Europcar San Diego International Airport Airport

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Where is the Europcar Car Rental Desk at San Diego International Airport?

To board the Advantage or E-Z Rent-A-Car shuttle, exit the baggage claim area 2 and cross both roads. Enter the parking garage, walk just past the elevator and take a left and proceed to walk to the end of the garage."


What time is Europcar open at San Diego International Airport?

Day Open Close
Monday 05:00 23:59
Tuesday 05:00 23:59
Wednesday 05:00 23:59
Thursday 05:00 23:59
Friday 05:00 23:59
Saturday 05:00 23:59
Sunday 05:00 23:59
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Europcar San Diego International Airport Airport

San Diego International Airport is very nearby to the city centre of San Diego, in southern California. It is on the edge of San Diego Bay, and is a busy American airport, handling approximately sixteen million passengers per annum. It is served by several popular airline companies, and is rated as the 28th busiest airport by passengers in the United States and as the second-busiest airport in the world with just a single runway for commercial services. The airport is also well equipped with various kinds of facilities for its passengers, including options for ground transportation. Very popular are the San Diego International Airport car hire companies, such as Europcar, as there are good car rental rates offered for airport customers and high quality vehicles that will easily drive any distance.

Passengers may arrive at one of three terminal buildings at this airport, also referred to as the Lindbergh Field Airport or by its IATA code of SAN. Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are the main buildings for passengers facilities (international flights at Terminal 2), while the Commuter Terminal is used for flights to and from Los Angeles. There are shuttles that drive passengers between all the airport terminals free of charge. Shuttles are also used to reach the car hire companies of the airport, as they are all off-site, and not in the terminal buildings. The buses are convenient though, as they are frequently available and within easy walking distance of the baggage claim area. Outside of Terminal 1 the rental car shuttles can be found at the centre traffic aisle, and outside of Terminal 2, they collect passengers at the traffic island on the far west end of the building. These shuttles are also free of charge, and some are equipped with wheelchair lifts, in case a disabled person needs to travel. They will take just a few minutes to reach the car hire facilities.

Europcar, although a car rental company of San Diego Airport, requires their customers to collect their vehicles from the National Car Hire counters. The primary renter and all additional drivers listed on the rental contract will need to be present, and they should bring along their driving licenses, valid form of identification (other than a drivers license) and a major credit card. All persons driving the vehicle should also be over the age of 21 for the car categories with smaller vehicles, or over the age of 25 for car categories containing larger or luxury vehicles. 25 is actually the minimum age required to hire a car, but younger drivers are permitted provided that they pay extra charges for young drivers insurance, which could amount to around $30.00 per day of car hire, and per underage driver on the rental contract.

The San Diego International Airport car rental companies will accept US-issued drivers licenses, as well as Canadian-endorsed licenses (which are not expired), and the major credit cards of American Express, Diner’s Club Int’l, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, AT & T Capital, GE Capital, Sears and PHH. Certain companies may have their own charge cards as well. A hold for the estimated car rental charges will be placed on the primary renter’s credit card account, and these funds will not be available for use until all fees due at the end of the rental period are paid. Older renters (persons over the age of 25) may also use a debit card for this purpose, provided it has the MasterCard or Visa logo, and if the renter accepts that an additional amount of approximately $200.00 could be withheld.

Europcar hand controls for disabled drivers is one item of equipment that is available from the rental location of San Diego International Airport. Hand controls may only be requested by persons with a lower limb disability, and not by able bodied drivers. The device is free of charge, but should be reserved in advance. It operates the brake and accelerator pedals of a vehicle with an automatic transmission, but is only fitted to a few variety of vehicles. Other items of equipment available for a rental from Europcar are child seats and satellite navigation systems, and these items are not for free. They will add a few extra dollars to your rental per day of hire. However, they are well worth the spend as they contribute to the safety of your younger family members, and could help save much valuable time when it comes to navigating unfamiliar roads and areas.

At Europcar San Diego International Airport, one way hires can be arranged for the majority of vehicle categories. This service allows the rented car to be returned to a different location. Europcar one way hires may also incur additional charges. Regardless of the return location, however, always arrive back in time to avoid unnecessary ‘late’ charges, and bring the vehicle back in a good condition, as it was received. An exceptionally dirty car may require the renter to pay for cleaning charges. If the customer purchased fuel at the start of the rental period, the car may be brought back as empty as possible, but if no fuel was purchased, it will need to have a full tank. Find out from Europcar the details of their fuel policies.

Vehicles for hire in the United States of America include the Chevrolet Aveo, Nissan Versa and Toyota Corolla. They seat four or five passengers, and have some room for luggage. Larger sedans include the Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Impala, Toyota Avalon, Lincoln MKS and Cadillac DTS. The last few mentioned are luxury cars ideal for business presentations. SUVs are popular as well, such as the Ford Escape and Jeep Grand Cherokee, and some SUVs can even seat seven or eight passengers, such as the Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Suburban and Lincoln Navigator. All SUVs come with many nice and useful features that make driving a pleasure. Your ideal car from the SAN airport may even be a minivan, similar to the Toyota Sienna, or if travelling in a group, hire a Chevrolet Express, with room for up to fifteen passengers.

Contact Europcar at San Diego International Airport for all further details required.

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