Buses to and from Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

Las Vegas Airport is located approximately 5 miles, or 8km from the central business district of Las Vegas, in Clark County, Nevada. The airport is therefore very nearby all the major attractions of the city, including the enormous and exhilarating casinos. Las Vegas Airport is international, served by a large number of airline carriers, and is also known as the McCarran International Airport, with the official airport code of LAS. It is rated as the twenty-second busiest airport in the world. Arriving passengers will have no trouble reaching the city as Las Vegas Airport buses are plentiful, and available by various bus companies. Certain airport buses are also considered as the most cost efficient way to travel to Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Las Vegas Airport buses at Las Vegas Airport

Since that Las Vegas is such a busy airport, with over 38 million passengers per annum, it has two terminal buildings known as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 has the majority of the airport gates, and four concourses, while Terminal 2 is used for international flights and most of the charter flights of the airport. Passengers can travel between the terminals by an airport shuttle that is free of charge. The shuttles operate twenty-four hours a day, approximately every twelve to fifteen minutes. From Terminal 1, the airport buses depart from outside the zero level baggage claim area, and from Terminal 2, they are available in front of the ticketing lobby entrance. Free airport buses also travel to the Car Rental Centre of Las Vegas Airport, which is located approximately three miles from the terminal buildings. These buses are available about every five minutes, outside of Exit Doors 10 and 11. The Car Rental Centre is found at 7135 Gilespie Street.

Las Vegas Airport buses – to and from Las Vegas

The most commonly used airport shuttles include the buses provided by RTC Transit, the public bus service of the Las Vegas valley. The RTC Route #108 bus travels to downtown Las Vegas and the Bonneville Transit Centre, found on the southwest corner of Casino Centre Boulevard (101 E. Bonneville Avenue). The BTC, or Bonneville Transit Centre is in the heart of Las Vegas, and designed to provide RTC with a central transfer point for the services of the Strip $ Downtown Express, the Centennial Express, the Westcliff Airport Express, MAX and the Boulder Hwy Express Line, a rapid bus transit service that travels along Boulder Highway between downtown Las Vegas and the Sunset and Stephanie area, as well as from downtown Las Vegas to College and Horizon during night-time hours. The Boulder Hwy Express began in September 2011.

The RTC Route #109 is a Las Vegas Airport bus that serves the South Strip Transfer Terminal, downtown Las Vegas, the Bonneville Transit Centre and Maryland Parkway. It also stops at the airport’s car rental facilities. The bus is available at frequent intervals from outside the airport’s Ground Level Zero, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The SSTT, or South Strip Transfer Terminal is located at 6675 Gilespie Street, and was Nevada’s first park and ride facility. Passengers travelling to the airport can park their vehicles here free of charge (first come first serve basis), and head for the airport on the Route #109 bus, which will cost just $2.00. Transfers to other routes are available from the terminal as well. The Westcliff Airport Express is convenient for persons from the western part of the valley travelling to downtown Las Vegas, the Strip and the Las Vegas Airport. It is a limited stop service available from the Westcliff Transit Centre and Park & Ride, nearby the Suncoast Casino and Summerlin Parkway. Passengers of the airport also have direct access to the Strip around MGM Grand, various popular hotels and the Bonneville Transit Centre via the Westcliff Airport Express, and from the Westcliff Transit Centre, bus links to various residential suburbs. Rates and schedules for the RTC buses can be found at http://www.rtcsnv.com.

A number of private airport shuttles operate from and to Las Vegas Airport as well. They all serve a wide variety of hotels in downtown Las Vegas, Strip hotels and off-Strip hotels, and are usually available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The shuttle companies and their details are as follows: AWG Ambassador/Ritz http://www.awgambassador.com (702-362-6200), Bell Trans http://www.bell-trans.com (800-274-7433), CLS http://www.clsnevada.com (702-740-4050), Executive Las Vegas http://www.executivelasvegas.com (702-646-4661) and Showtime http://www.showtimetourslv.com (702-895-9976). The prices for private shuttle services are between $8.00 and $9.00 for a single trip to downtown hotels, $6.00 or $7.00 for travel to Strip hotels and between $6.00 and $8.00 for off-Strip hotels. These rates are charged per person, although there could be discounts for young children. Round-trip rates are also available.

Las Vegas Airport buses to/from further locations

Passengers will find transport by buses to various locations outside of Las Vegas city as well. Commuter Services provides buses to Lake Havasu City, Laughlin and Amtrak (Kingman, AZ), while the Havasu Vegas Express takes passengers to Lake Havasu City, and is a door-to-door service. Their website address is at http://www.havasuvegasexpress.com. The River City Shuttle is available to Laughlin, Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Needles, Golden Valley, Lake Havasu City and Kingman, the St. George Shuttle serves St. George and the Tri State Shuttle takes passengers to Laughlin, Bullhead City and Kingman. The website address of these bus companies are as follows: http://wwwRiverCityShuttle.com, http://www.stgshuttle.com and http://www.tristateairportshuttle.com.

The Las Vegas Airport buses are considered as a very convenient service by airport passengers, and are a quick way to reach many locations in and around Las Vegas.