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San Diego International Airport is located approximately 3 miles, or 4.8km northwest of central San Diego, in the state of California. It is a large and modern airport, handling more than 16 million passengers per annum, and has been voted as one of the best airports in the world and in North America for its category (15 – 20 million passengers) on several occasions. The airport is also commonly referred to as the Lindbergh Field, or by its IATA code of SAN. San Diego International Airport parking is provided in several areas for the convenience of passengers arriving in their own vehicles. Some parking areas are within walking distance of the terminals, while others require a shuttle service.

Driving to this American airport is quite easy, as it is connected to several large roads and Interstates. The Interstate 5 can be used from downtown San Diego, or from areas further to the north and south, while the Interstate 8 is found to the north of the airport grounds and can be used from areas such as La Mesa for a connection to the Interstate 5. Further large roads in the vicinity of San Diego include the Interstate 805 and the Interstate 15. Nearby the airport as well, is the Pacific Highway, and N Harbor Drive, which is the main access road to the terminal buildings and parking areas. In general, San Diego and its airport is to the far south of California, further south than San Francisco and Los Angeles, and is just 15 miles north of the Mexico-US border.

The airport consists of three terminal buildings. Passengers will be leaving from Terminal 2 if they are on an international flight, and will leave from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 if on a domestic flight, depending on the airline company with which they are flying. All flights for Los Angeles will depart from the Commuter Terminal. The terminals are quite far apart from one another, and are therefore connected by shuttle services. Passengers should therefore also carefully select the appropriate parking location.

Short Term Parking at San Diego International Airport

Outside of Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and the Commuter Terminal there are convenient parking areas that are within walking distance of the ticketing counters, check-in areas and all other terminal facilities. Parking spaces here may be used for up to thirty days, however, longer stays in the Terminal car parks could be quite expensive. It is then better to use the long-term parking areas that are available nearby. At the terminals, motorists will pay $2.00 for the first half an hour, $4.00 for up to an hour, $6.00 for between one and one and a half hours of parking, $8.00 for one and a half hours to two hours of parking, $10.00 for two hours to two an a half hours and $12.00 for two and a half hours to three hours of parking. The cost of parking increases by $2.00 every half an hour up to five hours, which will cost $20.00, and parking of between five hours and seven hours will cost $26.00. Longer, or a full day of parking (twenty-four hours) will cost $28.00. Additional days will also be charged at $28.00.

If a motorist would rather not park at the airport, but simply drop off departing passengers, he/she may stop outside of the relevant terminal for a minute or two. However, the roadways of the airport may not be used as ‘parking’ areas, but only for the active loading or off-loading of passengers and their luggage items. The driver should remain in the vehicle and should not leave the car unattended for any reason. Passengers who have arrived at the airport should already be waiting at curb-side for collection, as motorists may not park and wait for someone in front of the terminals. A Cell Phone Lot is available as well, where motorists may wait free of charge for their arriving parties to call them. There are 97 spaces in this lot, as well as facilities such as food/drink vending machines, flight information displays and portable restrooms. The Cell Phone Lot is located on North Harbor Drive, at Rent-a-Car Access Road, just to the east of the Commuter Terminal. Motorists may use the area for a maximum of an hour, and it is open twenty-four hours a day.

The Terminal 2 Car Park was recently relocated due to airport improvement works, but is now open to airport visitors once more. It has 700 parking spaces, and several innovative and environmentally friendly features. The airport is currently undergoing a Green Build construction, to improve its facilities. If all the short-term car parks are full, motorists will need to use the long-term car parks.

At the short-term parking lots of Terminals 1 and 2 motorists may also make use of valet services. There are designated drop-off locations indicated by ‘SAN Park Valet’ signs. Valet parking is $36.00 per day.

Long Term Parking at San Diego International Airport

Three parking areas are located further from the terminal buildings, and they are referred to as the SAN Park NTC, SAN Park Harbor Drive and SAN Park Pacific Highway lots. They are all cheaper than the short-term parking areas, but the Pacific Highway lot is the cheapest at just $11.00 per day. It has 2,200 parking spaces. A special service available from this lot as is complimentary round-trip shuttle transportation to the Cruise Ship Terminal. The other two parking lots will cost $18.00 per day, and have about 2,000 parking spaces between them. Free shuttle buses are available for the transport of passengers between the terminals and all of the long-term car parks. Each car park is also well lighted, fenced, paved and open twenty-four hours a day. No reservations are required for any of the airport car parks.

All parking areas have dedicated parking spaces for drivers with disabilities, and there are shuttles that are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Parking fees can be paid at the automated express parking pay stations or at the staffed payment booths at the exit gate.

Valet parking information is available at 619-291-2087, or any other enquiries relating to San Diego International Airport parking can be directed to 619-400-2404.

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