephone Number: (1) 619-688-5000

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